Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday Reads

Wayne LaPierre is a Harlon Carter whackjob and shouldn't even be taken seriously.  The NRA shouldn't be, either.

Of course Trump wouldn't have survived any kind of security clearance or background check.  This is what happens when you inherit "your" money and make a "career" out of it when you are born on home base.  You don't have to worry about background checks if you run your own empire.

What hath Billy Graham wrought?

The son certainly was a mutation:

Franklin Graham is the most dramatic evidence of the mutation Graham helped to engineer. As the father waned, the son waxed: first as a spokesman for his elder, then as an evangelical figure in his own right. Franklin, using the platform he inherited from his father, has defended Trump’s Muslim bans, promoted Russia’s campaign to outlaw “homosexual propaganda,” and once accused gay people of trying to “recruit children.” Franklin, not Billy, represents the evangelical mainstream now.

Of course, fundamentalism and evangelicalism are NOT the same thing.  It is inaccurate to conflate the two.

And yes, Franklin is indeed a piece of work.

Yeah, it's a right-wing site from a right-winger, but he is right about porn.  "Right" as in the word "correct."

It is very easy to ban it:  Just extend the laws against kiddie porn to the rest of it and label anybody who traffics in it or downloads it sex offenders.  That would get rid of it once and for all.

It is poison.

It is stories like this that sorely test my opposition to the death penalty.