Friday, December 31, 2004

Under the category of "no shit" is this article about working class people losing more ground in terms of wages. Even if they get retrained and retrained and retrained and retrained and retrained, their wages and working conditions are likely to get worse. Oh, sure, it may be "smart" for one to train in the medical field, where the pay is shit and the working conditions are worse, because it is virtually the only employment sector where there is an increase of jobs. Of course, there would be the eventual problem of a glut of people in the field once a flood of them go into it. Furthermore, with more and more people losing health insurance, we shouldn't count on hospitals and doctors raking in the bucks indefinitely.

I also love the notion the administration wants "reemployment accounts," which will do absolutely nothing to alleviate the problems of unemployed workers while at the same time it and the fascists in Congress REFUSE to extend unemployment benefits. Mark my words, these worthless "accounts" will be put in to REPLACE UI. Three grand doesn't BEGIN to cover educational or child care expenses. (Mary Butkus, Washington Post)

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