Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jimbo Eruptions II.

Vicious gossip about family man Gibbons and his playtonic friend Kathy Karrasch can be found in this article's comments section. Some good examples of vicious gossip, probably fact:

"They are friends," she said. "They are not romantically involved, unequivocally. I know it's platonic. I am 100 percent sure."

If this is the case, Mrs. Karrasch shouldn't announce at events or introduce herself to people as the "govenor's mistress."


What in the world was Jim thinking going to Kathy's daughter's high school play???? WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE DOES THAT SEND THE YOUNG LADY ABOUT THE SACREDNESS OF MARRIAGE? That is a hard enough age without your mother and her boy friend putting thier needs first!

And this:

RGJ says: "(Kathy) Karrasch lives a few blocks away from the Gibbonses' Reno home."

No wonder the Guv wanted to be the one to move out of the Mansion and go live in his Reno home!

For those complaining about private versus public issue, the Governor's position is a PUBLIC position as is the First Lady's position. They have no business wanting privacy.

I have no idea why men refused to stand up and admit that they did wrong when they did do wrong. I guess Guv's not a real man (hence the need to have a different sex partner to prove his "toolhood".)

And this:

I personally witnessed the Govenor's and Ms. Karrasch's public display of affection in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago. It is quite obvious that the two are MORE than just "friends!" Also, why would a man attend his mistress's daughter's school function? I can understand a father's attendance at a school function, but not the paramour! This is just a mess and so many people in addition to Dawn are going to end up hurt. The Govenor needs to "come clean." I hope he enjoys being a one term govenor as people in Nevada don't seem to have as short of a memory as the govenor seems to think they do!

And this truly malicious piece of gossip I can't resist putting here:

First of all...Kathy Karrasch was Dr. Karrasch's receptionist years ago, the Dr. was married at the time
and had children...Kathy started having an affair with him and he left his wife for Kathy, first I was surprised..however, I really wouldnt put it past Kathy Karrasch to have something for the Governer, after all when she had the affair with Dr. Karrasch, she did not make much money at all, remember...she was only a receptionist and going to school, my how things seem to stay the same in she is going after Dawn's husband, and believe Kathy is known to get what she wants, just ask Dr. Karrasch's ex-wife, just a little bit of something for Kathy Karrasch....KARMA!!!


Anonymous said...

My name is Kelsey Karrasch. I am Kathy's daughter. Don't believe me? I was in the play, I have known Jim my whole life. My mother never had an affair with my father and never has with Jim Gibbons. Your site is almost as pathetic as the time you waste on it. Jim has been like an uncle to our family for years and Jimmy, his son has been close to us as well. Dawn has never liked my mother or other women for that matter. Dawn AND her lawyer have accused not only my mother BEFORE of this but also a handful of other Reno women. Jim and Dawn's marriage has been trashed for years. Dawn is absolutely insane and she treats her family and her friends like trash. Why don't you write about stuff that matters. Jim came to my play because I asked him to. Get your facts straight. Have you ever thought about the families and the people that are being hurt by this? Stop trying to be a Perez Hilton of Reno. Your blog and your thoughts will take you no where in life. My parents have their own problems and my mother and father have been separated for a year. My mother and Jim texting doesn't prove anything. My mom loves to text everyone, she is a very social person. She has many friends and if you ask any of them you will learn how honest and down to earth she really is. Way to make yourself look like an ass.

retired judge said...

So sorry to burst your bubble, Kelsey. You weren't around when the trouble started at your dad's office. I was there as a patient. Many patients and your father's colleagues realized what was happening when your mother was hired at the office. While your dad is an honorable, honest and naieve man, I doubt he saw what was happening and I doubt he or anyone else could have stopped the steamroller named Kathy.

If you say you invited the Governor to watch the play, I have nothing to dispute; however, the Governor, if he was an honorable man, would have tried to protect you and your mother by declining the invitation or making sure that he attended a cultural event at EVERY high school in the state. His job precludes him from favoring one constituent over another. As he chose to attend the play, he left both you and your mother vulnerable to horrible publicity, speculation and innuendo.

Please, Kelsey, as a high school student, it is not your job to defend the Governor. It is his job to protect the people he supposedly cares for. If he did care for your mother, he would have kept both her and her children out of the spotlight.

OTE admin said...

Thank you both for your comments. I inadvertently deleted a comment of some months ago responding to Kelsey. I regret doing it.