Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Washoe County School District in Hot Water With AG

As expected, the Nevada Attorney General's office has come down on the Board of Trustees of the Washoe County School District and has filed an absolutely damning complaint against the Board.

You can read the complaint at the link.


- Trustees staging discussions of personnel matters during a "legal meeting," which is a type of meeting where a public body can only discuss litigation or potential litigation.

- Making a decision during the July 22 "legal meeting" to consider Martinez's alleged misconduct in a public hearing.

- Asking Martinez to attend a "legal meeting" with the trustees and their in-house counsel, which is prohibited by state law.

- The trustees' decision to terminate the superintendent's contract without public notice or agenda.

- Making an offer of $100,000 to get Martinez to voluntarily resign.

- After Martinez refused, making another offer of $200,000 as a result of more deliberation by the school board.

The Board's violations were flagrant, but of course to somebody like me it is absolutely no surprise at all.

The $500 apiece sanction is chicken feed compared to what they should get.

Ed Etc.

The whole point of charter schools is to scam the public in order to feather the operators' nests, so "regulating" them simply won't happen.

Abolishing them or letting them operate as the private schools they really are by charging tuition.

Teachers Don't Have Free Speech Rights

Write a novel about a school shooting, even a science fiction novel taking place centuries into the future, and you can have police action against you and be removed from your job.

What a hell of a way to start your teaching career. The teacher in question is just 23 years old.

This kind of behavior is stuff that is right out of dictatorships, but remember, school administrators are mostly morons who care only about their own asses and disregard the law.