Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Reads

I missed the obituary of chief billionaire asshole Peter G. Peterson, a man who wanted to gut Social Security so he could have more.  He died at the age of 91 back in March of supposedly "natural causes."  Translation:  He died long after he should have considering his bullshit political beliefs.

As a fiscal watchdog, he created a well-financed foundation that addresses a spectrum of fiscal issues and holds conferences that draw America’s top financial and political leaders.

He wrote a half-dozen books laying out his vision for economic prosperity while critiquing, and criticizing, entitlement spending, the Social Security system and the impact on the economy of partisan politics in Washington.

And in 1992 he joined Senator Warren B. Rudman and former Senator Paul Tsongas in founding the Concord Coalition, a bipartisan citizens group that sought to build a constituency for budgetary responsibility.

His career in business and finance gave weight to his voice in the national discourse. Starting out as a whiz kid in the advertising industry, Mr. Peterson, while still in his 30s, went on to head the Bell & Howell Corporation, a Chicago maker of cameras and audiovisual equipment

The problem is he does have the foundation with his name on it, so his poison will continue to infect American politics.

Sure, he was better than Charles Koch, but in the end these billionaires are all the same. They have no concept of the social contract, and they don't care.

Too bad this didn't happen in my direction.