Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Media Bias

This piece by so-called reporters has been all over the internet, for they admit there is bias in the campaign coverage--no shit, Sherlock--but it's all John McCain's fault for running a shitty campaign.

The problem with that explanation, of course, is the slanted coverage in favor of Obama has happened since the day he announced close to two years ago. It was slanted in favor of him and Hillary Clinton, while far more electable candidates such as Edwards (before the successful blackmailing him out of political life--how convenient) were shoved aside in favor of the identity politics narrative. And THEN, when it became a two-person contest in the primaries, it was open season on both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Not a word of protest by the mainstream media for the 24/7 shitting upon them because they were not run out of the Beltway in the 1990s for refusing to kiss the Beltway Slut's ass. Hell, no, they were right in there with the Obama campaign with the "racist" filth, the RFK filth, the NAFTA filth, the caucus filth and so forth, but never, ever seriously vetting Obama despite his numerous problems. Criticisms were brushed aside or tagged as racist, and believe me, the race card is about all Obama had to get as far as he did. Nobody DARED to criticize him then, and nobody dares to do it now for fear of being tagged racist.

The writers do mention this:

It is not our impression that many reporters are rooting for Obama personally. To the contrary, most colleagues on the trail we’ve spoken with seem to find him a distant and undefined figure. But he has benefited from the idea that negative attacks that in a normal campaign would be commonplace in this year would carry an out-of-bounds racial subtext. That’s why Obama’s long association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was basically a nonissue in the general election.

Well, it is YOUR goddamned job as journalists to face that aspect head-on and REPORT on Obama's numerous problems with associations and policies. It is YOUR job as journalists to not make this guy a cypher. The American people need to be informed of just what kind of people these candidates are.

In the end, this bias has NOTHING to do with McCain, who was once the darling of the media. Jesus Christ could run against Obama, and the real Messiah would be cast aside in favor of the fake Messiah. The fix was in from Day One this mediocrity would be the nominee, and now they are trying to ram him through.

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