Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Campaign Commentary

It must really suck to be Maureen Dowd. I seldom read her screeds, but bloggers and such were writing about her dismissive column today about Palin.

Reading this godawful piece, I am reminded of how the worst sexists are often women.

She treated Hillary Clinton like crap, so why should I be surprised with her attitude towards Sarah Palin? Because Palin was a beauty contestant and "Miss Congeniality," she is an airhead. Because she didn't go to Harvahd but instead to a despised state university and actually worked for a living on her own merit, she is beneath contempt. How dare she have a Down syndrome baby. Republicans don't see her as an affirmative action candidate despite her thin resume, while Dowd's idol Obama has an even thinner one and wouldn't be where he is today without his shady Chicago connections.

Just when I think I have been the most disgusted I have ever been, something else comes along to top it.

Do these so-called liberals really want to lose that badly? Because of the constant pimping of Obama and trashing all opponents, for the first time in my adult life I am truly ashamed of my country. For the first time in my adult life I will NOT be voting for president, and since I cannot write in anybody else's name on a Nevada ballot, I will simply check off "none of these candidates."


Holner said...

Maureen Dowd is nothing but an ad hominem attack columnist & chronic complainer, fake smiler. She's better than everybody else.

Susan said...

She is a snob, typical of the attitude of the Beltway mob. Palin, like the Clintons, Edwardses, and many others, lived in a state which is not in the Northeast, went to public schools, and worked to get where she is. Palin and the Edwardses, like the vast majority of college students in this country, went to public universities, not to the Ivies. All of these people and many others prominent in life didn't have the connections to get where they were or are.

Anyway, Dowd fancies herself as a snob or as being better than everybody else, but in truth she is envious.

Jimmy said...

What to make of McCain's VP selection, Sarah Palin? It looks like a nakedly political manuever. This will go down in presidential campaign history as the McCain Master Gimmick of 2008. Is Palin a lightweight? You decide. When asked about her opinion of the Iraq War she responded that she's been too busy to think much about the Iraq conflict. I don't know about you, but if I asked any of my neighbors about Iraq -- they would all have a strong opinion on the war, one way or the other. Sarah's son is shipping out to Iraq in a few months and she's mum on Iraq. She obviously has an opinion for godsake -- but she won't share. So much for the newest member riding shotgun on the McCain not-so-Straight Talk Express. I guess they have to "vet" all her previous comments on Iraq to see where she stands and decide how to measure Sarah's public record on Iraq with her new bossman. I guess this is what mavericks do these days, wait for the handlers to clear your talking points. This is the GOP definition of Leadership.

Scary that an old man who gets Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan confused while on the stump chooses a foreign policy neophyte who could not find these countries on a map. Johnie Mac's first major decision as a presidential candidate shows a serious lack of judgment. This is very troubling. As a 72-year-old man with a history of cancer, it is simply irresponsible to choose someone with so little experience. And yes, Obama is vastly more experienced than Palin (5 years of community activism, 7 years as a state legislator, 2 years as a US Senator not to mention two grueling years on the campaign trail far exceeds the experience of a small-town mayor and 2 years as Governor of Alaska.). All of a sudden Obama looks like the handsdown safe choice. John you blew it with a reckless selection. Were you thinking of America's best interests or your own political ambition?