Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Rich: Tax Them or Eat Them

For this country to survive, thirty years of neoliberalism needs to be thrown into the garbage can where it belongs.

A mixed economy is the only thing that works for the greatest number of people. It isn't the "natural order of things" for a handful of parasites at the top to have everything while everybody else is destitute.

Start with a return of the 90-percent tax rate. If these dirtbags threaten to leave the country, tax them wherever they go

He's a Fraud, That's Why

While this congressman is right about Obama, Duncan, and their train wreck of an education policy that is illegal and worthy of impeachment and removal, nothing would come of any hearings.

This is what happens when presidential candidates are not vetted by the media but instead are pushed 24/7.

You were all warned here on this blog years ago Obama was a total fake.

What Obama and Duncan are doing, at the behest of the hedge fund crooks and billionaires like Bill Gates who own them, is clearly illegal and unconstitutional. The federal government is barred from creating national education standards, licensing requirements, and curriculum. They both need to be impeached and removed from office. The problem is almost all D.C. politicians are in bed together and are waging a class war on everybody else.

A public good cannot be left to market forces. Education should be off-limits to this 1970s-style Chilean nonsense. Actually, all public institutions need to be off-limits to neoliberal bullshit.

This congressman can have these hearings, but realize people that Obama is a fraud and always was. He hasn't done one thing in this country to help people, but he has been a shill for corporate/privatizer interests.

We need to rid both political parties of these neoliberal/libertarian fakes.

Ed Etc.

He's a fake, a fraud, that's why.

People are still operating under the mistaken belief there are any real differences at all between the two parties when it comes to issues of importance.

Of course it's all about health care rationing.