Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bud Delp

had liver cancer, according to the Washington Post.
It's Time

for the 2007 Banished Words List.

"PWN" or "PWNED" and the celebrity name combos are particularly irritating.
Hall of Fame Trainer

Grover "Bud" Delp, the man who trained Hall of Fame champion Spectacular Bid, has succumbed to cancer.

He died Friday night at the age of 74.

Delp once boasted the Bid was the greatest horse "to ever look through a bridle," a claim that was not far from the truth. The only blemish on the champion's career was the fact that early on he had an inexperienced jockey, Ron Franklin, aboard. Bid nearly lost several races thanks to his jockey's ineptitude.

Bid was champion at two and was considered a shoo-in for the 1979 Triple Crown. The champ streamrolled through the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, but goddamned it, Franklin's inexperience by starting the champ too early in the Belmont cost him the Crown.

Spectacular Bid was the best horse to have won the first two races of the Triple Crown and fail in the third. Racing should have had its third consecutive Triple Crown winner in 1979. I was never so pissed in my life over a horse race as I was over the 1979 Belmont.

Delp didn't feel any better about it, and he once said that he had films of all of the Bid's races, including the Belmont, but he refused to watch that race ever again.

Delp attributed the loss, at least initially, to a safety pin the horse stepped on. An infection resulted. That may have been partly to blame, but there was no excuse for the horse to have lost. It was primarily a jockey screw-up. As a result of the loss, Franklin never rode the Bid again. Racing great Bill Shoemaker became his jockey thereafter, calling him the best horse he ever rode.

The Bid lost only one more time in his career, to Affirmed in the 1979 Jockey Club Gold Cup. As a four-year-old, he was undefeated in nine starts, with his final start, the 1980 Woodward, being a walkover (no other horses ran against him). That was the first (and I believe the last) walkover in this country since Citation did it more than thirty years earlier.

As noted in the article, Spectacular Bid won 26 of 30 starts and was Horse of the Year in 1980.

More about Delp is here.
Presidential Notes.

John Edwards outlined his campaign at a rally yesterday.
As the World Turns.

All childbearing-age women will now have the "choice" to be tested and be able to knock off any Down syndrome fetuses they may be carrying, if these recommendations become reality.

This country has gone through the longest period without raising the minimum wage since it was instituted in 1938.

Since Dipshit was a prominent member of the Do-Nothing Congress, he decided to do nothing about bills he sponsored.

Besides, he's too busy getting ready to ruin--er, take over--the Nevada governor's mansion.

The 2006 Darwin Awards are now out.

All the news that's unfit to print is the NYT's M.O.

A baby was abandoned at an LDS church.

It seems Elvis has some competition in the shrine department.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

Former Senator Bob Packwood fondly remembers the late President Ford back in the days before HE fell from grace.

The Kansas abortion case ain't over yet, unfortunately.

It'll be about time for the media to shove Prince William into an engagement and marriage to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton.
True to Form,

the Bush mob got rid of a key witness to their own wrongdoing:

Some observers think that Bush simply wanted the personal satisfaction of seeing Hussein hanged, which would not have happened if he had been sent to the Hague. As Texas governor, Bush sometimes took what appeared to be perverse pleasure at his power to execute prisoners.

In a 1999 interview with conservative writer Tucker Carlson for Talk magazine, Bush ridiculed convicted murderer Karla Faye Tucker and her unsuccessful plea to Bush to spare her life.

Asked about Karla Faye Tucker’s clemency appeal, Bush mimicked what he claimed was the condemned woman’s message to him. “With pursed lips in mock desperation, [Bush said]: ‘Please don’t kill me.’”

But a more powerful motive was always Hussein’s potential threat to the Bush Family legacy if he ever had a forum where he could offer detailed testimony about the historic events of the past several decades.

Since stepping into the White House on Jan. 20, 2001, George W. Bush has made it a top priority to conceal the history of his father’s 12 years as Vice President and President and to wrap his own presidency in a thick cloak of secrecy.
People Need

to ask themselves why in the hell do we even HAVE private health insurance if those companies aren't going to insure people with health problems large or small.

It's a scandal.
Hillary Clinton

needs to forget that shit.

In addition to all of the other reasons she should run, people are fed up with dynasties in this country.
So Much

for Saddam Hussein's execution, especially with video readily available to sick goons from all over the world, solving a goddamned thing.

He was buried near his hometown, by the way.

Fine good it does to second guess whether his execution was too fast or whether they should have waited until our dictator's Staet of the Union address.

Now we KNOW Arnold, now released from the hospital, has no shot whatsoever at higher office because he wants to take his "bipartisan" act national.

Some people are hinting he might be gunning for a Senate seat sometime down the road.

Why doesn't he just reregister as a Democrat and get on with it? He's not a Republican anymore anyway.
The Kim Family's Plight

made the top of the Medford (Oregon) Mail Tribune list of top stories for 2006.

The "affluent" beggars of Ashland came in second.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

It Can Be Argued

Betty Ford was more admired than her husband.

She was always very open and direct about her problems.

about John Edwards can be found here in an "interview" with a Reno blogger.
In Case

you missed it the first time around, here is a list of prominent individuals who died this year.

The NYT has its annual "Corpses on Parade" this week.

I have posted the same link twice, or else Dan Balz is following John Edwards around on the campaign trail.

Apparently his announcement speech will be rerun on C-SPAN this weekend.

Earlier, he spoke in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Today he kicked off his South Carolina campaign.

the same shit, different week.

that time of year again, and I will once again post a link to the Pasadena Star-News section on the Rose Parade/Bowl festivities.

Director George Lucas will be the parade Grand Marshal.
The Booming Economy Casualty List for 12/22-12/30.

While millions of people are living on the financial edge by depending on the fringe economy, those who provide it are making a killing.

The governor's inaugural ball is receiving some criticism.
As the World Turns.

I refuse to post any pictures whatsoever of Saddam Hussein's hanging. The national media are positively giddy over this.

It's disgusting.

Besides, the hanging wasn't about "justice" at all but about propping up OUR dictatorship and its stooges in Iraq.

Frankly, it was a stupid thing to do.

Fat chance our homegrown war criminals will meet a similar fate.

A cat starts a fire in a manufactured home.

Dominionist maven D. James Kennedy, 76, suffered a heart attack the other night.

According to the article published yesterday, he was in serious condition.

Kennedy was and is serious as a heart attack when it comes to creating the U.S. in his image.

Actor Jared Nathan (Zoom), 21, was killed in an auto crash.

The more children a woman has, the more likely they will kick off sooner, according to a new study.

Well, duh.

While I was enjoying my vacation in Oregon fighting with family members and squandering money, John Edwards was at a town hall meeting in Reno answering a variety of questions from the audience. It appears there was a huge crowd of over 1,000 people there.

I didn't catch him this time around, but I will the next time.

He notes in this brief interview that he doesn't intend to ignore northern Nevada at all. (Scott Sady, Reno Gazette-Journal.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hussein

was executed a few minutes ago.

Now the ghoulish media crap is beginning.

Since the news isn't "official," I don't have any links yet.

Edit: Here is a link.

finally found a copy of the DVD set, Elvis: The Ed Sullivan Shows, which was released a couple of months ago. I am glad the distributor put out the entire broadcasts, including commercials, just as the Beatles' Sullivan appearances were in the DVD a couple of years back. That's the best way to appreciate Elvis, and in fact the best way to appreciate him is to be able to see him in performance rather than simply hear him on record.

What is great is the kinescopes, which were and are of inferior quality to film and videotape, are in great shape here. The sound is good as well. But as a Sullivan fan I am glad the programs are still available in their entirety.

I agree with this review. In fact, I'd like to see more Ed Sullivan Show complete programs.

Probably the highlight of the programs, besides Elvis' appearances, is the appearance of Sullivan impersonator Will Jordan (born 1927). That guy was/is a brilliant impressionist and does Sullivan better than Sullivan ever did. Jordan was the one who came up with the "really big shew" tagline.

Another highlight besides Elvis and Jordan was Brazilian singer Leny Eversong (1920-1984). She was one hell of a singer, let me tell you. She had a voice that could shatter glass, it was that powerful.

I feel sorry for younger audiences who can't seem to understand there was a huge variety of talent long before they were born. They are really deprived.

gives its slant on John Edwards' campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

We will see how long it takes before the media decide to bury him just as they did in 2004.

have suspended the search for Christine Boskoff until spring.
I Finished

watching Jesus Camp, and I will buy the DVD when it comes out.

I am not sure the filmmakers even needed the commentary by the liberal talk show host to present "balance." All they needed to do was show the "evangelicals," or fundies, or reconstructionist-types depicted in this movie.

What was funny was seeing old Pastor Ted near the end of the movie ranting about gays, considering what happened to him. The filmmakers didn't intend for that to be a profile in hypocrisy, but it sure ended up being so.

What was scary about the film was the fact kids were and are being exploited for political ends. I mean, what in the hell was that guy at the "camp" doing railing against abortion, a topic totally inappropriate for kids? Worse still, was his attempt to enlist their "help" in combatting the dreaded procedure. It was clear this "camp" had little to do with helping children retain their belief in God but rather training them to be a modern-day version of Hitler Youth.

It must be stressed, of course, that this branch of Christianity isn't representative of evangelicals in general, let alone Christians in particular. Still it was good to have a look at how political and religious extremism wrecks havoc on young people's ability to think for themselves.

What is funny is that most of these kids will end up in the real world, no matter how hard their parents try to shelter them by homeschooling them and the like, and most will reject the crap their parents taught them.

Here is the link to the official web page of the movie.

You can find out information about Becky Fischer, the central figure in the documentary, here.
John Dean

is worried about congressional oversight, since the administration is continuing to stonewall.
Robert Parry

analyzes Ford's legacy and finds it a mixed bag.

Ford might have done more to restore the "imperial presidency," i.e., a quasi-dictatorship, than eliminate it.
The Two Failed Assassins

of President Ford spend the rest of their lives in deserved obscurity.

"Squeaky" Fromme is just 58 years old. Sara Jane Moore is 76.
Well, Duh.

Anybody who knows anything knows Ford and Carter were close friends; that has never been a secret.
As the World Turns.

Former President Ford never doubted pardoning the scoundrel was a necessary act.

Outgoing Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn says goodbye, as Nevada ends its string of good governors and is about to become a national laughingstock.

Marion True was all upset because the Getty Trust let her take the fall over the antiquities scandals.

I am sure Keith Olbermann will be talking about this.

It isn't known whether the arresting officer had his ear bitten off.

Former President Ford's funeral may be overshadowed this weekend--or not.

It's the cover-up, stupid.

standardized tests shouldn't be confused with education, much less teaching.

But this writer knows what he is talking about, unlike the assholes who created NCLB.

Genyen Peak in China is where mountaineers Charlie Fowler and (most probably) Christine Boskoff met their deaths recently. Fowler was found and identified, but Boskoff's body has not yet been found but believed to be nearby. Fellow mountaineer Tamotsu 'Tom' Nakamura took this picture of the mountain, which appeared in today's Medford Mail Tribune.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Ford Funeral

will be less grand than some other state funerals of note.
For Your Viewing Pleasure,

I present a link to the entire Jesus Camp documentary, courtesy of Google.

Live at the Apollo is the body of soul great James Brown. Rev. Al Sharpton stands guard in case any fans try to get a lock of the singer's hair. (Nicole Bengiveno, NYT)
It Appears

an avalanche caused the death of climber Charlie Fowler.

Unfortunately, he and fellow climber Christine Boskoff were not tied together. Her body has not yet been found.
Fowler's Sister

Ginny Hicks has been officially notified that it was indeed her brother who was found on the mountain buried under some snow.

Hopefully they will be able to recover his body and presumably Christine Boskoff's.

AP's Charles Dharapak had his work cut out for him today following John Edwards around New Orleans' 9th Ward.

John Edwards made his point during his presidential campaign announcement in New Orleans this morning. (Charles Dharapak, AP)
Dan Balz,

among the media mavens, makes note of Edwards' announcement in New Orleans today.

Maybe Edwards will finally get a decent shake.

Poverty is going to be one of the key issues Edwards will run on in his bid for the presidency.

He was prepping for the issue with his involvement in his poverty center at UNC.
John Nichols

decides to take another look at John Edwards.

Salon has a piece up about today's announcement.
Though an Old-Line

conservative, Gerald Ford would never have ascended to become anything in today's Republican Party.

But neither would Nixon, or Ike, hell, let alone TR or Lincoln.

Ford's big negative in the long-term, though he didn't know it at the time, was giving a couple of neocons their start in high-level politics. (David Hume Kennerly / Gerald R. Ford Library)
Why, No Shit.

Thanks to earning less than men, women face just as bleak a future in retirement as their mothers and grandmothers.

I won't even mention the shit corporations have been pulling on workers the past twenty-five to thirty years.

For example, ditching the superior defined-benefit pensions--real pensions--in favor of "do-it-yourself" "savings" plans such as 401(k)s, NOT designed to help workers anyway but to save companies money:

One of the biggest threats to women's security is the trend away from traditional pensions, which paid benefits for life, and toward 401(k) savings plans. Advocates of 401(k) plans point out that they are well-suited to women who move in and out of the workforce because the assets can be preserved.

Yet because women typically live longer, the 401(k) approach increases the possibility that money might run out in the woman's lifetime, some warn, or even be squandered by a husband.

They are a giant ripoff, but don't expect the media to tell people the truth.

Congress, of course, wants to put a bandaid on the problem by giving handouts to 401(k) providers instead of mandating EVERY company have a defined-benefit pension.

didn't think much of the Iraq mess.

John Edwards decided to dig himself in deeper by announcing his bid to run for president in 2008. He used the backdrop of New Orleans to make his announcement. (Charles Dharapak, AP)
The Far Right

would never have gotten as far as it did without big help from Sun Myung Moon.
We Know

Nixon was a crook, David, but getting the country to move forward from the Watergate mess was worth the pardon.

I hated Ford's action at the time, but in hindsight it was the right thing to do.

That's not the same as condoning what Tricky Dick did.
Charlie Fowler's Family

fears the worst.

Although a positive identification hasn't been released as of yet, from early descriptions the family believes the found climber is Fowler.

Given the conflicts currently exploding around the world, her brother brought a peaceful presence to the places he visited, she said.

"One of the wonderful things Charlie did was, everywhere he went, he made friends in numerous countries all around the world," she said. "They got to meet a very kind and gentle American man. That's so important these days."

Their mother wants to have an autopsy to determine whether he died from a fall, exposure or some other cause, Ginny said. The family intends to have his remains cremated in China, then brought home for a memorial in Colorado, she said.

"We would hope someday to go to China to see some of the beautiful areas Charlie had loved so much," she said.
A Lot of Us

remember when President Ford came to Medford in May of 1976.

Almost "everybody" running for the highest office made a stop in the Rogue Valley that year.

Now if they do, it is during the general election campaign as in 2004.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Though Ford

wasn't an FDR or a Lincoln, he was the right person at the time to end the Watergate mess.
It's Time

for the annual P.U.-litzers.
As the World Turns.

Governor Taft gets a slap on the wrist by the state high court.

Climber Kelly James of Dallas, Texas, was remembered today in a memorial service attended by some 500 people.

The U.S. proposes putting the polar bear on the endangered list.

Bet you didn't know this was still legal in many states.

A woman who died in Truckee, California, was once arrested for trespassing on the late George Harrison's property.

Cristin Joyce Keleher, 34, often traveled by train between Truckee and her family's home in New Jersey, Nevada County Lt. Ron Smith said Wednesday.

Keleher made national headlines in spring 2000, when she served four months in jail for entering Harrison's home without his permission, eating a frozen pizza and doing her laundry, according to the Associated Press.

But her notoriety was short-lived, along with her life.

An anonymous call Dec. 19 directed Nevada County deputies to the area of California 89 and Hobart Mills Road to the bodies of Keleher and Truckee resident Stanley Everett Merchant, 48. Both were inside a sport utility vehicle with gunshot wounds to their heads.

Deputies said the case is still being investigated but physical evidence suggests that Merchant shot Keleher, put her into the SUV, drove a quarter mile and shot himself. Blood was found on the scene and outside a quarter mile from the vehicle, deputies said.

One Thing

about being a president of the United States: When you die, people start pouring in the tributes.

Not only that, but you're eligible to lie in state, unlike our dictator, who lies both in and out of state.

The only place where people will trash you is Democratic Underground and perhaps a few so-called left blogs, posted mostly by people who don't know what they're talking about.

It'll be time for my brother to tape the proceedings, just as I taped former President Ronald Reagan's funeral over two years ago.


A memorial service is expected to be held Tuesday at the National Cathedral in Washington. Ford's body likely will lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda this weekend. Ford will be the 11th president to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda. The Rotunda has been used for public viewing since Henry Clay died in 1852. Last year civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was honored there – the first woman and only second African American to lie in state at the Capitol.

Afterwards, he will be sent to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for burial at his presidential museum.

I'm afraid so:

Gerald Ford is gone, but he lives on in two of his key appointees: Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Their impact on America today is greater than Ford's, who died Tuesday at 93.

Ford appointed Rumsfeld his chief of staff when he took office after Nixon's resignation in 1974. The next year, when he made the 42-year-old Rumsfeld the youngest secretary of defense in the nation's history, he named 34-year-old Dick Cheney his chief of staff, also the youngest ever.

That was bad shit on Ford's part, but he wasn't clairvoyant, or whatever the word is.

It was Nancy Reagan who had the astrologer, not Betty Ford.
John Edwards

will make it official tomorrow.

As mentioned below, he will be in Reno Friday night, but I won't be there to hear him.
Jimbo Eruptions.

Old Dipshit gets off the hook on the assault charge.

Or does he?

Prosecutors will, however, investigate separate allegations made by Chrissy Mazzeo, 32, and her lawyers that people associated with Gibbons tried to interfere with the investigation.

"There are allegations that certain individuals tried to influence Miss Mazzeo's testimony to police," Roger said. "We're going to go wherever the investigation takes us."

the climbers' blog:

On December 27, 2006, a body, mostly buried in the snow, was spotted at 1:30pm (China time) by a Chinese member of one of the Field Search Teams. The location is at an approximate altitude of 5300m (17,388 feet), 3 hours above Lenggu Monastery in the Genyen Region. The body is currently unidentified and is not confirmed to be either Fowler or Boskoff. Details of the sighting include modern climbing equipment, blue gaitors, and grey boots. Dave Hillon, Chief, Consular Section U.S. Consulate General, Chengdu, China has notified both of the families. Hillon also reported that cooperation by the Chinese authorities has helped immensely to maintain an accelerated effort by all parties involved. The plan now is for additional Field Search Teams to return to the same area to confirm the identity of the body and to look for additional climbers and/or evidence.

the body of one of the China climbers, though yet unidentified, has been found.

An earlier story in the Mail Tribune noted Charlie Fowler's sister, Medford school principal Ginny Hicks, was optimistic the climbers would be found.


The body was found at the 17,390-foot level on Genie Mountain, also known as Genyen Peak, not far from the Sichuan border with Tibet. The mountain is 20,354 feet tall.

Burns said it was most likely the searchers found the body because something stood out in a blanket of white snow.
Unlike the case of the missing climbers on Mount Hood in Oregon, the search has been complicated because the two did not leave detailed plans and rescuers initially did not even know which province in southwestern China to search.

This is the link to the Mail Tribune article mentioned above.
The Recent

Mt. Hood tragedy raised a lot of questions, some good, some stupid.

No matter how dumb the climbers may have been, we as a society need to make all efforts to rescue them.

about Ford:


Chicago Tribune

A big special section is in the Grand Rapids Press.

Detroit News

Detroit Free Press

The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, near where the Fords made their home for many years.

Los Angeles Times



Christian Science Monitor

Boston Globe

Those are just a few of the hundreds of links.
Ford's Pardoning

of Richard Nixon sank his own political future, but in the end, it was probably the correct decision because it ended the Watergate scandal once and for all.

It had consumed the government for almost two years, and any short-term political consequences were offset by getting the country to move forward again.

His decision to grant a full and absolute pardon to his predecessor stunned the nation. After going to church the morning of Sept. 8, 1974, Mr. Ford went on national television to announce that there would be no formal judicial retribution against Mr. Nixon. Then, apparently untroubled by his decision, he played golf.

“I felt then, and I feel now, if I was going to do it, it had to be clean, sudden,” Mr. Ford said months after he had left office. “It was a part of the healing process.” He paused a moment, smiled, and added, “It didn’t turn out to be quite as much of a healing at the time.”

Revulsion and disillusion exploded in editorial comments and angry telegrams to the White House. Mr. Ford’s biographer and friend, J. F. terHorst, resigned as White House press secretary rather than defend the pardon. For the rest of his term, Mr. Ford had to do the defending.

Those who were critical of the pardon, he said, “haven’t thought through what would have happened over the next 18 months, 24 months, 36 months; that whole episode would have been on the front page.”

He had expected some public criticism, he said, but it proved “far worse than I anticipated.” He insisted, however, in his 1979 autobiography, “A Time to Heal” (Harper and Row), and in conversations in retirement, that had Mr. Nixon been required to face indictment and trial over the many months of the Ford presidency, “all of the healing process that I thought was so essential would have been much more difficult to achieve.”
(From the NYT obit)

It wasn't condoning Nixon's wrongdoing, but it was motivated by getting the damned thing over with.

Probably the worst thing Ford did as president was not pardoning Nixon but giving Rumsfeld and Cheney jobs in the government and thus beginning their ruinious careers.

the whole world knows, but I was the last to find out, former President Gerald Ford, inaccurately referred to as the nation's only unelected president, died last night at the age of 93.

He had been in and out of the hospital the past several months.

Ford held several records, including being the longest-lived president.

As I wrote in this blog, he was the first sitting president I saw in person. I saw him in 1976, when he made a campaign stop in Medford, Oregon. This was following those two assassination attempts by Squeaky Fromme and Sara Jane Moore. Security was tight as anything. Somehow, though, my niece and I got close enough that my niece got a picture of him and managed to even shake his hand.

Commentators will call him a "moderate," which goes to show how far off the beam political discourse has taken in the past 35 or so years. Ford was actually an old-line conservative, nicknamed "Mr. Veto" at one point during his brief presidency, because he vetoed many bills he didn't like.

He didn't have ideas like our dictator, who simply does what he wants to do, Congress and the Constitution be damned.

Some conspiracy nuts hate Ford because he was on the Warren Commission, and he, like the other members, actually saw the evidence and knew Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed President Kennedy, wounded John Connolly, and killed Officer J.D. Tippit.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Dictator,

or rather Cheney, certainly fooled the neocons.
So Much

for Turd Blossom's and Grover Norquist's dreams of permanent Republican rule.

bother with presidential term limits? Let's just repeal the nonsense put in by Republicans upset with FDR.

Better yet, just let our dictator declare himself "president" for life and be done with it?
James Brown

was much more than the hype he was the "Godfather of Soul," or tabloid fodder as a wife beater.
On Thursday,

John Edwards plans to announce his plans to run for the Democratic presidential nomination for 2008, and the media will be sure to ignore him as much as possible.

After all, he is by far the most electable, or, more accurately, the candidate the Republicans would have the hardest time stealing an election from, so he must be buried by the media via hype over Obama or Hillary or whoever.

It's the same thing as in 2004, which yours truly documented thoroughly.

there is very little today worth commenting on, I decided to actually have a life. I went shopping for a good deal of the day, but I hardly bought anything. I did process a roll of film that I had, but it was of Christmas pictures and not of the October John Edwards visit to Reno. I will get that roll done tomorrow, I guess.

I am not spending much money at all, but it is nice just to look around at the different stores.

The weather has been shitty up here, with rain almost nonstop. When I talked with my landlord tonight, Reno was even worse. It has been extremely windy down there.

Tonight I have been watching several episodes of my current favorite show, Forensic Files. It doesn't pay to be a killer at all anymore; forensic science is quickly catching up to the evildoers.
"Wellness Programs"

come to Britain's public health insurance system.

This is nothing short of health care discrimination based on health status.

It's as bad with private insurance as it is with public insurance.

I believe EVERYBODY, regardless of health status, has a right to health care.

It is NOT a privilege but a right.

the goddamned hell?

James Brown's lawyer said Tuesday that the late singer and his partner were not legally married and that she was denied entry to the Godfather of Soul's South Carolina home for estate reasons.

Lawyer Buddy Dallas told The Associated Press that Tomi Rae Hynie was already married to a Texas man in 2001 when she married Mr. Brown, thus making her marriage to the entertainer null and void.

Mr. Dallas said Ms. Hynie later annulled the previous marriage, but never remarried Mr. Brown, as she would be required to do to make their union legal.

"I suppose it would mean she was from time to time a guest in Mr. Brown's home," Mr. Dallas said.
A Columnist

remembers the volatile James Brown.

The governor is supposed to have leg surgery today.

When I return to Nevada by bus and have to stop over at Sacramento, it appears I won't be running into him there.

Update: Schwarzenegger (I haven't typed the last name in months) is "alert" following surgery.
As the World Turns.

The Ashland, Oregon, city council is considering an animal-rights ordinance that would prohibit the tethering of animals for lengthy periods, among other things.

If the proposed bike path isn't paved, it isn't worth shit.

Many of us don't ride mountain bikes, which isn't "real" cycling anyway.

Saddam Hussein is expected to be hanged within the next 30 days. His appeal was rejected.

for mountaineers Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler have narrowed their search to one peak in China.

I hope they are found alive, but given the high mortality rate of climbers in that part of the world, I have my doubts.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Unfortunately, Arnold isn't stepping down from his job.

can share your memories of James Brown here.

Brown was in Reno a number of times, but I never got around to seeing him.

More memories are here.

Here are photos of his early years.

More pictures.

And how about a special section of articles on the soul great?

And the Augusta Chronicle has even more.

James Brown was present at this 2005 unveiling of a statue honoring him at Augusta, Georgia. Brown died today at the age of 73. (Augusta Chronicle)

Frank Stanton, center, is seen with Edward R. Murrow and CBS founder William S. Paley. (New York Times)
How Sad.

The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, 73, has died. He died of congestive heart failure brought about by pneumonia.

He seemed to be in good shape Friday, but he ended up being hospitalized following a trip to the dentist.

Brown was one of the giants of his field. Some time ago, he was at an unveiling of a statue created in his honor in Georgia.

Brown was also a close friend of Elvis Presley.

Brown's website is here.

Broadcast pioneer Frank Stanton, 98, has died. He was a close associate to CBS founder William S. Paley.
I Want

to wish everybody Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever it is. I have been having a great time visiting with the family.

I have some pictures I took, and when I get those processed, they will go on the blog.

Elven, my nephew's son, has a new girlfriend, I guess. She is a single parent and has the cutest son you ever did see. He's so well behaved, especially considering he is two years old, and he is very smart. I took several pictures of him.

If Elven is serious with this girl, I seriously hope he takes his time before he even considers getting married again. He's 23, and he's already had two marriages under his belt.

Anyway, we all got together and opened up presents. To me, giving the presents is more fun than actually receiving gifts, even though that's nice. My sisters, niece, and my nephew's wife were very happy with the lead crystal items I got for them. Macy's had a big sale on them yesterday (and probably will have their items even cheaper tomorrow), and I couldn't resist picking up several pieces. The original price ranges were from about $40 apiece to $75, but I didn't spend anywhere near that much for each item.

I'll probably pick up a piece or two tomorrow, provided I have enough space I can put them on the bus. If I don't, I may have to leave them here and pick them up next March or June.

Later we are going to meet up at Sharon's (one of the sisters) place and eat the leftovers from last night. Then, at around 5:30, we are going to go out and look at Christmas lights.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Our Dictator

not only commits acts without regard with what anybody thinks, he also lies his ass off about who he can be compared with.

Unlike Truman, our dictator will never make a comeback from the depths of the sewer. He's assured a place in the presidential pantheon as one of the all-time worst--probably THE worst.

Just as he has been the worst at everything he has done in his life.
A Nevadan

is scheming for Governor Richardson to be president.

As if this guy has a chance.

we are at it, what stories were the most important this year?

tries to persuade us these people actually "mattered" this year.
A Nutjob

gives his take on life, as if anybody truly gives a shit.

He is revolting.

the same shit, different week.
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro has been getting many cards and gifts wishing him a merry Christmas.

No doubt interest is increasing with reports he may be released from the hospital in the near future.
As the World Turns.

The mother of the Suffolk Strangler insists her son has had a very rough life.

Not as rough as the deaths he caused of too many women.

Former Vermont Senator Robert Stafford, 93, has died.

Famed heart surgeon Michael DeBakey, a million years old, finds himself on the other side of the operating table.

Thanks to congressional batshittery, the entire Jackson County (Oregon) library system is set to shut down to the public.

This is fucking insane.

The only "Obamamania" is that created by the media intent on screwing over John Edwards once again. The senator from Illinois hasn't a chance in hell of ever being elected president, and I hope he is smart enough to reject the nonsense. (Brian Kersey, AP via LAT,)

You "break a leg" in show business, not in politics, ya dodo.

didn't arrive in town until after 1 a.m. and thus I slept in until 9 a.m. Then I went running, and, after that, I went to town to do some Christmas shopping. My sister drove me to the mall, and I dumped a couple of hundred dollars on gifts. I blew in money on some lead crystal vases and other items because Macy's had a sale going on. I hope the family likes what I got them; if not, I am keeping the stuff!

Afterwards, we had dinner up at the other sister's house. Christmas dinner will be leftovers from tonight's meal.

The older sister let me use her car for the duration of the time I am up here.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I am about to leave the apartment to take the bus up to Oregon, I won't be blogging today.

I just don't have anything profound to add.

I have been papering the apartment just in case the Chihuahua decides to take a shit and pee all over the place.

I will likely be embarking on a refresher course in housebreaking for him when I return.

Friday, December 22, 2006


It was tough shit for Mayor V. regarding his school takeover plot.

He will appeal.

am going to hang around Reno until about 11 or so tomorrow morning, and then I am going to make the long, long, long, long bus trip to Sacramento before heading up to Medford at about 1 a.m. Sunday. Nobody in the family seems to be much in the Christmas mood, but oh, well.

While I am gone, John Edwards is scheduled to be in Reno on the 29th at the Grand Sierra Hotel, just as he was a couple of months ago when I saw him and got some good pictures and an autograph from him.

I'd see him, but I am going to stay in Oregon this time.

I suppose he will be in town more often in the coming year.
As the World Turns.

It was a merry Christmas for a Wall Street executive for basically doing nothing.

Democrats try to be proactive for 2008.

Mike Evans, who played Lionel on All in the Family and The Jeffersons, has died at the age of 57.

He died of throat cancer at his mother's home.

Evans also co-created the hit series Good Times, a spinoff of Maude, and was also involved in writing for television series.

A young woman made medical history.

I get sick or the weather gets too horrible, I will be taking the bus out of Reno tonight and head up to Oregon for about ten days.

That's one of the advantages to teaching. One doesn't have to worry about "seniority" and all of that other bullshit in order to get the time around the holidays off.

It's great.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


is a stupid survey.

It is stating something quite obvious to anybody old enough. Hey, women born in the 1940s came of age at the very beginning of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, so OF COURSE most of them had sex outside of marriage.

Now if the survey had been conducted on women born in the 1920s and 1930s, they'd have a far different result, I would suspect.
Barbaro Watch.

No decision has been made yet where Barbaro will be living once he leaves the New Bolton Center.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Jacksons end up keeping him at their place. Despite the weather and exercise concerns, the hospital is just a short distance away.

In any case, the Kentucky Horse Park near Lexington has been ruled out.
As the World Turns.

Piergiorgio Welby, no relation to Marcus Welby, decided to die of his own accord after the courts refused to get him knocked off.

Katie Rees more or less stripped for the world, and she got stripped of her beauty title in return.

A man discovered what true love was when he became roadkill for his girlfriend.

gave Americans an early Christmas present with his desire to escalate this country's Iraq involvement.

You can also call it a New Year's resolution.

is the latest about the Fowler-Boskoff search efforts.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Trio

planned carefully for their Mt. Hood climb, but they didn't prepare enough, at least judging from the photographs taken by one of them.

The California high court is reviewing same-sex marriage.
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro had some minor work done on his left hind foot.

Being that it has been afflicted with laminitis, the vets are naturally concerned about the long-term management of this hoof.
I received this in my e-mail:

It came with this message:


The blessings of home remind us of the sacrifice of those who leave their homes to make a better world, remind us that too many are without shelter, reassure us of the hallmarks of home--love and security, and remind us of friendships, old and new, that sustain us.

From our home to yours, with thanks for a year of blessings.

John and Elizabeth Edwards
Cate, Emma Claire and Jack

Orange County, NC
December 2006
As the World Turns.

The search for the Mt. Hood climbers has been called off.

There is very little chance they are alive.

Kelly James had been dead several days and died of hypothermia.
Our Dictator,

now on the political ropes, claims he wants to bully--er, work with--Democrats on a variety of domestic issues.

Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

As the Knife Turns.

Fred Goldman has slapped another lawsuit against the acquitted killer.

New Hampshire a lost cause for Republicans in the 2008 presidential race?

is the local angle of the Porter case:

Porter, 55, is accused of killing longtime Hickman resident Frank Craig to inherit a multimillion-dollar trust Craig wanted to spend on a museum showcasing farm equipment he acquired over decades.

Craig, 85, died April 22, 2004, after the second of two auto crashes in which Porter was the driver and Craig the passenger.

Craig, a retired rancher, inherited stocks and real estate from his brother. He drowned after a pickup driven by Porter plunged into an irrigation canal.
Nancy Grace

was on this case like a fly to shit tonight, after she got done with about 40 minutes of the Phil Spector case.

This case IS worth a look or two or three:

Porter, 55, of La Grange, California, was detained this week at a border checkpoint at San Ysidro while attempting to return to the United States from Mexico, where he was starting a new mission, authorities said.

He was expected to be returned to Stanislaus County on Thursday to face charges of murder, attempted murder and embezzlement from an elderly person.

A well-known high school wrestling coach, Porter was pastor at Hickman Community Church, a nondenominational Christian church, when he befriended Craig.

The elderly man hired Porter to help him develop a museum in Hickman, a town of about 450 residents some 90 miles north of Fresno, said Stanislaus County sheriff's detective Mark Copeland.

Eventually, Porter was named trustee of Craig's reported $4 million in stocks and real estate left to him when his brother died, Deputy Royjindar Singh said. Family members were replaced by the church as heir, Craig's family told authorities.

Believe me, it gets better.
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro was to have his hoof examined today.
As the World Turns.

Wall Street continues on its self-absorbed way.

Robert Gates sides with our dictator, which is why he was picked to head the Defense Department in the first place.

The search narrows for Brian Hall and Nikko Cooke.

The search has narrowed to a small ridge of ice and glacier, but there has been at least ten feet of snow since the two were reported missing.

Kelly James took a number of pictures of his ill-fated hike, and those pictures leave doubts as to whether the other two are still alive.

What could unions do to get more white-collar worker

Scooter Libby case gets revived after months of nothing going on.

Monday, December 18, 2006


a load of bullshit:

But Nierenberg said workers do severe damage to their careers when they choose a workplace function to wear too little, drink too much, or get caught smuggling out the leftover little smokies in their coat pockets.

Still: "The worst thing you can do is not show up," she said.

"If you don't go, it sends a message, both to the higher ups and your co-workers, that you are the bad sport in the office," she advised. "Remember, you'll see them at work again real soon."

In all my years in the labor force, I have never gone to those stupid things, and I never will.

My life outside my job is my own, not the employer's.
The Usual Suspects

gathered together to come up with more horseshit about how rotten our public education system is and what they think is the "cure" for correcting the alleged problems.

As if any of them knows what in the goddamned hell they are talking about.

believe the other two Mt. Hood climbers fell into a precipice, but the search continues.

Arnold wants the state's death penalty law fixed.
As the World Turns.

The dead climber has been identified as Kelly James.

That is not surprising considering it was known he was left behind while the others were said to have gone for help.

I wish the WSWS had shown as much sympathy for people like Terri Schiavo as for the people killed because of the death penalty.

It would be far more consistent, after all.

I don't know if Diaz was innocent, but that's beside the point here.

Animator Joseph Barbera, the "Barbera" of Hanna-Barbera (The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, etc.) has died at the age of 95 from natural causes.

Hanna-Barbera cartoons were ubiquitous when I was a kid in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Tom Stephens admitted he enjoyed the company of prostitutes, but he insisted he didn't love them to death.

This is the latest on the Fowler-Boskoff disappearance.

This is no doubt unconstitutional and would do nothing to curb further sex offenses against kids.

As the article pointed out, most victims of sexual abuse know their attackers, who are often family members.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Just for Fun

I thought I'd put this link from about four years ago about a British climber who is one of 13 or 14 men who scaled the 14 highest mountains in the world (the so-called 8,000-ers) and who lived to tell about it.

He said Nanga Parbat in Pakistan is the most dangerous of the 14.

Incredibly, he is still alive.

have found the equipment and they are closing in on the area at Mount Hood where the climbers had been. Right now they don't have information that they've found the climbers. They don't know the status of the climbers but have zeroed in on the location. Crews are investigating the area and are confident they have found a snow cave.

Edit: Nobody has been found in the snow cave.

Edit 2: One person has been found dead in another snow cave. The person's family has been notified. This was around 3:30 PST.

According to Wikipedia, about 100 people have died on that mountain since the mid-1970s.

Kathy Augustine and Chaz Higgs were on their fourth marriages. Kathy was in her glory dressing in designer clothes and hobnobbing with some of the biggest names in Republican politics. She had it made, even when she was impeached and received a monetary slap on the wrist, and she was looking for more challenges when she ran for state treasurer.

Meanwhile, old Chaz, eight years her junior, enjoyed staying in the background and living off of her in addition to working as an angel of death--er, mercy.

Charlie Fowler website is here, and the Mountain Madness website is here.

Since this is a current event, I'll post the blog link until the search is resolved one way or the other.
A Guy

named Damon Johnston has started a blog about the "adventurous" pair, for those who want to know the latest.

I do hope they are found alive, but the statistics are pretty grim in that part of the world.

After having read some books and seen some films of such "brave" endeavors, that's why I feel the way I do about the dubious sport.

And I do have links to sites about Everest and K2 on my links blog.
As the World Turns.

One of the two batshit climbers lost in China, Charlie Fowler, is the brother of a Medford, Oregon, elementary school principal.

Apparently Fowler and Boskoff were farting around China to find previously unclimbed mountains to climb just so they could have bragging rights.

More about Fowler:

Hicks said her brother, who has a bachelor's degree in environmental science from the University of Virginia, is one of the few climbers who actually likes yak butter tea.

"Tibet is his favorite place to go," she said. "He loves the people, the country, the culture. The Tibetan people incorporate their religion into their daily lives. They are truly people who live their religion."

Her brother had been planning to visit her family in Medford after the trip, she noted. They hadn't seen him since she and her husband, Morrie, visited him in Colorado during the summer of 2005.

In a 1998 interview with the Mail Tribune, Fowler, while recovering at the Hicks' home in Medford from frostbite which resulted in him losing the tips of several toes, talked about his love of climbing.

"I like the exploring aspects of climbing, going to places where few people have gone," he said.

He had just survived a climbing accident in Tibet after he and two other climbers had just ascended Gurla Mondata, which rises above 25,000 feet. The trio had fallen while roped together. Because of bruises and a badly wrenched right leg, it took Fowler three days to reach base camp.

"I didn't realize I had frostbite until my toes had thawed out," he said. "The insidious thing about frostbite is that you don't have any feeling that it's happening."

I feel bad for the families of these two, which goes to show the utter insanity of extreme mountain climbing (or even mountain climbing in general). These people don't even think of the consequences to their families at all.

They aren't "brave" or "adventurous" but candidates for the Darwin Awards.

Searchers are expected to reach the top of Mt. Hood by noon today.

Women executives still find there is a glass ceiling, provided they are lucky enough to not be outsourced.

Machines couldn't save James Kim.

Former President Carter is disappointed by our inaction in the Middle East towards peace.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

AP's Nedra Pickler

has the story:

Edwards, who represented North Carolina in the Senate for six years, plans to make the campaign announcement late this month from the New Orleans neighborhood hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina last year and slow to recover from the storm.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not want to pre-empt Edwards' announcement.

As Edwards enters the crowded field, the Lower Ninth Ward provides a stark backdrop to highlight his signature issue — that economic inequality means that the country is divided into "two Americas."
Rumor Has It

John Edwards will announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination soon.

If I can get hold of anybody around here locally for the campaign, I'm signing up.

I predicted back in 2003 he was going to be president albeit he didn't get it that time around. This time it will depend on how much the media sabotage him by pushing other people instead.

Not to mention whether the Republicans are going to pull their underhanded shit such as election fraud.

What is interesting is that current Iowa polls have Edwards way ahead even of Vilsack. If Vilsack stays in, I don't see how Edwards could take Iowa. However, there are other places to campaign if that happens.
As the World Turns.

It may be bad for blood pressure, but iodized salt might be good for the I.Q.

It's an interesting article, focusing on iodized salt's impact on brain damage and mental retardation. It's a bit misleading to write about "intelligence scores," when in fact those tests are used to determine who needs special education services, not as a measure of how "smart" one is.


Worldwide, about two billion people — a third of the globe — get too little iodine, including hundreds of millions in India and China. Studies show that iodine deficiency is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation. Even moderate deficiency, especially in pregnant women and infants, lowers intelligence by 10 to 15 I.Q. points, shaving incalculable potential off a nation’s development.

The most visible and severe effects — disabling goiters, cretinism and dwarfism — affect a tiny minority, usually in mountain villages. But 16 percent of the world’s people have at least mild goiter, a swollen thyroid gland in the neck.


Prince Charles is building a new mansion, but not for himself.

The wild ponies of Assateague Island are said to be posing an environmental threat.

A pair of world-class climbers has been missing for the past couple of months in China.

Considering this is an utterly batshit endeavor, you can bet they are dead.

One of them was one of the top female climbers in the world and bought out the late Scott Fischer's business, Mountain Madness. We all know what happened to him.


She is the only American woman alive to have reached the summit of 6 8000 Meter peaks. She also has an extensive record of unexplored first ascents, primarily in Tibet. Committed to living her dreams, Christine will be guiding Cho Oyu and attempting to climb K2 in 2002. She was the first North American woman to summit Lhotse.

She has taken part in 9 8000 meter expeditions, being successful on 6, including Everest, when she summitted from the S. Col/SE Ridge, on May 24, 2000 (a Mountain Madness expedition with Peter Habeler). Christine lives in Seattle, Washington.

Or was alive. Ten cents says she's dead.
He May

be clumsy as hell hitting on women, but Dipshit is getting high marks when it comes to his transition team.
Say Bayh

to the junior senator from Indiana.

I don't think we've heard the end of him.
No Matter

what the public thinks, the administration is going to continue with its ruinous course in Iraq.
Once Upon a Time,

divorce was one of the biggest industries in Reno. Then it was gaming. Now it appears murder is becoming a huge draw.

Unfortunately, 48 Hours neglected the horrific Mizpah fire/murders. I guess the show's producers will save it for a future season.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Presidential Notes.

Is Evan saying bayh to any presidential ambitions?

Or is he positioning himself for a VP slot to the likes of JRE?
Life's the Pits.

This time it WASN'T a pit bull that attacked another dog and some kids:

A Troy man pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a mule deer that attacked two boys and a 130-pound dog.
David Kyriss, 56, who was fined $135, admitted to "locking the deer in his garden area (during the hunting season) so it wouldn't be shot," said Justice of the Peace Gary Hicks.

On Nov. 27, one day after the five-week season closed, the buck gored a 13-year-old boy and attacked his dog and another boy, said Jon Obst, game warden with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. A man who attempted to get the deer away from the boys shot and killed it.

"The deer had been a pet," Hicks said. "It used to come in the house and watch TV, and the neighbor would play with it with an older pair of horns."
This Article

states what everybody knows about the U.S. Chamber of Horrors-er, Commerce, and that's if it is for anything, it is bad, and if it is against something, then it's worthwhile.

The organization never was worth a crap, but it's gotten worse under the dubious leadership of one Tom Donahue.
As the Knife Turns.

Judith Regan gets stabbed in the back.

of officials wasting their time and money trying to impeach our dictator and the president, they should instead waste their time going after smaller fish.

honors the man who helped turn a would-be frontrunner for the 2008 presidential election into caca.
Barbaro Watch.

Barbaro may be released in the not-too-distant future.
The Booming Economy Casualty List for 12-8-12/16.

DuPont--1,500 jobs
AOL--450 jobs
UPS--650 jobs
The Democrats

have one hell of a mess to clean up.
As the World Turns.

Rural schools get screwed over by our Congress.

Mitt Romney's goose may be cooked with the "values" crowd, but it's not because he is a Mormon.

Jeb Bush decided to suspend all lethal injections for condemned prisoners, at least for now.

I hope this is the first step in the abolition of capital punishment.

It serves no real purpose at all except for revenge.

Dennis Kucinich does an Alan Ladd imitation.

Senator Blow Dry discovers he's better to look over when he is overlooked.

Now that Senator Tim Johnson may actually pull through, the deathwatch vultures are hovering over Fidel Castro.

A pair of assholes face a retrial over a puppy's death.

I hate fucking psychopaths.

Trouble's a-brewin' at Yellowstone.

Nevada State Senator Bob Beers believes teachers ought to defend themselves against the proponents of No Child Left Behind.

Former representative and Clinton persecutor Bob Barr bails out of a sinking ship.

to fewer women taking HRT, breast cancer rates have plummeted.

It appears the link between HRT and breast cancer cannot be dismissed anymore.

Dennis Kucinich stubbornly continues to be a Democrat, he's simply no good for the WSWS.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


of the most disgusting displays of media ghoulishness concerns the collective deathwatch of Senator Tim Johnson. It appears he is going to live after all, at least so far, and the media ghouls can't stand the prospect of the Republicans not getting the Senate back.
Speaking of Tammy Faye,

she just posted a message yesterday.


I’m doin' ok. Still have some good days and some not so good. Trying to eat to get my strength back and to put some meat on my bony butt. Ha Ha!

Thanksgiving was uneventful this year - everybody behaved themselves. Had a wonderful time with my kids and grandkids. It is such a blessing to have my family here to spend time with me.

Sorry this is so short again this time, but I just wanted you to know that I am still around, maybe not shopping as much as I usually do but still try and get out every once in a while. Don’t believe all the garbage you read in the tabloids & hear on TV.
As the World Turns.

Jim and Tammy's son is "one punk under God."

I feel so bad for Tammy Faye, whose health has deteriorated so much she is now receiving hospice care.

Gardenia, my ass. Rotten tomatoes is more like it.

One of the most important figures in popular music, Ahmet Ertegun, has died.

He founded Atlantic records. Ertegun had died of a brain injury he suffered when he fell backstage October 29.

He was 83 years old.
The Consortium Website

now has a new blog.

I will put this link on my links blog.
An 832-Page Report

states the obvious about Diana's death, but this merely fuels the conspiracy nuts' wild beliefs of a "coverup."

This despite her sons' demanding that the nutball stories cease.
The Good Doc

is one sick son of a bitch:

He had gone even further a year earlier in his 1991 book Prescription Medicide, in which he urged the creation of a category of "optional assisted suicide" for people who want to die. Those qualifying for mercy killing under this category would include terminally ill people, as well as disabled people with "crippling deformities," those suffering from "intense anxiety or psychic torture," and those who seek suicide in pursuit of "religious or philosophical tenets or inflexible personal convictions."

Kevorkian showed a special interest in helping to kill disabled people. In an interview on the Charles Grodin Show, he labeled people with serious disabilities who were not in despair to be "certifiably pathological" and urged that assisted suicide be made available to the disabled as "a standard medical service."

This wasn't just talk. Kevorkian put his suicide machines to work terminating the lives of scores of disabled people. Indeed, about 70 percent of the nearly 130 people who died in Kevorkian's rusty van or other venues were not terminally ill. Most were disabled and depressed. At least five had no discernible illnesses whatsoever upon autopsy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life's the Pits.

A puppy chews off the toes of a baby.
For the Record,

most of the good doc's victims were not terminally ill.

And what an angel he is:

A 1996 New Republic article by Stephanie Guttman reported on "Death and the Maiden: Kevorkian's woman problem." While Guttman didn't deal with the "disabled vs. terminal" issue per se, she made it clear that the women who died at Kevorkian's hands made up the majority of his total body count. She noted that most of the women had less severe illnesses than the men who went to Kevorkian. At the time of the article, Kevorkian's official body count was 28.

In 1997, a further analysis of Kevorkian's body count appeared in prominent media outlets. Michael Betzold's "How Jack Kevorkian became a national hero" ran in The New Republic. Betzold, who had worked as a reporter at the Detroit News, had written the 1993 book Appointment with Doctor Death. His cousin, Martha Ruwart, was the 15th public "client" of Kevorkian. Betzold contrasted public perception of Kevorkian with the reality of the man, his activities and goals.

Betzold began his New Republic article by noting that "Kevorkian advocates a society that allows euthanasia for the dying, the disabled, the mentally ill, infants with birth defects and comatose adults; and he sanctions experiments prior to their death and organ harvesting."
A Glorified Serial Killer

is going to be paroled next June.

Few murderers in American history were as prolific as the good doc, and few were as glorified in the media as this sick son of a bitch.

It just goes to show how rampant disability prejudice is in this country. Because his victims were mostly chronically ill or mentally ill (not terminal, as is widely believed), his crimes weren't taken as seriously as say Ted Bundy's or even Gary Ridgway's.

But remember, Kevorkian did it as a matter of "mercy," of helping people die with "dignity," as if the only goddamned way anybody can get dignity, especially those sick or disabled, is to fucking die.

I hope the bastard dies before he gets out.

are a few obituaries of note:

Elizabeth Bolden, believed to be the world's oldest person, died at the age of 116.

This is the local angle:

New record holder: Puerto Rican Emiliano Mercado del Toro, 115, now becomes the world's oldest living person, according to the Gerontology Research Group in Los Angeles. Born Aug. 21, 1891, Toro is a veteran of World War I. His daily diet includes boiled cornmeal, cod and milk to which he credits his longevity.

Oldest woman: The record for the oldest woman alive now goes to Canadian Julie Winnefred Bertrand, 115. Born Sept. 16, 1891, she is one month younger than Toro.

Oldest to ever live: The oldest "unambiguously documented" person to ever live was Jeanne Louise Calment of France who lived from 1875 to 1997. She was 122 years and 164 days old at the time of her death.

She rode a bike until the age of 100 and smoked cigarettes until the age of 97 when she quit because she could no longer light them.


Singer Georgia Gibbs, 87.

Actor Peter Boyle, 71.