Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Miscellaneous News [Updated].

Michelle Marshall, aka Taylor Marsh, is profiled in a Washington Post article.

She's pandering a bit too much to Obama supporters now in trying to broaden her audience, so I find her much less interesting to read or listen to. Not only that, but sometimes her opinions are downright dumb or silly.

It appears they have her age wrong:

She's 47, and said she still has the practicality of a childhood in Missouri and the thirst for fame from years in New York and Los Angeles. She moved to Las Vegas a little more than five years ago hoping she would succeed on the radio in a smaller market, but it didn't pan out.

I had read she was Miss Missouri in 1974 and had just turned 20 around the time of the Miss America pageant. No way was she 13 or 14 when she entered the beauty pageants. Miss America's rules state contestants must be between the ages of 17 and 24.

Wikipedia has an article about the Miss Missouri contest winners. Marshall is listed as winning the contest in 1974. You can find her name here as well. This site has her down as a "delegate" to the Miss America pageant for 1975. Marshall is either 53 (or possibly 52) or 54 now, not 47. She hasn't seen 47 for quite some time, regardless.

By the way, a Google search wasn't even necessary. Her "about" section in her blog reveals the truth for all the world to see.

Next to a picture of her as Miss Missouri of 1974 she writes:

Okay, this one is pretty obvious. Miss America Pageant, circa September 1974, one of the last years Bert Parks did the pageant. This is the parade down the Atlantic City boardwalk. One very vivid memory I have was walking outside the Chalfonte-Hadden Hotel, now long gone, and seeing N.O.W. outside, picketing us beauty pageant babes. One gal came up to me, in front of a throng of press (who called me "Mizzou"), and asked me how I could humiliate myself by parading on stage in a bathing suit. A 19-year old chickadee, with more attitude than pageant law allowed, I simply said, "You want to pay for my college tuition?" Then off I went in my limo.

And underneath some more pageant pictures from the "talent section" of the Miss Missouri and Miss America contests:

These pictures are from rehearsals at the Miss Missouri Pageant, as well as me performing on talent night at the Miss America Pageant, the day I turned 20. I did a song and dance to "If They Could See Me Now," from "Sweet Charity." By the way, I was one of a handful of girls that showed up with short hair at the pageant. Back then, big hair was king. I bucked that trend and many others.

She was born in either 1954 or 1955, not six or seven years later.


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