Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dipshit Gibbons

and his handlers must be worried about his poll numbers, for his campaign is now slinging mud at opponent Dina Titus, pitifully calling her "Dina Taxes."

I saw the ad for the first time today, and it is awful.
Some Journalists

are drunk with power, or simply drunk, or are obsessed with the drunkenness of other people.

Or else certain columnists should have spent another month on vacation.

Kurtz Kount: Kurtz 31, C&P 25.

For the week (except Monday): Kurtz 79, C&P 77.

David Broder born in New Hampshire? He's sure making a stink about the DNC changing the presidential primary/caucus schedule.

I should remind him Nevada has a strong union faction albeit in Las Vegas. Forget the northern part of the state.
As the World Turns.

In some good news for a change, those stolen Munch paintings have been recovered.

They were found in relatively good condition.

It's enough to make one scream for joy.

Jack Carter has a new, no-frills ad up.

Katherine Harris is still batshit after all these years.

Just in time for the election, illegal immigrants and their supporters vow to help the Republicans retain both the House and the Senate, even if they have to take to the streets.

Zillionaire Warren Buffett, 76, married longtime girlfriend Astrid Menks, 60. It is his second marriage, her first.

Thank God she wasn't some really young chick.

More details are here. There is a guestbook at the website.
Now That

the Republicans are in trouble this election cycle, the dictatorship is working overtime trying to once again recycle Chicken Little talking points about the need to fight the terraists. Democrats, of course, are soft on terra.

As Bernie Ward noted last night on KGO, coincidentally gas prices are spiking down.
Nat Hentoff

observes that a certain grieving, self-made widower is going around the country exploiting his late wife's death for political gain.

This paragraph summed up what the mainstream media absolutely refused to mention:

"As to legal concerns," William Anderson — a senior psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a lecturer at Harvard University — wrote when she died: "a guardian may refuse any medical treatment, but drinking water is not such a procedure. It is not within the power of a guardian to withhold, and not in the power of a rational court to prohibit."

It was a judicial error the courts refused to reverse because they couldn't, not because of the facts of the case. Profoundly disabled people are at the total mercy of unscrupulous guardians, and now there is legal precedent to murder them without due process.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Keith Olbermann

was quite impressed with Rumfeld's remarks at the VFW conference in Reno, Nevada, Monday.
Howard Kurtz

is shocked at how little progress has been made at rebuilding since the Katrina disaster.

Kurtz Kount: Kurtz 21, C&P 29.

might be as pure as the driven slush, but Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings wants to screw it up even more and make it even more impossible for kids to attain "proficiency."
As the World Turns.

Senator Blow Dry desperately tries to cover his ass and makes an even bigger fool out of himself re Angle.

A judge grants Darren Mack a hearing.

Actor Glenn Ford, who played in many movies and television shows and is best remembered by yours truly when he played opposite Rita Hayworth in the movie Gilda (1946), died this afternoon at the age of 90.

He was found dead, but no foul play is suspected. Ford had suffered from strokes in the past.

Ohio's Kenneth Blackwell has decided to delay destroying presidential ballots for at least the time being.

He has to concentrate on trying to steal the governor's race right now.

also peddles a goddamned lie about Carter in Nevada.

Again, nobody points to any polls other than directly or indirectly to the Mason/Dixon.

Oh, mob attorney Oscar Goodman is perhaps the most unelectable person in the country for any statewide or federal office. That's why he didn't run, especially when one of the Democrats' themes for this election has to do with corruption.
Dana Milbank

also engages in some falsehoods about Carter's poll numbers versus Ensign's.

It's like they can't be honest at all about polls which show a far different result than Mason/Dixon.
The RG-J

has a piece about the latest WSJ-Zogby poll showing a tightening of the Nevada Senate and gubernatorial races polls.

The paper is telling a falsehood here:

Zogby's results put both races much closer than any pre-primary poll. A poll commissioned by the Review-Journal just before the primary put Gibbons ahead of Titus, 46 percent to 35 percent and Ensign ahead of Carter by 54 percent to 33 percent.

One should remind Republican college prof Erik Herzik that the Rasmussen poll also shows the race between Ensign and Carter closer than the Mason/Dixon, the latter of which simply doesn't make any sense.

Senator Blow Dry simply doesn't have all that much support in this state.
One of the Most

disconcerting things I've seen is the ignorance of so-called liberals about gun control issues. Too many have bought into the NRA's lies about what the Second Amendment allegedly says. The NRA KNOWS it is lying, but after all it does represent weapons and ammunition interests as much if not more than the hunters and target shooters.

Somebody has tried to outgun the NRA by creating a competing organization which hits on conservation issues.

However, when some yahoo talks about how "guns don't kill, people do," I respond in turn, "Guns don't kill, people do--with guns."

I worry not just about the crooks but the so-called "law-abiding" citizens who go off their nut and kill other people or children who have access to their parents' weapons.
The Boulder, Colorado, D.A.

may have screwed up with John Karr, but that's nothing compared to what the media did.

One year later, there is still no accountability.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As the World Turns.

The sanctimonious "painter of light" has found himself the subject of an FBI probe:

The FBI is investigating allegations that self-styled "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade and some of his top executives fraudulently induced investors to open galleries and then ruined them financially, former dealers contacted by federal agents said.

Investigators are focusing on issues raised in civil litigation by at least six former Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery owners, people who have been contacted by the FBI said.

Resident Nutjob

Sharron Angle went to court to try and force a new primary vote after losing to Secretary of State Dean Heller in August. Senator Blow Dry tried to talk her out of it but to no avail.

Jill Derby might win this election in November after all.
The John Mark Karr

fiasco must go down as one of the most spectacular media screw-ups in recent history, or at least in the past couple of weeks.

Kurtz Kount: Kurtz 27, C&P 23.
The President

was in Reno yesterday helping his longtime colleague Donald Rumsfeld speak in front of the VFW convention.

Because it was a workday, just a piddling 50 people showed up outside the convention to protest the visit.

New Orleans has been left to rot one year later.

Monday, August 28, 2006

When Al Jolson

reputedly farted onstage one time, people applauded him. When our dictator does it, and he apparently does it often, it's repulsive but indicative of what he thinks of his staff.

So, when U.S. News cited “a top insider” describing how Bush likes to fart in the presence of junior White House staffers as a joke on them, the item was given the boys-will-be-boys title: “Animal House in the West Wing.”


Indeed, this tendency to assert his superior position over others by subjecting them to degrading treatment has been a recurring part of Bush’s persona dating back at least to his days as an “enforcer” on his father’s presidential campaigns.

Castle Crags, California. July 6, 2006

Mill Creek Falls, Oregon, near Prospect, which is near Medford, which is near the northern California border. August 2006
No Wonder

so many kids can't cut it with pre-algebra taught in the seventh grade. They are being taught higher-level math skills long before they are ready.

My own view, of course, is kids are being pushed into this stuff not because of the "realities of the 21st century marketplace," which are almost identical to the 20th century realities, but because those who are pushing this souped-up curriculum WANT kids to fail.

neither side is winning in the ideological and political war.
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro's right hind leg, the one he injured in the Preakness, is healing so well he may soon have the cast removed completely.
As the World Turns.

In this booming economy, thousands of people will apply for jobs not paying a decent wage.

Maria Esther de Capovilla, the world's oldest person at 116, died Saturday.

Elizabeth Bolden of Memphis, Tennessee, also 116, is now believed to be the world's oldest person.

One hundred twenty dogs raced towards the finish line at the Nevada State Fair this weekend.

As was pretty obvious from the beginning, John Karr has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

He does, however, face charges of child pornography.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Will

probably go to bed fairly early tonight, for I have to go to work tomorrow for the first day of school, something I am not really looking forward to because of all of the kids I have this year as compared to last year.

I am also worn out from having returned from McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, which is about 340 miles round trip. The falls are a sight to see. They are just off Highway 89. Pictures don't do them justice. As I mentioned earlier about them, the falls not only come from Burney Creek, but the water also comes from an underground spring through the rocks. There are the two main falls and many other smaller falls coming from the rocks. About 100 million gallons of water a day flow from them, regardless of the time of year.

The landlord went with me. We went to the bottom of the falls, which is quite cool, and then we went around Falls Loop Trail. It is about 1.2 miles around with some steep climbing. I took pictures and videotaped along the way, so it took longer than usual. When we finished at the top of the falls, the landlord wanted to go on another trail. Remember, he is 82 years old, but he felt like he was ready to walk some more.

After I put my stuff in the car, we went down to the Lake Trail to Lake Britton. We walked along Burney Creek, but then we got to the point where it was dead silence. After we got to the lake, or near the lake, we turned around and walked back. The uphill just about did the landlord in, and he rested a few times on the way back up, which was perfectly fine with me. I didn't want to get a stretcher and haul him back up to the parking lot, after all.

When we left Burney Falls, we stopped over at Hat Creek at the Fireside Village Restaurant, a place where I have used the bathroom many times on my way to and from Oregon. I haven't eaten there since 1978. I had a hamburger, and the landlord had a fish sandwich. The meal was good, and then we made our way back to Reno, arriving at about 5:45.

Once again, I will post the pictures when I get them processed.
Several Prominent Racing People

perished in this morning's plane crash in Lexington, Kentucky.
Jack Carter

is now down just three points from Senator Blow Dry, which seems to back up the most recent Rasmussen poll.

However, because it is an interactive poll, many will not take it seriously.

The Mason-Dixon poll, which showed Carter far behind the Empty Suit, appears to be off the mark. I don't for a minute believe he is that far back.

this country has drifted towards fascism when Barry Goldwater can be considered a "liberal."

He was hardly that. He was of the old-fashioned frontier libertarianism, the kind of political beliefs still popular out in the western part of the United States, including Nevada. But those beliefs are hardly liberalism, let alone left-wing Democratic thinking.
As the World Turns.

A Lexington, Kentucky, commuter plane crash has killed at least 49 people. One man has been reported to survive it.

I was at that airport in 1989. I flew on a United commuter plane from Chicago to this airport. It is a rather small airport, and, at the time, the Bluegrass (owned by Bunker Hunt) and Calumet farms bordered on it. Keeneland Race Course is also nearby. Calumet was right across the road. It was quite a sight to fly into the airport and see Calumet Farm from the air.

In other countries as well as the United States, more couples are deciding not to have children, and a few observers are not happy with the trend.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whether John Karr

did it or didn't do it, it doesn't change the fact an injustice was done to Patsy Ramsey when she was tried and convicted by the media.
Only a Few Days Ago,

Lost in the Fog was given only a few days to live before being euthanized, but now it appears he may have a chance after all if the medication he is taking successfully shrinks the tumors down to where they can be removed or chemotherapy can be tried.

If there is a ray of hope, all efforts should be made to save these wonderful animals.

I missed the goddamned Travers Stakes race today, and I didn't even tape it. Bernardini, a son of 1992 Horse of the Year A.P. Indy, bounded home to an easy victory in the race.

was Democratic Unity Day in Nevada, and all of the Democratic candidates (except for congressional candidate Jill Derby) were on hand to give speeches at the Record Street Cafe, which is located right across from the University of Nevada, Reno. I didn't walk the precinct earlier because of the ankle, but I showed up at around 4 o'clock or so to catch the speeches. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera and camcorder for this event. Local television stations were there, and the local "progressive" radio station, KJFK, carried the speeches live.

Frankie Sue Del Papa, former Nevada attorney general and the person who should be governor, introduced each of the speakers. Jack Carter was there reminding all supporters what they needed to tell voters. This boiled down to three things, and I am paraphrasing here because I didn't write it down on paper: Senator Blow Dry votes with Bush 96 percent of the time, Blow Dry is Washington's voice to Nevada, and Carter is Nevada's voice to Washington. Gubernatorial candidate Dina Titus was there, and I have to say she is a good speaker (like Carter, she is from Georgia originally), and she can play dirty if she has to against the likes of Dipshit Gibbons. What makes me mad is that these two idiots, Ensign and Gibbons, are considered the frontrunners (and in the case of Ensign, considered by so-called experts to be a "shoo-in" for re-election despite his complete lack of accomplishment in the Senate). I did overhear Titus tell either a supporter or a reporter (I can't remember which) that she was within the margin of error against the Dipshit.

The speeches by all of the candidates were good for the most part, but the food stunk to high heaven except for the meat. I thought that's what you get for a free event, but those who cooked the food could have at least made the attempt to make the food halfway edible. I had to throw the salad and cornbread out because they were so bad. Even the mint candies were terrible. Although the annual picnic of a few weeks ago cost ten bucks, the food was very, very good.

I left after the speeches were over with and went out shopping for a few DVDs.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Burney Falls for most of the day, and I hope to return sometime in the afternoon. The landlord had diarrhea from the medication he was taking and took something else to counteract it. He said he felt "weak" and all of that other crap, so we rescheduled the visit for tomorrow.
As the World Turns.

Former president Jimmy Carter will be making the rounds of northern Nevada in late September, including Elko. He will be accompanying son Jack there and at other stops, including one in Reno on September 28.

It will be a fundraiser at Circus Circus. I paid to attend the event.

Unfortunately, George Felos wasn't around to help this couple out.
This Fall

promises to have the largest and most diverse public school population in the nation's history, and with it, new challenges. That's not to mention more pressure because of NCLB.
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro's connections are being given an award by the National Turf Writers Association.
Barack Obama

kicks off his campaign for the Kenyan presidency.
Some Suckers

are buying that silly book about "the female brain"; otherwise, it's the same shit, different week.

A year after Katrina, how does the Mississippi coast fare?

New Orleans, on the other hand, is still largely vacant, with the current population at only about half what it was a year ago. In the meantime, our dictator suffered a deserved hit in the polls.

As I mentioned a million times, THIS was the incident that should have forced the resignation of the entire administration, but was there any movement afloat to do so? Of course not.

there is ever a pandemic of the bird flu or any other disease in this country, expect the bioethicists to be hard at work making decisions on who lives and who dies.

These people are sick, totally sick. They are trying to twist the purpose of science and medicine to justify the wholesale denial of civil rights to entire groups of people on the basis of illness or disability.

"Lifeboat ethics" isn't ethical at all. One would think this nonsense died out with the Holocaust, but no, it's back, bigger and badder than ever.

(The Ward article is what I am referring to here.)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Stephen Laffey

is to the Republicans what Nutroots Ned is to the Democrats.

If Laffey wins, will Chafee run as an independent?

should avoid peddling "ideas" this election cycle, as the Republicans aren't doing too well right now.
As the World Turns.

Guess who's coming to town with Rumsfeld on Monday?

A groping lawsuit against the groping governor has been settled:

London-based attorneys representing both the governor and Richardson issued a joint statement saying the case had been settled without disclosing any details.

Hmmm...I wonder if Arnold decided to settle the case so it wouldn't interfere with his re-election bid.
Just When You Think

everything that could be written about Elvis has been written, more books come out.

One of the books is by Memphis Mafia flak Jerry Schilling. The reviewer gives it high marks, and it is perhaps a book worth looking into:

Schilling has lots of reasons to be grateful to Presley. After all, the star bought him the house he still lives in and dropped more jewelry and cars on the guy than he knew what to do with. But Schilling is a reliable storyteller and readily acknowledges throughout the book that, in addition to being incredibly generous, polite and full of laughs, his greatest friend was also moody, hyper-competitive and occasionally unreasonable. In a touching series of stories he brings Presley to life with an intimate portrait that puts readers in the room with the singer at moments high (rushing Priscilla to the hospital in time to deliver Lisa Marie, meeting the Beatles, teaching karate to Liza Minnelli) and low (a contrite Elvis admitting to Schilling that he had had a fling with Schilling's girlfriend, a drug-addled Elvis calling him to help pick him up off of the floor, an enraged Elvis trying to order a hit on Priscilla's boyfriend).

I'll add it to the sidebar.
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro's case heightens the importance of finding a cure for the dreaded disease laminitis.

are now fifteen governorship races to watch instead of the usual ten.

WHY are New York and Ohio, both almost certain to go Democratic, even ON this list, while Nevada, having a more competitive race, is not?

what does one expect from a lying parasite?

Then there’s Michael Schiavo, the new poster boy for government meddling. He claims he’s not a politician despite the fact that he made a point to announce a change in political affiliations.

A year later, Schiavo is nothing more than a poor man’s Kevin Federline — someone with a bad rap who is trying to capitalize on his wife’s fame. Yet, somehow, Schiavo gets choked up when talking about Terri’s struggles.

What’s wrong with that picture? How about letting Terri rest in peace?

With each speech, with each political endorsement, with each talk show appearance, Michael Schiavo continues to throw dirt on her memory.

He took her life by taking away the feeding tube. Now, he disgraces her life by feeding into the political frenzy.

It's been about money, always has been. And no doubt a perverse desire for attention.

No wonder the first wife is said to have wanted to leave him.
My Ankle

feels a little bit better this morning. I slept well, which is a good sign. I must not have ruptured a tendon.

I will stay off my foot as much as possible, but I am still going to go to Burney Falls tomorrow.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quote of the Day (Perhaps the Year).

"I'm a live-and-let-live guy."--The Loving Husband, too knuckleheaded to see the irony of his words.

What a scumbag. Naturally, most of the nutroots thinks he's wonderful because his and his New Age nutball lawyer's lies give them what they think is a wedge issue against Republicans (never mind many Democrats opposed his wife's court-ordered murder).
All the Pastor's Women.

One of the big stories in the country, buried under the important news of the Ramsey case, is the trial of Bishop Terry Hornbuckle, a man accused and now convicted of sexually assaulting three women.

Hornbuckle's wife will never forgive him, either.

The jury is now deliberating what his penalty should be.

Interested readers can sort out the mess here.
Whether or Not

it is too early to run for the 2008 presidency (after all, George could still cancel elections), it isn't too early for reporters with a lot of time on their hands to write about it.

One year later, New Orleans shops struggle to survive.

The Booming Galaxy Casualty List for 8/17-8/24. In one of the most humiliating turn of events in recent memory, Pluto was stripped of its status as a planet and given the insulting and politically incorrect term of "dwarf" as in "dwarf planet."

The man responsible for killing Pluto's status has the name of Michael "you did a heck of a job" Brown.

The woman responsible for coming up with the name says she is "too old" to give a shit about the controversy anymore.

Meanwhile, Patricia Tombaugh, 93, widow of Pluto's discoverer Clyde, is simply too shaken over the devastating news. (NASA/Getty Images via LAT)
I Went

running outside tonight since the weather had cooled off a bit, in the low 80s, and I was heading back down Plumb Lane when some idiot on a bicycle was riding on the sidewalk (which is illegal, of course), and I made room for the idiot by running on the road. Well, the road is sloped into the curb, and after the idiot passed me, I went toward the edge of the pavement and twisted the goddamned hell out of my left foot. I very nearly fell down on the street; it was a miracle I didn't.

My ankle hurt terribly; I thought I would not be able to even walk home, which was at least two miles away. I pulled up and sat on a rock, took off my shoe and sock, and rubbed the foot for about ten minutes. After I put my shoe and sock back on, I felt like I could stand, I did. My foot still hurt like hell, but it wasn't swollen. I walked to the next light, and then I jogged very lightly until I got to South Virginia Street. After I crossed THAT intersection, I decided to cut my run a little bit short and headed over to Wells Avenue and back over to Kirman.

By the time I was on Kirman Street, I almost could run normally. However, my ankle and foot still hurt.

I hope to goddamned hell I don't wake up in the middle of the night and scream in pain like I did back in November of 1980, during the weekend actors Mae West and George Raft died, and the weekend when I badly twisted the same ankle while walking. I had to go to the hospital, get crutches, and get a painkiller. The painkiller knocked me out for about 24 hours. Worse yet, I couldn't exercise at all on my foot for about a month.

Since I have plans for this weekend, including a hike over at Burney Falls, California, I hope my ankle doesn't ruin it.
It's Time

for more Democratic bashing from the so-called "left."
Wouldn't It Be Wonderful

if Lost in the Fog could be saved after all?

Returning to his barn after spending the previous five days in Florida for the Ocala Breeders' yearling auction, Gilchrist said Lost in the Fog is being treated in his stall with medications designed to shrink two football sized tumors found in his spleen and beneath his spine along his back, as well as a third, smaller mass. The trainer said he was encouraged by the 4-year-old colt's feistiness.

"This horse is not done yet," he said. "We are trying to shrink the tumors if that would be possible. If we can shrink them 50 percent, there's a chance we can remove them (surgically). It's a long shot but long shots happen all the time in this game. It's something to hang on to. We're not dead in the water yet."


He said the popular colt with the oddball blaze has been given walks outside his stall and has been happily enjoying the carrots, apples and other things sent to the barn by admirers. The get-well cards, e-mail wishes and flower bouquets have been overwhelming, Gilchrist said.

"I finally took all the flowers up to the (administration) office and gave them to all the girls there," he said.

Lost in the Fog, while being maintained on low doses of pain reliever, "is doing much better than we thought he would," Gilchrist said. "He's in good spirits."

The trainer had originally planned to allow the horse to live out his final days in familiar surroundings and to be cared for by those that know him best. Without giving into what he called "false hope," he now thinks it could be some time before a decision to euthanize the colt might be necessary.
The Club for Growth

has been throwing its weight around in recent election contests; it played a major role in the near-win by Nevada nutball Sharron Angle against GOP establishment candidate Secretary of State Dean Heller in the District 2 Republican primary.

But in the end will the outfit do more harm than good to the party? In other words, is the CFG the right's version of the left's nutroots?
The Minute

a draft is instituted, there would be such a backlash against the Iraq War by the public it would dwarf the antiwar protests of the 1960s.

Which is why the administration will avoid it if at all possible.
As the World Turns.

The Reno home where boxer Jack Dempsey lived in the 1930s is for sale for $1.85 million.

Davidson Academy, the school touted as the first public school in the nation catering solely to "gifted kids," opened with a bunch of fanfare Tuesday.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings was on hand to push the propaganda that "gifted kids" (labeled as such solely on the basis of I.Q. tests or college entrance tests) are an untapped resource in this economy of Wal-Mart jobs, outsourcing, and insourcing, and that these kids need to grow up to help further corporate interests along.

Just 36 of the "best of the best" from around the country have been admitted to the free school this year.

These kids have been told by so many adults that they are "gifted" and "special," they may be disappointed to find that in the real world their "gifts" aren't so readily accepted or absorbed in this society.

This is the academy's website.

Volunteers embarrass themselves by repairing the nation's only known bigfoot trap.

How to find it:

The Bigfoot trap is about 26 miles south of Medford. To reach it, take Highway 238 west to Ruch, then turn left on the Applegate Road to the Applegate Dam. Drive past the dam and the Hart-Tish Park entrance.

Stop several hundred feet past the park at the Collings Mountain Trailhead on the right. It's marked by a sign, with a footprint insignia on it.

After hiking about half a mile you will come to a fork in the trail at a dilapidated old shelter. The trap is about 200 feet up the trail on the left.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


would like to help the GOP win this fall through more legitimate means than rigging electronic voting machines and tabulators, but will candidates bother to take his advice?
Forbes Magazine

fucked up when it put up an anachronistic article saying men shouldn't marry "career women," whatever that means. The magazine had to backtrack after there was an outcry over it.

Now the article in question is part of a so-called "debate" on the matter.

I personally would like to see less discussion about an "issue" which doesn't mean much to the vast majority of people, since few people of either sex have glamorous "careers."

Besides, $30k a year is hardly a "career" salary.
Since Hillary Clinton

will never run for president, it's possible Senator Reid has offered her some kind of plum position. I'll believe it when I see it, though.

But regardless, the nutroots hates her almost as much as the wingnuts.
Can the Republicans

once again play the terra card successfully?
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro feels so comfortable, he thinks he can prep for this fall's Breeders' Cup Classic.
As the World Turns.

Frank Murkowski should have stayed in the U.S. Senate.

We could have another Democratic pickup here. Former Governor Tony Knowles has won the Alaska gubernatorial primary.

A couple of World War I vets have died in recent days:

Albert Anderegg, 105

Loyd Files, 107

is more about Saint Liam's freakish and fatal accident yesterday:

The 6-year-old stallion, who was standing his first season at William S. Farish's Lane's End Farm in Versailles, was being led to his paddock yesterday afternoon when he reportedly became excited and slipped, leading to a left tibial fracture in his hind leg.

After being treated by Dr. Peter Pryor at Lane's End, Saint Liam was taken to Lexington's Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital where it was determined that, because of the nature of the fracture, no surgical repair was possible.

"He got the left leg across in front of the right leg when he fell and fractured the bottom half of his tibia ... just above middle of the leg, in the upper half," said Dr. Larry Bramlage, who examined Saint Liam at Rood and Riddle. "That bone is a long bone and extremely hard and ... when it broke it just exploded. He had the bottom half of the bone in approximately 20 pieces.

"The fracture left no intact pieces above the joint that we could use to anchor screws or plates."

The death of Saint Liam comes less than a week after the racing world learned that champion sprinter Lost in the Fog had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Here are a couple of pictures of 2005 Champion Older Male and Horse of the Year Saint Liam, who had to be euthanized yesterday after suffering a fractured tibia in a freak accident.

(The second photo is from the Lane's End website)

In a bit of great news for unscrupulous California employers, as many as 12 percent of high school seniors in that state are at risk of flunking the state's exit exam.
In a Freakish

accident, 2005 Horse of the Year Saint Liam severely fractured a tibia while being led to his paddock at Lane's End Farm near Versailles, Kentucky, and had to be euthanized.

He was just six years old and had just completed his first year at stud.

Saint Liam won the Breeders' Cup Classic Powered by Dodge in 2005.

This horse is the second 2005 champion to be fatally stricken this year. Lost in the Fog, champion sprinter of 2005, is dying of cancer and spending his last days at Golden Gate Fields.

almost appears our dictator wouldn't rule out canceling elections in 2008 and announcing he would install himself president for life.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


our dictator need to be put in a straitjacket and thrown in a padded cell so he won't be a danger to the rest of the world?
Charter Schools

aren't what they're cracked up to be.
The Nutroots

haven't seized on toppling Hillary Clinton--at least not yet--so this poor little challenger tries to be the Allen Jerkins of the political world.

He won't succeed.

Yep, I am aware of the latest couple of CT polls showing the Senate race "tightening." I seriously doubt Nutroots Ned will prevail in the election, however.

there is nothing in the world going on except the John Karr coverage, I didn't feel I needed to blog much today. I also didn't have that much time, for I had to return to work to attend a couple of inservice meetings. I got off early, and then I had the ambition to go hiking up Huffaker Lookout--twice around, which is about three miles, part of it uphill. I was pretty tired after that.

Later I got my paycheck and went and picked up my dogs' paintings from the frameshop, the ones they "paw painted" during Artown. Then I went to Target and bought a few things.

I ended up very tired and dehydrated. Since I'm writing in the first person, I am using "I" a lot, but if readers don't like it, they can shove it.

One of these days I will have to pick up a (public domain) DVD of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, one of the least adventurous television shows of all time. My brother had a two-DVD set, which I watched when I was in Oregon a couple of weeks ago. It was a funny show, and it needs to be officially released, season by season. I don't know why I mentioned it, but tonight I picked up a so-called "greatest hits" CD by Rick Nelson, who was so underrated in his time, but he did have a lot of talent, not to mention looks (he actually got better looking as he got older, whereas Elvis Presley--in his prime in the late 1960s was absolutely the best-looking man in the history of show business-- didn't age too well thanks to a steady diet of prescription drugs and deep-fried foods). I am listening to it now, which is preferable than hearing Nancy Grace screech about the Ramsey case.

Arnold is running to Texas in order to raise money.
Barbaro Watch.

Dr. Richardson was unable to save a polar bear.
As the World Turns.

Just what drives some fools to pursue fame above all else?

Rats have taken over Erie County.

This modern-day Gilligan's Island story may not be such a heroic deal after all:

They started out as national heroes, lauded after their rescue last week for supposedly surviving 9 1/2 months adrift in the Pacific Ocean with only rainwater, raw fish and uncooked seagulls to sustain them. Since then, everything about their story has been questioned. They've even had to fend off widely broadcast and published speculation that they might be killers or cannibals or drug dealers or all three.


This fucker deserves everything that's coming to him.


Tony Bennett claims America hasn't contributed much to culture.

He oughta know. His debut (and farewell) performance in 1966's The Oscar certainly scraped the bottom of the cultural barrel.

admitted it withheld its story about NSA spying until after the 2004 election.
Whether Karr

did it or not, and it appears he more likely fabricated his guilt than not, the media continue unabated covering the Ramsey case.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Not That

Friedman will read the piece, but Robert Parry gives a number of reasons why he (Friedman) ought to leave the NYT.

California will raise its minimum wage.

Arnold panders to the religious vote.
Eric Alterman

pulls shit out of his ass and makes some ludicrous prediction Lieberman will take Rumsfeld's job when he wins re-election to the Senate and thus opens up a seat for a Republican governor to make a Republican appointment.

Can anybody be any more fucking stupid and off-the-wall?
Down is Up

and up is down when it comes to dishonesty by so-called "left" commentators.

Why didn't Greider ask about the loyalty of the purge mob when they backed Nutroots Ned, let alone their idol's loyalty to the party when he challenged Lieberman?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Greider.

if Wal-Mart were reformed, that would just be a tiny step in overhauling the wrongs corporations have done to workers over the past three decades:

The system is now essentially rigged so that workers' productivity can rise, but workers' incomes can't. A study prepared last month for Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee and released by Representative Barney Frank of Newton showed that since 2002 annual productivity growth has averaged more than 3 percent, while real wage increases have been under half of 1 percent. Corporate profits, meanwhile, have risen from 8.5 percent to 14.4 percent of national income.

Whenever wages show signs of rising with productivity, the Federal Reserve whacks them back down. It shows no such concern about corporate profits being excessive. Until this month, when the Federal Reserve announced a "pause" in rate hikes, our central bank had hiked interest rates 17 times since June 2004, citing fears of inflation, mainly in rising labor costs. But note the sleight of hand. If workers' wages are lagging well behind workers' increased productivity, then rising wages are not a source of inflation. The rising "total labor costs" include pensions and health insurance. Doesn't that benefit workers? In fact, the increase in recent employer contributions to pension plans is mainly to make up for the corporate looting of plans during the 1990s.

And here is another piece about the state of our economy through the actions of Ford.
Jonathan Chait

gives "conservatives" (which do not exist anymore) too much credit when he says they really believe the bullshit Democrats are "soft" on terra.

Well, one could say if one repeats a lie often enough it soon becomes the "truth." However, the GOP has been using this "soft" on whatever line ever since the 1950s, when Democrats were allegedly "soft" on Communism, then "soft" on crime in the 1960s, "soft" on foreign policy in the 1960s and 1970s, and "soft" on terra now.

It's the "sissy factor" line they've been pushing for ages, and it's worked in conning millions of people.
As the World Turns.

Darren Mack's lawyers want to eliminate judges, but not in the way Mack allegedly tried to eliminate Judge Weller.

It appears utilitarian thinking is getting more and more into the forefront of the medical care system in Britain.

This is an interesting report about income level and disability.

Iwo Jima photographer Joe Rosenthal, 94, has died.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro continues to improve, thanks to some extraordinary connections willing to go to extraordinary lengths to save him.

to an email from the Jack Carter campaign, Senator Harry Reid has decided to backstab his colleague across the aisle, Senator Blow Dry, and actually support Carter's Senate bid:

Just this week Senator Reid pledged his support to our campaign, stating that he knew we could win this race and that he and his office would do whatever it takes for us to win in November. The DSCC sent a quarter of a million dollars to the Nevada State Democratic Party to help with "get out the votes" efforts. We have dramatically increased our number of volunteers, and precinct captains that we have had to get new office space to house all of this additional support!


comments on the media's rush to judgment on the Ramsey case.
Dina Titus

might right now be the underdog in the Nevada governor's race, but her talent as a campaigner and Dipshit Gibbons' lack of any talent should make this a race to watch.
Nevada Democrats

will now be able to throw their weight around, assuming people in New Hampshire and Iowa don't stir up the shit even more.

There's little doubt Senator Reid's high profile had more than a little bit to do with the change.
As the World Turns.

Apartheid may be gone officially, but South Africa still has a long ways to go to become a racially-blind society.

So-called "gifted" kids will start school this fall in the highly-touted Davidson Academy.

The problem, of course, is that the vast majority of "gifted" kids will grow up to lead rather mediocre lives, like almost everybody else. There is an assumption made by the Davidsons that we live in a meritocracy, and the "best and the brightest" (based on tests, of course) should excel and have the best jobs and the best lives in society.

As we all know, or should, there is no such thing as a "meritocracy" in this country. "Ability" and "talent" have far less to do with "success" than knowing the right people and having pure luck.

By all means precocious kids should be encouraged to learn to the extent of their abilities. But parents should be aware of the simple fact that not everybody can be an Einstein or a Mozart, and given the fact our country is knocking the rungs of the American Dream ladder out from under almost everybody but the very rich, their kids aren't likely to amount to anything better than being doctors or lawyers.

Those who rise to the top of the economic heap are the ones with the social "smarts," the ones who can bullshit and backstab their way to the top. More often than not, "gifted" people lack the social skills to actually succeed in this environment. Far too many of the "intelligent" end up underachievers working at menial jobs, taking drugs or boozing it up, winding up homeless, or committing suicide. Actual "intelligence" is far more involved than scoring in the 99th percentile of an I.Q. or achievement test.

Parents are being fed false hopes about their kids. As one parent of a so-called "gifted" student I taught a few years ago said, her son has a "disability," just as the kids I now teach in special education have disabilities.

The plain truth is our society has little use for "gifted" people, just as it has little use for those who are otherwise "disabled." Being compliant, not making waves to the bosses, arriving to work on time, knowing basic math and being able to read at a fifth-grade level, that's really all that is required in this country to make a living. And any job, regardless of education level, can be sent overseas or can be insourced to illegals or H1Bs.

Thanks to the disappearance of high-paying lumber mill jobs, the town of Oakridge, Oregon, near Eugene, is struggling with the increase of poverty.

Only in the upside down world of Nevada politics can politicians be both up and down in the polls at the same time.

After pandering to Democratic and independent voters, Arnold is now reverting back to pandering to the nutjobs on the right.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


of the sites I am going to have to take in this year before it gets too cold is to visit McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, which is located off of Highway 89 north and is actually at the midway point between Reno and Medford, Oregon. I have driven back and forth on 89 for perhaps 100 times in 22 years and have NEVER stopped by that park. I always drive over Lake Britton, but I always thought the park was just some damned campground and not a park featuring what Teddy Roosevelt called "the eighth wonder of the world," Burney Falls.

I could have gone there with the landlord yesterday before going to Lassen Park, if I had thought of it. But of course I didn't.

I won't forget now.

Rather than focus on the ho-hum gubernatorial race, it's time to look at a remarkable friendship between two women who met at a health spa back in the 1980s and enjoyed many remarkable adventures together, including allegedly killing homeless men for fun and profit.

Too bad Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman didn't meet up with them a few years sooner. He wouldn't have had to worry about the homeless problem there, at least among the men.

there isn't enough going on in the world to write about, it's time to dredge up Hillary Clinton's nonexistent presidential campaign for scrutiny.

Her old man turned sixty today. He stated he hates it, but he's considered the alternative.
Nevada's Democratic Caucus

day has been moved up and will be on January 19, 2008. The DNC approved changes in the primary/caucus schedule.

However, some are complaining, including some possible presidential candidates and New Hampshire.
It's Hard

to say goodbye to a dying horse.

It just about kills me to read about him. His story isn't getting as big a play as Barbaro's although Lost in the Fog is one of the top racehorses in the country.


Don Smith, the horse's veterinarian, estimated Lost in the Fog might live from four months to a year. However, Gilchrist indicated that the horse would be euthanized at home if he started to feel any pain.

Smith said a medical team at the UC-Davis Veterinarian Medical Teaching Hospital performed a laparoscopy into the abdomen on Friday morning. That test revealed two new tumors in addition to the cantaloupe-sized tumor found in his spleen Sunday. Smith said one of the tumors was about the size of an egg, but a football-sized tumor was found along the spine.

``That one is not one that could be removed surgically,'' he said.

And this:

Smith's revelation that the cancerous masses had likely been growing for at least four months, and, possibly as long as a year, provided an explanation.

"I have more respect for this horse than 70-75% of the people I deal with on a daily basis, it's going to be very tough for me," Gilchrist said. "The race that will probably always stand out in my mind, though, was the race that he ran at Churchill this year, which was probably three months ago. I think Dr. Smith would tell you that he had to be carrying some pretty good-sized tumors in him. And he still went out and got the job done, and it just makes me appreciate the horse so much more for everything he's done. To do what he did carrying what he had [growing] in him."
Dina Titus

wants Dipshit Gibbons to debate her six times, but he wants to duck having to do that many.

It's not because he is the "frontrunner," either. It's because if he had to debate more times, more voters would know what a bumbling flyweight he is.
As the World Turns.

It's time for Duke Cunningham: The Unknown Story, written by one of the leading purveyors of celebrity dirt.

If our dictator signs something into law, you KNOW the law is a piece of shit designed to screw over the American people, in this case workers.

Ramsey murder suspect Mark Karr supposedly had plastic surgery.

A certifiable weirdo had a weird work history.
Lost in the Fog

will be brought back to Golden Gate Fields to live out his last days.

One wishes every racing story could have a happy ending, or, in Barbaro's case, a potentially happy ending, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Cancer in horses is relatively rare. In Lost in the Fog's case, a huge tumor is lodged in his back against his body wall, and veterinarians cannot remove it.

This story could bring tears to the eyes:

"He is like a brother to me," trainer Greg Gilchrist said Friday after announcing that Lost in the Fog has terminal cancer and will be euthanized within a week or so. "If this was a human being, he's a guy you'd like to hang around with. He's very talented -- he's done so much for me and everybody around him. We traveled a lot of road together, and it's gonna be a very tough time for me, I can tell you that."

For Aleo, Lost in the Fog was a dream come true. Aleo is a tough WWII vet who fought under Gen. George Patton, then made his fortune in San Francisco real estate. But horse racing is his passion, and Lost in the Fog was an amazing gift that fell into his lap.

Fog came to the Bay Area with a built-in aura. He was named by his breeder when she couldn't find him in the pasture one morning, then saw him appear out of the fog.

When Fog started winning and people began phoning Aleo with crazy-money offers to buy the horse, he tried to tell them the horse was not for sale, ever, period. When the offers got crazier, Harry turned off his hearing aid.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Here are a few pictures of four-year-old sprint champion Lost in the Fog, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has perhaps just a couple of weeks to live:

(Adam Coglianese, AP)


Winning the 2005 Riva Ridge Stakes.

Winning the 2005 Riva Ridge Stakes. (Mark Lennihan, AP)
The Next Time

some moron makes the ridiculous statement Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman would have done better against Senator Blow Dry rather than Jack Carter, I am going to say he or she is full of shit:

A new Las Vegas ordinance that bans using the outdoors as a toilet also mistakenly makes it illegal to sleep near a "deposit" of urine or feces.

The Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday unanimously passed the ordinance, making it a misdemeanor offense to go to the bathroom in a public place unless it's in an "appropriate sanitary facility."
Life's the Pits.

Some 225 pit bulls in the Liberty County raid will be put down.

A dog attacked and killed a Coral Springs, Florida, woman.
The Booming Economy Casualty List for 8/11-8/18.

Boeing will close its Long Beach plant, which will affect 5,500 workers.
I Returned Home

from Lassen Volcanic National Park at about 5:00. What a wonderful trip it was. My landlord, who seldom leaves Reno for anything and hasn't for years, loved it so much. He will be 82 tomorrow. I planned on hiking around Manzanita Lake, which is just inside the entrance from Highways 89 and 44, and is a nice, flat path of about 1 mile to 1.6 miles (depending on the source of the information), but I was concerned whether Bill (the landlord) could hike it. Remember, just a year or so ago he almost died from an infection after having gone through knee surgeries which left him pretty much incapacitated for the better part of a year. Well, he was dressed for the occasion, wearing hiking boots and khaki shorts (he used to hike years ago and was quite an enthusiast), and he seemed to handle the trail very well.

The views of Lassen Peak from Manzanita are just stunning. Professional photographers come to the lake all the time to take pictures. Well, I had my camera and my camcorder, and I photographed and taped all kinds of stuff there.

It took us about an hour and a half to complete the trail. Then we drove the main paved road through the park (I didn't want to take the dirt roads this time around), and we went past Hot Rock, the Devastated Area, Kings Creek, and clear up the goddamned summit (which reminds me a lot of the Mount Rose Highway--a highway I detest and REFUSE to drive on because it is so treacherous--except at Lassen there are no guardrails to keep cars from going over the canyons plunging hundreds of feet below), the summit where I turned chickenshit back in 2003 when I went through the park alone except with my dog Tony and decided to turn around and go back. This time, I went through the entire paved distance.

There was still snow on Lassen Peak. The landlord felt so invigorated, he wanted to go on yet another hike, but I told him he'd better rest up for a trip to Yosemite in a couple of weeks.

Finally we went to the Sulphur Works, which is only about a mile from the opposite entrance to the park. The area stunk like rotten eggs, but it is a unique experience to hear the belching and seeing the hot air coming from the ground.

We headed out of the park, thinking what a great way to spend a summer day and not think about all of the bullshit going on in the world, and we drove back on Highway 36 back to Susanville heading south to Reno.

I'll be paid next week (when I return back to work), and I will get the pictures processed and uploaded on the blog, if the pictures are good.
Democratic Underground

has for some time turned into a shithole for malcontents and anti-Democratic Party assholes. Now it has proven beyond all doubt it and its proprietors are Republican enablers.

What an idiot David Allen aka Skinner is. Does he think Republicans and independents in Connecticut are a bunch of wingnuts? They are a completely different breed than those found in other parts of the country.

Besides, Lieberman supports legalized abortion. Is DU going to flat-out lie about his record, just has Jane Hamsher and her ilk have in the blogosphere?

The Republican Party just LOVES this divisive garbage. It's going to siphon off money and time away from Democratic candidates in other states who actually have a chance to unseat Republicans.

sprint champion Lost in the Fog has inoperable cancer and may have just two weeks to live.

Right now he is not suffering, and vets will keep him comfortable for as long as possible:

Doctors told Gilchrist that Lost in the Fog has had the cancer for months and it probably affected all of his races this year, when he won just once in three starts.

"It definitely wasn't helping him," the trainer said. "What a warrior; I've never had a horse that comes close to this one."

Gilchrist said it would not be proper to try to extend Lost in the Fog's life beyond the horse's comfort level.

"We're fine with a week, 10 days, maybe two weeks," he said. "But you get beyond that, his quality of life wouldn't be good. This way we'll let the people who have always been around him take care of him. We'll bring him home and make him as happy as we can for awhile."
As the World Turns.

This is yet another challenge to the Texas futile care law.

A perverted judge got his jollies inside his courtroom and now gets four years.

Still no word from the FBI about the Augustine results.

Nevada's caucuses are about to be held earlier in the year.

Jack Carter differs from his dad regarding the Israel attacks.
Nausea Alert.

Rummy is supposed to be in Reno August 28 to speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention.

JRE decided to make a fool out of himself by pandering to the Kos crowd when he gave a speech supporting Nutroots Ned. Contrary to this article, the Democratic Party needs Joe Lieberman far more than Lieberman needs it. In the end, this Lamont "endorsing" is all a bunch of showboating. The party has more important races to worry about than wasting time and money in a state where the election result is a foregone conclusion. (John Woike, Hartford Courant)

that Lieberman has retooled his campaign, I would suggest he refrain as much as possible from commenting on Nutroots Ned and actually focus on his own record and his stand in favor of bi-partisanship.

Lieberman is going to win regardless, but there's no point inflaming the nutroots or even pissing off the DNC, now forced into supporting a loser.
In a Few

minutes or so, I am going to try to wake up enough so I can head over to Lassen National Park, a couple of hours drive from here. I am taking the landlord with me.

I hope the car starts okay. Once in a while I will turn the key and the car doesn't start right away. I hope I don't end up getting stranded some goddamned place.

Even the dogs are shocked I am up this early. I was going to take them with me, but then I changed my mind about it. Right now they are snoring away.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Nutroots

may be like the McGovernites of yore, but not in the way we think, or even in the way THEY think, if they think at all, which is doubtful:

For today's Democratic Party, that is both good and bad news. Fortunately, unlike the McGovernites, Lamont and most of his high-profile supporters don't articulate a broadly dovish worldview. Unfortunately, they don't articulate much of a worldview at all. Netroots activists call this a strength, saying that what binds them is not ideology but partisanship. But, without ideological content, partisan loyalty is vacuous if not amoral--the mere pursuit of power. In their netroots manifesto, Crashing the Gates, ├╝ber-bloggers Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong offer reams of suggestions for how Democrats can control Washington but say virtually nothing about what it means to be a Democrat. They fetishize the conservative movement's organizational success since the 1970s without realizing that it was ideological coherence, achieved in the 1950s, which made that success possible.

These people have a third-party mentality and have utterly nothing to offer except kneejerk reaction. As for Kos, well, the only cause he believes in is Kos.
Joe Conason

also tries to pander to the nutroots by engaging in more smears of Joseph Lieberman.

What's with this "Holy Joe" shit? Conason USED to have a decent reputation as a reputable reporter and commentator. Now he sounds like a whacko from Democratic Underground.

I suggest to Conason that he actually report on issues rather than dealing in bullshit. It was his boy, after all, who is the disloyal one by running as an empty suit antiwar candidate who won by engaging in character assassination and allowing Democrats to waste money on a race where money shouldn't be spent and thus is being diverted from more important Senate races.

Is the JonBenet Ramsey murder case turning into a Karr wreck? (Paula Bronstein, Getty Images)
John Edwards

makes an obvious attempt to pander to the nutroots and damned near loses me as a supporter.

Edwards was campaigning for Nutroots Ned today and tried to fool those antiwar people who hate his guts anyway for voting for the IWR back in 2002 by saying he was "wrong."

Well, maybe he does mean it, but the setting and timing are just a little bit suspicious, in my view.
Mark Crispin Miller

gave a lengthy interview about our broken election system.
Barbaro Watch.

Even as he has been cautious, and even pessimistic, about Barbaro's chances for survival, veterinarian Dr. Dean Richardson is more upbeat now than he was a few weeks ago.

Still, Barbaro isn't out of the woods:

The New Bolton surgeon was quick to add, however, that he still could not say if the colt's survival was "for sure," and anticipated Barbaro's hospitalization to continue for several more months.

"It is important to keep in mind that Barbaro has not been saved yet," Richardson said. "It is not like anyone can say it has been proven. I certainly can't emphasize that enough, and unfortunately it is the truth. Until he is doing what a normal horse can do I am not going to consider it a success."

Though the risk for the colt developing laminitis in his front feet was fairly low, Richardson noted he would always be at higher risk of having the disease and other problems in the currently infected foot.

Dr. Richardson answered many questions in an online chat.


Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Richardson, can you please describe a day with Barbaro in regards to his schedule (including the grazing outings)? What occurs in regard to his treatments and care taking and at what times? I know many people would like to hear about his day.

Dr. Richardson
He gets ICU checks by the nurses four times daily (vital signs, checking how much he is eating, drinking, manure/urine production etc.) He is fed grain mixes four times daily. He receives free choice alfalfa and timothy mix hay. I change his LH foot bandage around 6 am and walk him about 30 minutes in the late afternoon. He is no longer being put in a sling. Previously, we were letting him out of the sling from about 7 pm until 9 am. The Jacksons and Mr. Matz visit at various times and Mrs. Jackson always brings some Lael Farm grass hand picked for him. He gets groomed and bathed at various times. Medications are given at various intervals. Previously he was on a number of constant intravenous infusions and epidural pain medication. His management is much simpler right now because he is doing so well.
A Heller a Note.

Sharron Angle is in a rather tight spot. Since she lost by 428 votes to Dean Heller, she almost has to have a recount. Unfortunately, the person who would oversee such a recount is Heller.

to a new poll, Joe Lieberman continues to be well ahead of Nutroots Ned in the Connecticut Senate race.

That's why Democratic officials should just quit trying to endorse Lamont in order to pacify the nutoots. Barring a major scandal, Lieberman will win in walk. I predict he will win by at least 20-30 percentage points.
As the World Turns.

Karr has confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey. While I noted on this blog that some tabloids claimed her killer had died several years ago and this was the reason the case wasn't resolved, it appears they were wrong about that, assuming Karr isn't being pressured to confess.

In any case, the parents clearly had nothing to do with the murder, but police incompetence early on didn't do much to prevent suspicion being cast upon the Ramseys.

On the other hand, is there a rush to judgment regarding Karr?

But investigators in Thailand told the Associated Press today that Karr has made several dubious statements to them, including claims that he picked JonBenet up from school the day she was killed and that he drugged her. Actually, she was on Christmas vacation at the time, and there was no evidence of drugs in her body during the autopsy.

Much of the media has downplayed assertions by Karr's ex-wife that he was with her in Alabama at the time of the murder.

In other words, is Karr perpetrating a hoax?

Shooting victim Judge Chuck Weller returned to work.

Bob Casey tries some populism in his Senate race.

It's a dog after all.

It's bad news for tobacco companies.

Will the Ohio Supreme Court give Governor Taft a slap on the wrist or a kick in the ass?

In its typically twisted coverage of the Schiavo case, the St. Petersburg Times prefers to blame Jeb Bush as the reason the bogus complaint against a former Terri Schiavo nurse was dropped.

Most likely, the complaint, initiated by a nurse out of Massachusetts of all places, simply didn't have any merit and reeked of harassment, regardless of the validity of Iyer's claims.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh, Boy.

The late Kathy Augustine's family is upset with remarks made by the state GOP chairman:

"Although there were many people who were supporting her, the callousness and cruelty displayed by some, most notable Paul Adams was shocking to me," said Augustine's cousin Dion Gazzaruso of Sylmar, Calif. "This callousness displayed by Mr. Adams continued after she was hospitalized when he remarked, 'I wish her a long life, just not as a Republican candidate."

We all are eagerly awaiting the toxicology results. The autopsy found no such evidence of a heart attack.
I Got Bored

with the old template and decided to change it.

Naturally I lost every goddamned thing I had on the sidebar.

I will work on the sidebar the next few days; however, I am not going to put back the whatever it was alliance that had a million blog links on it.

It's just too much trouble to do it.

Right now I am too tired to do much of anything except go to bed.

Friday I may go with the landlord to Lassen Volcanic National Park. There is some construction along the way, but I can tolerate it.

In a couple of weeks I am looking at going to Yosemite, despite how crowded it'll likely be.

It's that time of year again, just as it has been every year for the past 29 years.

I also want to note that for a mere $17,500, you could have a complete set of Elvis' original Sun 45s in very good condition. (A.J. Wolfe, Memphis Commerical Appeal)
There Are 83 Days

left until the election, an eternity in politics, but things right now are looking rather dim for the GOP.

I don't think things will be that dim later on.

returned home in time to catch the story that truly is more important than anything going on in Washington.

I certainly didn't want to omit it from this blog.
Thanks in Part

to a Green Party candidate deciding to play spoiler, the Pennsylvania Senate race has now tightened.
Senator Allen

says he's sorry now that he's been caught making a racist remark.
As the World Turns.

Britain decides to go the secretive route when it comes to killing--er, "living wills."

More "family values" is at work.

People find all kinds of excuses for their antisocial behavior.

Nutroots Ned tries to muddle his way to the middle, but I seriously doubt it's going to help him one bit.

This cat is worth his weight in gold.

It's bad news for sprint champion Lost in the Fog as a cancerous mass has been discovered in his spleen.

His connections are going to do everything in their power to try and save the horse.

Is Arnold trying to avoid being tied to the GOP albatross?
I Can't

for the life of me believe Dipshit Gibbons could actually prevail over Dina Titus this fall.

Not that Titus doesn't have her problems, but Gibbons is nothing but a dimwit, a crackpot.

still too close to call in the District 2 Republican primary in Nevada, as Secretary of State Dean Heller and certified crackpot Sharron Angle battle for the nomination.

Had Dawn Gibbons not thrown her hat into the ring, Heller would no doubt have won handily.

I am not so sure that even if he prevailed, and even with the establishment Republican backing, that he could beat Democrat Jill Derby in the fall. That's even considering the fact District 2 has always gone Republican in House races.

AP says Heller prevailed, but he won by just a few hundred votes.

Note this:

The race for the open House seat was tight - a difference of just 428 votes, out of nearly 50,000 cast - and could create a quite a conundrum if the results are challenged.

The secretary of state's office would be responsible for overseeing a recount, but the winner of the race was the secretary of state himself, Dean Heller. He defeated conservative Sharron Angle, 24,781 votes to 24,353. Former Assemblywoman Dawn Gibbons, Rep. Gibbons' wife, was third with 17,328 votes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ma-ca-ca, Su-ca-ca,

my slur is your slur.

For the record, here is the clip of the gaffe.
Ya Don't Say,

Life's the Pits.

Here is yet another pit bull story, only this involves a custody case--not of the dogs.

Pit bull victim Nick Foley struggles to regain his life.
The Polls

have closed in the Nevada primary race. Results can be found right here, since I doubt I am going to be on the blog very long tonight.

am going to be heading back to Reno tomorrow. It should be a nice ride back. I have even thought of stopping at Lassen Volcanic National Park again. I'll either do that tomorrow or in the very near future.

I think I mentioned the other day about how good southern Oregon is for bicycling. There aren't a lot of designated bike paths, except for some highway shoulders, but the rural roads are great for cycling. Reno doesn't have the rural areas like here that one can just get on the bike from home and cycle all over the valley. Not to mention the fact the roads in the Rogue Valley are generally cleaner and don't have all of the debris and shit on the side of the road. I rarely if ever get flats up here.

Of course, there is the Greenway bike path which goes from Central Point to Ashland (round trip is about 30 to 35 miles). I usually don't go on it when I am up here, for I prefer the scenic routes of regular roads and the roads are more challenging, but the path does have the advantage of bypassing downtown traffic plus it is faster to get to a certain point where I want to cycle than if I ride backroads to a particular location. Since my knee is a little bit screwed up (I probably need to have my seat adjusted on the bike), I did use the Greenway path for part of my ride today. It's easier on the joints.

I would like to see the Greenway be constructed clear to Grants Pass. I know: I am greedy.

This link is interesting.

of the most disappointing moments in thoroughbred racing history was when the 1978 Travers between Affirmed and Alydar ended with a disqualification of the former for bearing in and almost colliding with the latter.

The two never raced each other again.