Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Debate is Disgusting.

John Edwards this, John Edwards that.

If he was that great, Hillary and Barack, why the hell didn't you two drop out for the sake of the country?

It ended, thank God. That was the dullest goddamned spectacle I ever saw. It was like watching paint dry.

No wonder we are going to get our asses kicked in November.


is a good blog post of why Edwards "had to go."

Edwards' problem was that he made the smug set of American liberalism extremely uncomfortable. He showed them what they should really be thinking about and what they might do about it. And they didn't like it. Far better to relax in the self-righteousness of choosing between a Harvard Law School black and a Yale Law School woman.

And so, once again, the Democratic Party drifts further away from what once made it worth bragging about.

Better to support a pair of losers instead.

Hillary Clinton's

negatives are sky-high at 46 percent, which is unelectable territory, while Obama's are just 32 percent. Well, I submit Obama's aren't high because most people know little or nothing about him, including his starry-eyed supporters.

But he's just as unelectable or even more unelectable than Clinton.


there was always bad blood between LBJ and the Kennedys, it's not surprising Ted Kennedy got pissed off with Hillary Clinton's remarks and endorsed her loser rival instead.

The rotten truth is if JFK hadn't died, we probably wouldn't have gotten much in the way of civil rights legislation passed for years. LBJ spearheaded it in part in honor of JFK, but he knew he lost the South for the Democrats for decades as a result.


This is thoroughly despicable, completely and totally despicable.

The Denison family is going through hell right now, and these morons want to exploit this tragedy for their own rotten purposes.

This is Why

Hillary Clinton, Bill or no Bill, has utterly no chance in the fall:

Although no Republican candidate has won even 40 percent of the vote in any of the initial contests and the vast majority of convention delegates have yet to be selected, the media immediately proclaimed McCain the frontrunner and near-certain nominee.

Favorable media coverage and editorial support have played a major role in McCain’s primary victories, particularly in overcoming the huge financial advantage enjoyed by Romney, a venture capitalist who is funding much of his campaign from his half billion dollar personal fortune.

Headlines in the press Wednesday were openly adulatory. Typical were the Washington Post front page—“After Romney’s Barrage, McCain Stands Tall”—and the Los Angeles Times—“The GOP could have its unifier.”

Republican voters have no choice either. They have to pick McCain whether they like him or not.

A Broken Clock

can be right twice a day.

Yeah, it really IS about getting Bill back in the White House through the backdoor; unfortunately for him, the average American voter will see through this obvious ploy and reject the Democratic Party for the White House this fall.

And we had a surefire winner in Edwards. Now that's gone.


has told the truth about the media and John Edwards:

Both Bozarths also blamed the mainstream media for shunting the former North Carolina senator to the side.

"The media essentially tried to promote a race between race and gender instead of focusing on the ideas and the platforms of the people that have been competing for the nomination," Mr. Bozarth said, alluding to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

And like his wife, Mr. Bozarth said Edwards did more than just talk a populous message.

"He lived his principles," he said, noting his work on addressing poverty, "and the rest of them didn't."


keeps giving more life to the Rezko story.

Maybe that's because he's more involved than he lets on.

This is an article from a couple of months ago about Barack's patron or whatever he is.

I Like

this post from Democratic Underground although some of the responses are typical of people with heads in their asses.

Republicans are being manipulated in the same way. Despite their widespread disgust over their candidates, they are being force fed John McCain:


About these advertisements
Edited on Thu Jan-31-08 09:44 AM by ClericJohnPreston
And by doing so, ask what the appropriate response is to what is happening in our Nation right now.

I have been dancing around this idea throughout many thread responses. Others here with an astute eye have also seen the same things that I see.

What do we do as good citizens, if we learn that our votes and our freedoms, are merely phantoms, illusory beliefs, as we are really operating under a strictly controlled environment?

Look at our "choices":


Barring yet some other unforseen event, the four above represent the "pool" of talent Americans will be asked to choose from for POTUS in nine months.

While there is certainly experience and talent in the Democratic choices, look at who couldn't make the cut on the Democratic side:

John Edwards
Joe Biden
Chris Dodd
Dennis Kucinich
Bill Richardson

See a pattern there? Besides all being immensely talented and offering policies and programs that speak to a REAL, not FIGURATIVE, "CHANGE", they have all been thoroughly silenced in this campaign.It is my opinion, that the the two candidates left standing, are the only two who assure the continuation of the status quo.

What status quo?

The CORPORATE domination of the United States.

We are in a stranglehold over our society, held by a cadre of Corporations, who will not permit their dissolution, or even a weakening of that hold.

Yes, our politics now proves what I have always said.

There is no viable reason I can discern, for John Edwards to have suddenly left the political arena. NONE! He has cash, support, delegates, and everything necessary to play deal-maker at a brokered convention.

Add to that Obama's soon to be REZKO affair being highlighted and there is truly, some strong questions that demand answer.


If we don't have any freedom of choice, but the ILLUSION OF CHOICE, what are we to do? You can be sure that all of Bush's rendition plans, the eavesdropping, have all been constructed as contingency plans for anyone that gets too interested in asking these questions.

Afraid yet? You should be. If John Edwards can be silenced, we all can be silenced. If we are silenced, it has been by people who don't hold elective office.

Do you just want to be mere uninformed cattle, believing they we have a part in our Government? Can you even see that this is happening right under our noses, without any outcry, while Corporations control all of the messages and ideas?

I, for one, would like some answers. But, we will never get them , if we all acquiesce and fail to insist on an answer.

Even if you support Hillary or Obama and are happy with these choices, you ought to be concerned when a viable candidate leaves the stage, as John did, AND NOT ONE TV COMMENTATOR, ANYWHERE, ASKED , "WHY"? WHY, is the most obvious question, yet it was never discussed, only accepted.

So, as an experiment, ask yourselves, "why"?

Please, all smarmy non-thinking responses are only additional distractions, we don't need in this conversation.

OF COURSE Edwards was forced out. What, with him rising in the polls nationally, with him being able to get delegates to force a brokered convention, with a major ad buy in the works, with campaign stops arranged all over Super Tuesday states, and suddenly he withdraws?

Our national party WANTS to lose. There is no other explanation.

Walter Shapiro

is an ass.

Yeah, right, it was Obama's dubious "star power" that sealed Edwards' fate, when it was sons of bitches like you in the media who marginalized him because you were TOLD to.

It happened in 2004, so don't hand me the crap about the piece of shit Obama's charisma overtaking Edwards.

Edwards was FORCED out by the corporate donors who were angry Edwards was about to get traction. He had to be stopped by any means possible.

And once Hillary is nominated, don't expect the big donors to stick with the Democrats, either.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here is Edwards' speech suspending his campaign.

The DNC and corporate fatcats are little better than the mafia.

Somebody on DU Posted

some notes from a conference call with John and Elizabeth Edwards:

just hung up from a conference call with supporters of the Edwards campaign. Both John and Elizabeth spoke.

Some of my notes:

Elizabeth Edwards introduced John:

"...I felt in 2004 that we left the campaign without leaving a mark... not this time... a lot of the policies on the table are the result of John..."

John Edwards:

"We were just and righteous and correct in what we tried to do for the country..."

Decision not about money, wants to unite the Party, believes McCain has the Rep nom locked up. "My withdrawal was not money driven... had nothing at all to do with money... it was based on my belief that continued battle was not going to serve our country well... when it's a two person race someone emerges quickly... it's very clear to me that McCain is the Republican nominee..."

"...I wish you could understand how hard this is inside of me..."

Poverty will be the issue on which Edwards will continue to push for concessions. "I have not endorsed anyone... I pressed them (Obama and Clinton in conversation in the last few days) on details of what they would do about poverty... we have very detailed commitments from both of them... both of them have given me their word to do certain things if elected, at the convention... "

No endorsement before Tuesday. "I will be meeting with each of them... there is no chance it will happen (any endorsement) before Tuesday, or even after... "

Take a breather and don't make any support decision yet. "I'm counseling you all to keep your powder dry... to take time, take a deep breath, don't be in a hurry (in choosing who to support)..."

"It's impossible to know what tomorrow holds..."

That's what I wrote down and I think it covers the key items discussed.

Somebody put the screws on them.


The funny thing with the McCain deal is neither Clinton or Obama can beat him.

I am thinking the Clintons or the DNC put the pressure on him.

I Am

sicker than shit today, so I won't be blogging much. I feel like I am going to die.

Stick a Fork

in the Democratic Party; the party is all but dead.

Edwards is on now. He says he is going to step aside and let the Democratic Party "make history."

The Democratic Party WILL be history. I don't expect to ever again see another Democratic president in my lifetime.

But the national party doesn't give a shit about taking back the White House as long as the corporate and financial elite donations keep pouring in.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


How much money is still there for Orezko to give to "charity"?

Speaking of Rezko, he is going to remain in jail.

It's Disgusting.

I am watching MSNBC, and the pimping for John McCain is horrible. Oh sure, people like Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan aren't crazy about the guy, but they have nowhere else to go if McCain gets the nomination, which seems almost certain.

Now the gossip is who will be the running mate. I am betting Huckabee for the religious right vote, but some of the commentators seem to think the deeply-flawed Giuliani could be the pick.

I think I am right.

In any case, the media bias is why Clinton and Obama have utterly no chance at all of beating McCain in the fall.

We had a winner, but we are fucking it up again.

It Is True

Rudy Giuliani, the once almost-certain Republican nominee, will drop out and endorse John McCain, the likely 44th president of the United States.

This despite the fact McCain is such a boring speaker.


is calling Florida for McCain. He barely won over Mitt Romney.

Of course Hillary Clinton won in a rout, despite the fact no delegates were at stake--at least not now.

Shitslinging Notes II.

These shots have been seen around the world, courtesy of the NYT.

Barbaro News.

Barbaro's ashes will be laid to rest at Churchill Downs, the site of his greatest triumph, the 2006 Kentucky Derby.

It has been a year since Barbaro was put down because of complications from laminitis.


Barbaro will be the first horse in history to have his remains placed on the grounds of the historic track. His ashes will be interred outside Churchill's entrance gate in a large elevated space enclosed by bricks. The site will also include a life-size bronze statue commissioned by the Jacksons and loaned to the track as part of the official memorial site.

Roy Jackson said Churchill Downs was the best place to honor the colt, who won the Derby by a dominating 6-1/2 lengths before being injured in the Preakness Stakes (gr. I).

Shitslinging Notes.

Obama insists he wasn't snubbing Hillary Clinton at all last night; instead, he blames his turning his back on Clinton on Senator Claire McCaskill.

In either case, a woman was responsible.


Washoe County home foreclosures are going through the roof.

Our dictator's SOTU speech was not only overshadowed by Obama's snub of Clinton, it was also overshadowed by our worsening economy.


Margaret Truman Daniel, 83, daughter of the former president, has died. This was just reported.


Here's more about Rezko's bond revokation.

What Makes the Hill

think Edwards is going to throw his support behind Obama at the convention?

This is bullshit to talk Edwards down. It is more likely Obama will throw his support behind Edwards when he goes down in scandal.

Monday, January 28, 2008

There is a New

blog devoted to Obama's running mate.

Here is another one, probably by Applewhite, which is also worth a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)


The lot next door to Obama's mansion is on the market.

This cartoon says it all about the media and Obama.

Ted Kennedy

today gave a speech why he was making a fool out of himself for backing a 50-state loser.


no kidding.


has engaged in some detestable dirty tricks, but that's all he knows.

And Then

there is that paragon of integrity, Alexi Giannoulias.

Obama certainly knows how to back 'em.

"Everything I Learned

about politics I learned from Tony Rezko and not Hillary Clinton."


The Plan didn’t call for sacrificing Obama’s political fame so much as allowing it to attenuate and bringing his ego into line with his role as a senator in the minority party. The hope was that questions like the one posed by a journalist during Obama’s first week in the Senate—“What is your place in history?”—would dissipate, allowing him to focus on the interests of Illinois and build toward bigger things. Nothing foreclosed larger ambitions. “Would I tell you that it never came up in any discussion, anytime, anywhere—that sometime in the future, Barack Obama would run for national office?” Obama’s chief adviser, David Axelrod, asked me. “If I told you that, you’d turn your tape recorder off, and we’d end this conversation, because you’d think everything I told you was a lie.” But in early 2005, the context of those discussions was at least 10 years in the future.

Initially, Obama did try to avoid publicity, turning down repeated requests to appear on national television, as well as invitations to speak before Democratic groups. “We wanted to be mindful of our place,” Robert Gibbs, his spokesman, told me. Even on the issue of Iraq, which dominated 2005, Obama, an opponent of the invasion from the beginning, passed up the chance to speak out. “He could have been the moral voice, the moral authority on Iraq,” one of Obama’s closest advisers told me. “But he was just a freshman senator. It would have been presumptuous of him to take that lead.” In January of 2006, appearing on Meet the Press, Obama reiterated his intention to serve a full six-year term.

But something changed—and fairly rapidly. Obama diverged from the Clinton path and decided to challenge the former first lady for the presidency.

Obama is a wonderful backstabber. Ask Alice Palmer about what a great guy he is.

People Shouldn't Read Too Much

into any Kennedy family endorsement of the Audacity of Hype. If they really wanted to help him, they'd have done it a long time ago instead of at the last minute.

It sounds like some kind of tactical move to prevent Hillary Clinton from running away with the whole thing.

Just in Time for Super Tuesday,

Barack Obama's running mate is arrested on a bond violation.

Rezko needs to stay in the news often.

Another article is here.

Obama/Rezko 2008.


teaches a history lesson and praises John Edwards' determination to present issues in the election campaign.

More people need to see just WHO should be president.

Campaign Notes.

Jesse Jackson wasn't one bit offended over Bill Clinton's comparison between his victories in 1984 and 1988 and Barack Obama's.

Obama won't win as many states as Jackson in 1988, by the way.

The WSWS's Patrick Martin

scores a few points with me about the Audacity of Hype:

The groundswell for Obama from the right-wing media has a self-interested subtext: Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and a multitude of conservative pundits calculate, rightly or wrongly, that the Illinois senator, with only three years in national politics, would be a weaker opponent than Hillary Clinton in the November election.


There is no doubt that many of those voting for Obama believe they are dealing a blow to the race-based politics which have been the foundation for Republican Party electoral victories, particularly in the South, for the past three decades.

But the fundamental divide in American life is class, not race: the colossal social gulf between the vast majority who work for a living and struggle to survive—black, white, Hispanic, Native American and Asian—and the financial aristocracy, the top one percent (or less) of the population, who dominate the economy and political structure of the United States.

We know this, but the WSWS, just like the media as a whole, hates John Edwards' guts.


This was a reference to Obama’s by-now-notorious comment on Ronald Reagan, first reported in an interview with a Reno, Nevada newspaper during that state’s caucus campaign. The Democratic candidate went beyond noting that Reagan’s presidency marked a qualitative change in American politics—something no objective analyst would dispute—to praise Reagan as someone who “put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it. He tapped into what people were already feeling, which is, we want clarity, we want optimism, we want, you know, a return to that sense of dynamism and, you know, entrepreneurship that had been missing.”

This paean to Reagan demonstrates that Obama embraces one of the stupidest nostrums of official American politics: the alleged political genius of the former movie actor turned ad pitchman for big business. The Clintons have made their own comments along the same lines. Indeed, the thrust of Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign and of the right-wing Democratic Leadership Council, which he headed at the time, was to revamp the Democratic Party along the lines of the new political universe supposedly created by Reagan.

So what do we do about this horrid state of affairs?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So What Was It Like

to live in one of the Chicago slumlord's buildings?

Some Goddamned Endorsement

from the Chicago Tribune:

Last week, Hillary Clinton attacked Obama for his association with alleged influence-peddler Tony Rezko. If Obama had dealt with the Rezko issue forthrightly long ago, it might rank in public memory with Clinton's remarkable success in cattle futures.

Instead, as we've said, Obama has been too self-exculpatory. His assertion in network TV interviews last week that nobody had indications Rezko was engaging in wrongdoing strains credulity: Tribune stories linked Rezko to questionable fundraising for Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2004 -- more than a year before the adjacent home and property purchases by the Obamas and the Rezkos.

One more time, Senator:

You need to divulge all there is to know about that relationship. Until you do, the journalistic scrubbing and opposition research will intensify. You should have recognized Rezko as a political seducer of young talent. But given that you've not been accused of any crime or ethical breach, your Rezko history is not a deal-breaker.

Not yet, anyway. It's early.


a brokered convention (conventions) in the works?


Police believe the disappearance of 19-year-old Brianna Denison is connected with a sexual assault near the University of Nevada, Reno, last month.

It's a horrible case.

The family speaks about the case.


that Obama is done with fluke, it's time for the rest of us all to puke.

Campaign Notes.

Bill did it for love and lack of sleep and not necessarily in that order.

The fact is the media don't want the Clintons. They are using Obama as a way to defeat the Clintons, just as they trashed Gore as payback for Clintons soiling the Beltway Whores' house.

Even Though

Obama has disdain for Kennedy as shown on this clip:

Kennedy still endorses the fraud for president, even as Bill Clinton was said to have tried to persuade him otherwise.

Shades of 1980 and Kennedy's tearing up the party and paving the way for Ronald Reagan campaign to implement the October Surprise.

Since Obama is way back in the Massachusetts polls, the endorsement won't mean shit.

The media are going all out to anoint this loser as the nominee. This advice will fall on deaf ears.

Tony Rezko

is Obama's problem, not Clinton's.

And because of the extensive connections between the two and because of the upcoming Rezko trial, one must ask why Obama decided to run with this entire cemetery of skeletons in his closet.

Is it because Oprah and Michelle fed him so much shit he could be president that despite his numerous shortcomings he actually believed it? Is it because he was suckered by a mendacious media that has pumped him up since his rather dull keynote address at the 2004 convention by anointing him the new "star" of the Democratic Party? Is it because the DNC was hellbent on pimping for him and Hillary Clinton so the party wouldn't have to worry about raising money from financial elites and corporate entities by going all out to destroy John Edwards and Obama couldn't say no? Or, if one is truly into conspiracies, is he actually a closet Republican who is in national politics solely to split Democrats and make it easy for the GOP to win in November? Or, more likely, is he an unwitting ringer to be the George McGovern of 2008 and is being used by the GOP-loving media as a punching bag for John McCain?

We will find out the answer soon enough.

I Doubt

the race changes a goddamned thing.

When the Rezko trial heats up, dipshit Obama supporters will wonder why in the hell they fell sucker for the media narrative.

The S.F. Chronicle has a vacuous editorial about the utterly vacuous Obama, who it endorses.


Once a dictator, always a dictator: Suharto of Indonesia has died at at the age of 86.

Unlike Garbo or Madonna, Suharto didn't have any other name to speak of. It was synonymous with dictator.

Gordon B. Hinckley, 97, head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, died this evening. He had been president of the church since 1995, when he was a mere 84 years old.


With the shrewdness of a politician, Hinckley downplayed the more controversial aspects of LDS history. He welcomed the world to Utah for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, promising everyone they could get a drink here and accepted one of America's highest honors - the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
He highlighted Mormon commonality with other Christians, forging alliances with other faith groups while scolding LDS Church members for being too clannish, self-righteous and unfriendly to their neighbors.
"This church has grown into a great worldwide organization affecting for good the lives of people in more than 140 nations," Hinckley told The New York Times in 1995. "You can't, you don't, build out of pessimism or cynicism. You look with optimism, work with faith, and things happen."

Oh, Jesus Christ.

I can't stand this.

Campaign Notes.

This poll shows McCain and Romney are neck-and-neck in the national standings.

It may not be a completely smooth ride for the Doubletalk Express.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

God Help Us All

if Obama is the nominee.

I don't think it will happen, of course. It's still pretty early in the game.

If and When

Obama is indicted and Hillary Clinton runs out of cash, guess who will be there at the end?


will at least get some delegates out of tonight's blowout for Obama, which is frankly his last hurrah.

Bill Clinton's

campaigning hurt his wife in South Carolina supposedly, but the voters there were going to pick the Audacity of Hype regardless.

It's going to fun indeed when Obama goes down in scandal. And it WILL happen.

He has nowhere to go but down.

At least it appears Edwards will pick up some delegates.

Oh, God.

Caroline Kennedy has drunk the Kool Aid.



Christian Brando, 49, oldest son of the late Marlon Brando from his marriage to Anna Kashfi, has died.

He's probably best known for having been convicted of manslaughter in the death of his half-sister's lover, Dag Drollet, in 1990.

Cheyenne Brando, as we know, committed suicide a few years later.

Here is more about his death. Brando died of complications from pneumonia.


As for Christian, he dropped out of school in 11th grade and began drinking and using LSD, tried a variety of jobs including welder and tree trimmer and lived for a time in Alaska, piloting a barge for a fish processor during the summers. But he mostly lived for years with his father in Brando's hilltop estate.

It was there that on May 16, 1990, Christian Brando confronted Drollet after Cheyenne confided that he had been beating her.

"I did not go into that room to kill Dag Drollet," Christian Brando told The Times in 1991. "I just wanted to scare him."

Brando said that as he turned to leave, his arm still outstretched, Drollet tried to grab the gun and it went off.

"I just sat there and watched the life go out of this guy," Brando said.

In the interview with The Times, Brando said that later revelations about Cheyenne's mental health made him later question whether she was ever beaten by Drollet.

"I feel like a complete chump for believing her," he said.


exit poll shows:

Obama 81%, Clinton 17%, Edwards 1%
African-American women
Obama 82%, Clinton 17%, Edwards 0%
Edwards 39%, Clinton 36%, Obama 24%
Edwards winning white men, Clinton white women.


The polls close there at 7 p.m. EST. We will soon find out what the hell happened.

Now the networks have projected a clear Obama win in South Carolina. The real story is who will be second.

A Large Turnout

from SC blacks bodes well for Obama, I would think.

Even if he wins big, which is possible and even likely, that'll be it for him. It's uphill after that.

SC Primary.

Some early exit figures are here, but not on candidate choices yet.

Results can be found here, among many places.

Toesucker Dick

also greatly admires Bill Clinton, and Clinton returned the favor.


A family dog will be spared death at the county pound, but the Eider family needs money to get him out.

Obama's Economic Proposals

are clear to the right of any other Democratic candidate running for president.

Robert Parry

unfortunately is going off the deep end with regard to the Clintons.

He has a thing about whatever deal was made between the Clintons and the Bushes, if there ever was one, and this somehow excuses Obama's Republican lite or his ties to a mob-connected slumlord.

Parry KNOWS Whitewater was a total piece of crap, yet, because he supports Obama, he is willing to sweep Rezko under the rug.

The two are NOT comparable.

Actually there is a third candidate in the Democratic race, but don't expect Parry to give him the time of day.

South Carolina Democratic Primary.

Good weather is pointing to a huge turnout today.

I hope John Edwards does well enough to pick up delegates. I don't expect him to beat the other two, but I feel he will do better than expected.

I don't want him out of the race.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bullshit Bob

peddles more goddamned bullshit about John Edwards in an attempt to talk him down and wreck his chances for the nomination.

There will NEVER be an AG job for John Edwards, for if he is not the nominee, Democrats won't win the White House. Period.

It is far more likely Obama will be defending himself in court. Edwards is not a defense attorney.


One-time presidential aide Richard Darman, 64, has died.

Maila Nurmi, best remembered as television hostess Vampira, died in her sleep January 10 at the age of 86. She also appeared in the bad movie classic, Plan 9 From Outer Space. She was a friend of James Dean's.

More is here.

Actress Lois Nettleton, 80, who like the late Suzanne Pleschette was seemingly in every show on television in the 1960s and 1970s, died last Friday from lung cancer complications.

Campaign Notes.

More deep shit for Obama:

The Obama campaign says it has given away more than $85,000 in Rezko-linked contributions since Rezko was indicted on federal fraud and extortion charges in the fall of 2006.

An review, however, has identified an additional $100,000 in contributions made to Obama from Rezko's associates that have not been returned, including $19,500 in contributions from Rezko's wife and employees of Rezko's business enterprises. The review includes individuals who have been linked to Rezko in news reports, court documents and public records.

Other news organizations have reviewed Obama's campaign finance records and have also found Rezko-linked contributions that are more than double what the campaign has publicly acknowledged. The Chicago Sun-Times, which published its review last June, found that "Obama has collected at least $168,308 from Rezko and his circle," and earlier this week the Los Angeles Times reported that it had found that Rezko and his associates had given "Obama more than $200,000 in donations since 1995."

Oh, Jesus.

This Link

is to Dennis Kucinich's official remarks about dropping out of the presidential race to try to defend his House seat.

South Carolina Democratic Primary.

John Edwards is moving up in the SC polls. He should be getting delegates after tomorrow's vote.


There was a fire at the Monte Carlo on the Vegas Strip, but there were no injuries.

Dental care is another major scandal in this country.

For Those Who Give a Shit,

and for those who don't, here is the video of Kucinich dropping out of the race, courtesty of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Once Again

it's all the Democrats' fault.

So Rezko

posed in a picture with the Clintons. So fucking what? Thousands of others have, too.

That's not the same as a 17-year relationship with a candidate running for president.

Nice try, no cigar.

Campaign Notes.

I'll believe Obama will renounce the ads when I hear him, and I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

No, Stupid,

JRE isn't in it to play spoiler; he's in it to become president.

The other two can't win shit.

Just Why

is Obama even running at all when he is linked to a mob-connected, indicted slumlord?

His cult-like followers refuse to see the problem with this.

After Years and Years

of trashing Bill and Hillary Clinton and creating the mess which resulted in Clinton's impeachment, the NYT has the unmitigated gall to endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

It's almost as bad as the Las Vegas Review-Journal endorsing Obama.

No, Joe,

you AREN'T impartial; the fact you don't even mention Edwards says it all.

You are in the tank like the rest of them.


what a crock of shit.

It's all the teachers' fault.

Campaign Notes.

The Republicans debated tonight, and I missed it.

I am sure it wasn't the slugfest as Monday night's show.

John Edwards

had more delegates in Washoe County from the caucuses than he got from Clark County.

Thank God,

the ass has finally dropped out.

Good riddance. I hope he gets beat in the primary. All of this showboating shit and nothing to show for it gets rather old.

Of all of the candidates I met in person, both Democrats and Republicans, Kucinich was the one I didn't care for.

He thought he was hot shit, and he wouldn't even make time to meet and greet with people when he and Elizabeth were in Reno last month. The excuse he and his handlers gave was he had a radio interview, but other candidates FOUND the time regardless.

The announcement is supposed to be official tomorrow. He'll probably endorse Rezko Obama then.

Old Obama

had better start coming clean about his 18-year relationship with slumlord Tony Rezko or he is toast.

He's toast anyway, and he'd be better off getting out of the race.

Just Why

are Clinton, Obama, and other Democrats bragging up a president who did a lot to destroy this country?

Dogfight Notes.

Perhaps both candidates would benefit from rabies shots.

The media are whining because Hillary Clinton kicked the shit out of Obama Monday night and mortally wounded him even as she damaged herself in the process.

They really wanted Obama as the nominee up against the likely GOP nominee John McCain. It looks like it may not happen after all.

Now if the party bosses would just get their heads out of their asses about money and actually back an electable candidate in the fall, John Edwards, I'd be happy about this.

Methinks Obama is playing the race card in SC.

It won't help him much in any other state.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


keeps digging deeper and deeper and deeper.

Yeah, I have been thinking he's trying to find a way out of the presidential campaign, but it's very difficult.

Newspaper Endorsements.

McCain got an endorsement here, while the same paper desperately wants a stooge for him.


Female "circumcision" also called mutilation or torture, is a human rights violation, but it still remains all too popular.


has won only one caucus so far, yet the media are all gaga because they wrongly say his run is "historic." It isn't; Jesse Jackson won 11--count 'em eleven--primaries back in 1988.

What Jackson didn't have is a ton of hype surrounding his run.

Maybe they confuse "historic" with "hysterics." Obama always whines when he doesn't win a state, and he's bellyaching about the Nevada caucuses.

The Clinton campaign has also complained.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nevada Democratic Chair Jill Derby is sick of the whole goddamned thing.

We Will See

how true this "conversation" actually was.

The Big Dog

has been serving as an attack dog for his wife repeatedly during this campaign.

Watch the video. Clinton is absolutely correct in his criticisms.

The Chicago Tribune

has an overview of the Rezko controversy.

It notes, and this is important, that Obama has not been charged with anything, and there is no evidence so far he has done anything wrong.

Of course the trial hasn't started yet, and who knows what in the hell is going to come out?

There are just enough seeds there for the GOP to plant a shitload of doubt about him, however.

This is the problem when not vetting a presidential candidate until late in the day.

Campaign Notes.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Mitt is still in the running.

Edwards Was On Olbermann,

and he said he wasn't going to go away:

The Fresno Bee

decides to be sane and endorsed John Edwards for the Democratic presidential nomination.

We supported Edwards four years ago in the Democratic primary because he offered a real opportunity to bridge a nation that has been divided along class lines. That need has only increased under the current administration, and we think Edwards, with his populist message, offers a change for the better.

Amen to that.

I Wrote This Post Over

at the Taylor Marsh website (correcting that "Democrat" Party typo, which is embarrassing):

Obama is dividing up the anti-Clinton vote and diverting votes away from the person who CAN win the GE, John Edwards. That is his WHOLE PURPOSE FOR RUNNING. Obama won't get the nomination, not even close. But by God, the powers-that-be in the Democratic Party are going to make damned sure Edwards doesn't get it, either.

The question that must be asked is why the national party leadership is insistent we lose in the fall by not allowing voters to pick a winner. Why is it John Edwards is being marginalized by the bigwigs of his own party (to say nothing of the media)? The answer is easy to explain: It is because the party leadership would rather lose the White House than lose the support of corporations and financial elites who have contributed tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democratic Party in recent years. These days the Democratic Party is almost on par with the Republicans in terms of fundraising. The bigwigs are fearful that any economic populist candidate, no matter how appealing and electable to the electorate, could shut off that flow of cash. Clinton and Obama, as unelectable as they are in the GE, DO provide tons of cash for the party because of their "star power," and this cash helps Democrats downticket.

It is the ONLY explanation I can see for the party establishment to be so unsupportive of John Edwards while at the same time committing political suicide in the fall. No other explanation makes sense.

Ya, Think,

L.A. Times?

A review by the Los Angeles Times shows that Rezko, a businessman long active in Chicago politics, played a deeper role in Obama's political and financial biography than the candidate has acknowledged.

For example, Rezko, his employees and business associates -- such as his consultants, lawyers and their families -- have provided Obama more than $200,000 in donations since 1995, helping fuel his rapid ascent in Illinois and U.S. politics. Although Rezko is not Obama's largest bundler, he was there at the start and at critical moments along the way, helping support the candidate when few others were.

In addition to being a campaign benefactor, Rezko also surfaced when Obama and his wife purchased their house on Chicago's South Side in 2005. On the day the Obamas bought their house, Rezko's wife, Rita, bought an adjacent lot from the same sellers, part of which Obama later bought back.

Rita Rezko's purchase, at the $625,000 asking price, came just as the Obamas successfully bid in a slow market to buy the house for $300,000 below the asking price, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Obamas secured their brick Georgian Revival-style home on June 15, 2005, for $1,650,000. Later, the Chicago Tribune reported, Rezko paid $14,000 to build a fence, required by city ordinance, along the new property line.

Obama says there was nothing improper in these transactions. The housing deal came after it was known that Rezko was under scrutiny by federal authorities.

It was just a youthful indiscretion or something.

Gene Lyons

seems to believe it was a good thing the only two Democratic candidates running aired out all of their disagreements Monday night. That way, they provided many of the soundbites necessary to be destroyed by the Republicans in the fall.

Campaign Notes.

Huckabee had a special events fund when he was governor.

Paul Campos

describes the media affair with John McCain, which isn't so much an affair as outright prostitution.

Actually it's more than journalistic laziness or masochism. We know McCain has changed positions repeatedly over the years, but the problem is he gives the national press corps unlimited access.

It's a corruption that needs to be brought out in the open for all to see.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Guy

states the obvious about John Edwards.

Too bad far too many voters can't figure out the obvious.

Is Obama

letting Bill Clinton get the best of him?

Meanwhile SC's The State's endorsement of Obama is probably too little, too late.

Perhaps not too late for the upcoming primary, but Obama's toast.

Hillary Clinton is focusing more on Super Tuesday states.

For the Record,

here is the slugfest that shot CNN's ratings through the roof last night:

For the next (and I think final) debate, I expect the two to kill each other off.

Then John Edwards would win the nomination by default.

In any case, Obama is roadkill.


Actor Heath Ledger, a star of the hit movie Brokeback Mountain, was found dead in his SoHo apartment in New York in a possible drug-related death. He was only 28 years old.

The NYT has an obituary.

What a tragic waste. He also had a small child.

Campaign Notes.

While I was freezing half to death outside and in the building where I work, Fred Thompson found himself being frozen out of the race for the White House altogether.

About a year ago, I was nervous about his run, but it was clear from his appearances he didn't want the job.

Who the hell could blame him?

Television is an easier gig.

It's Been Thirty-Five Years

since the USSC handed down Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion in most circumstances, and the anti-abortion crusade is still hanging in there with a new generation ready to take up the losing cause.


abolished its presidential primary back in 1981, and the caucuses have always been dismal failures, especially for Democrats with their paltry showings.

I KNEW there had been none in all of the years I have lived here, or I would have voted in the state's primaries. I moved here in 1984, a couple of years after the caucuses started.

Naturally Sheila Leslie, an Obama supporter, thinks the caucuses are just wonderful. Never mind they are inherently undemocratic. The caucuses deny Saturday workers and those with religious beliefs marking Saturday observances the right to participate.

They need to be abolished in ALL states.

The Economy

is going to hell in a handbasket rapidly.

And Here's

more about the two-person debate last night I mistakenly took for a three-person debate:

Clinton's reference was to a Chicago Sun-Times investigation that revealed legal work Obama did for a major political patron, Rezko, currently facing trial on federal fraud charges. Obama took campaign donations from Rezko even as Rezko's low-income housing empire was collapsing, leaving many African-American families in buildings with problems," the Sun-Times reported. Obama replied that he did only about five hours of work for Rezko, and Clinton did not bring it up again.


there were only two candidates up onstage last night.

It Isn't Rocket Science

to conclude John Edwards won last night's slugfest by not engaging in it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is a Local Report

from almost a year ago about Obama and Tony Rezko:

It's a condensed version of the controversy.

And here is another version by CNN a few months ago:

I Love It

when AP and other media outlets treat John Edwards as an appendage in these debates he dominates in favor of the two GE losers, one of whom is almost certain to be gone from contention by March.

Even Before

Bill Clinton dozed off during his speech, MLK III asked John Edwards to remain in the campaign.

I think he will.


am watching the SC debate, and it appears that so far Obama has had a major, major meltdown.

Hillary Clinton hasn't done much better. She and Obama went after each other for quite a bit of the time, with her even mentioning Rezko with the "slumlord" remark. Wolf Blitzer did ask Obama about it later, but Obama really didn't answer it satisfactorily.

Rezko will kill him off politically. I think he's teetering right now.

Edwards clearly has come out as the adult here, with good answers all the way. Hopefully it plays well in South Carolina. The audience seems to like him the best.

The U.S. Voting Public

may be more ready for a black president than a female one, but they are not going to be ready for a black president tainted by having an association with a mob-connected slumlord, and they won't vote for a female candidate who is married to a term-limited former president.



actually has a good piece about last weekend's races in Nevada and South Carolina.

"I Have a Dream."

The stress of campaigning has gotten to Bill Clinton in an embarrassing way.

The L.A. Times

had an article yesterday about the Rezko case, a case that could put Obama's presidential campaign in jeopardy.

It Took a Long Time

for Bill Clinton to live down his nominating speech for Mike Dukakis back in 1988.

It was a disaster. People were walking out, making "cutting" gestures with their hands, anything to make him shut up.

I saw that speech, but I didn't tape it, damn it. I did many other speeches at the convention but not that one.


Conventions can make stars, as Mario Cuomo knows, or dim them, as Mr. Clinton now knows. The jokes were already rife about the speech, 33-minutes long and less-than-inspiring, that caused delegates to scream ''Wrap it up!'' Democratic officials, who had joked that their giant podium was ''the thing that ate the hall,'' were now clucking about ''the speech that ate Bill Clinton.''

But Mr. Clinton, a Rhodes scholar in his fourth term as Governor who considered running for President himself, was not about to go into what he called ''a deep funk.'' He immediately swung into damage control, trooping around the huge press complex, giving interviews about the rhetorical debacle. With rueful charm, he insisted that Mr. Dukakis loved the speech, and he blamed the restless delegates for stretching it out. ''The yellers,'' he complained, ''took half my speech time.''

John Edwards

gave his MLK speech on King's actual birthday last week:

Oh, What a

duplicitous article trying to talk down Edwards.

Edwards is there to pick up delegates. And I strongly suspect Obama will not make it to the convention with the Rezko trial gearing up. Edwards NEEDS Obama's delegates, and I believe that is the "deal" if any that has been struck between the two.

There Will Be

a Democratic debate tonight in South Carolina. I know Edwards will do fine, but it'll all be about Clinton and Obama.

African American voters in SC should know better:

What appears to have changed is Obama's electability.

"There's been a huge shift among African-American Democrats from Clinton to Obama. African-American Democrats used to be reluctant to support Obama because they didn't think a black man could be elected. Then Obama won Iowa and nearly won New Hampshire. Now they believe," says Bill Schneider, CNN's senior political analyst.

The primaries don't mean shit. He'll be destroyed in the GE.

Nevada Caucus.

After Saturday, it's clear many, many of us who attended the caucuses hate them and want primaries instead.

Unfortunately, I don't think the state will do it. Primaries are very expensive to run.

Certainly if we had a primary, John Edwards would have come out with delegates, but thanks to the caucus rules, he was screwed.

For Fun

I'll repost Cuomo's 1992 nominating speech at the Democratic National Convention, which is the best speech I ever heard in my entire life. Bill Clinton couldn't live up to that if he tried:

It was great, great, great.

I found this funny tidbit:

Nothing captured the depth of Democrats' desire for victory in 1992 more than the speech of New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. Arguably the best orator in America today, Cuomo swallowed his personal disdain for Clinton and gave an impassioned speech on behalf of the Democratic party, change and Clinton (in that order). One Chicago newspaperman said half-jokingly, "Imagine the speech Mario would have given if he liked the guy."


I've Posted

Mario Cuomo's famous "Tale of Two Cities" keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, one of the all-time greatest speeches, but I'll post it here again:

THIS is oratory. The man should have been president just on this speech alone. He was the only person in the country who could have beaten Ronald Reagan, but Cuomo believed he wasn't good enough to be president. Our loss, indeed.

Try to persuade me Barack Obama is remotely in this league, and I've heard him in person twice.

Mario Cuomo is the standard by which ALL orators in world history should be judged against. He composes speeches, not writes them, as symphonies, with perfect timing, cadence, and delivery. He is the Beethoven of oratory.

In Case You Didn't See It Earlier,

the Audacity of Hype decided to take the torch of MLK's call for unity and burn his ass with it by attacking Bill Clinton.


Obama fancies himself as the second coming of Martin Luther King, Jr., it was only appropriate he spoke on his official birthday weekend. He spoke at a church yesterday.

However, if you, like I, remember the real thing, you will want to watch the celebrated "I Have a Dream" speech of 1963 instead:

The Wikipedia article about this speech nails why "I Have a Dream" is so great, both in content and delivery:

Widely hailed as a masterpiece of rhetoric, King's speech resembles the style of a Black Baptist sermon. It appeals to such iconic and widely respected sources as the Bible and invokes the United States Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the United States Constitution. Through the rhetorical device of allusion, King makes use of phrases and language from important cultural texts for his own rhetorical purposes. Early in his speech King alludes to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by saying "Five score years ago..." Biblical allusions are also prevalent. For example, King alludes to Psalm 30:5[4] in the second stanza of the speech. He says in reference to the abolition of slavery articulated in the Emancipation Proclamation, "It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity." Another Biblical allusion is found in King's tenth stanza: "No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." This is an allusion to Amos 5:24.[5] King also quotes from Isaiah 40:4 — "I have a dream that every valley shall be exalted.."

Anaphora, the repetition of a phrase at the beginning of sentences, is a rhetorical tool employed throughout the speech. An example of anaphora is found early as King urges his audience to seize the moment: "Now is the time..." is repeated four times in the sixth stanza. The most widely cited example of anaphora is found in the often quoted phrase "I have a dream..." which is repeated eight times as King paints a picture of an integrated and unified America for his audience. Other occasions when King used anaphora include "One hundred years later," "We can never be satisfied," "With this faith," and "Let freedom ring."

It remains a chilling speech to hear after all of these years. King wasn't as great an orator as Mario Cuomo, arguably the best American orator of the 20th century and maybe in American history, but King was at the top of his game here. He was great.

Obama will never be in that league. People who call him a great orator wouldn't know oratory if it bit them in the ass.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Paul Krugman

takes the Audacity of Hype's attempt to rewrite history.

Well, Yeah,

Chuck, John McCain might be a little long in the tooth, but need I remind you that you Republicans WILL be behind him when he gets the nomination and trounces Clinton or Obama in the GE.

I am predicting your guy Huckabee will be the VP. Just be patient, Chuck.

Unless, of course, John Edwards actually pulls off the impossible.

Oh, Jesus Fucking Christ,

Barack, give it the hell up.

This is as bogus as the NH "investigation" of "fraud."

Give it up.


is the link to the Atlantic Monthly article from 2002 about the mental deterioration of the late chess great Bobby Fischer.

For a time the piece wasn't available except to magazine subscribers.

It was all very sad.

I Hope

Mayor Bloomberg takes this guy's advice and not run for president:

"I'll tell you exactly what I told him: I'm totally opposed to Michael Bloomberg as an independent candidate for president, and I am a great fan of Michael Bloomberg.

"Michael Bloomberg has been a great entrepreneur, he's a great mayor and he'd be a great philanthropist, and I'd hate to see a future entry in the encyclopedia: 'Michael Bloomberg, great spoiler.' He can't win, but he could very likely defeat the Democratic nominee."

Hess' reasoning is very simple: Although some polls show Bloomberg drawing from both Republican and Democratic voters, the mayor's strength lies in blue states such as California, New York and Illinois.

"He's not going to do well in Alabama, Mississippi and Wyoming. He's not going to take away from the Republican base. What are you left with? I worry about it," said Hess.

John Edwards

tells the truth he is the only Democratic candidate who can beat John McCain in the general election.

No wonder the media doesn't want him.

Campaign Notes.

After all the time he spent in Nevada, Duncan Hunter's poor performance in the Silver State caucuses prompted him to drop out of the presidential contest.

Obama gets support from another person involved in the "ex-gay" movement, this one having worked with our dictator.

The hits just keep comin'.

Let the Wars


In response, the Clinton campaign said in a statement: “We understand Senator Obama is frustrated by his loss in Nevada but facts are facts. Senator Obama’s allies in Nevada engaged in strong-arm tactics and intimidation against our supporters and his record against the war has been inconsistent.”

Edwards Will Keep on

campaigning despite the paltry Nevada showing, thanks to the weird caucus system.

Democratic Party

"insiders" had better be concerned less with Bill Clinton opening his mouth than with their dismal chances of winning the White House this fall if they don't wake the hell up.

From Drudge:

EXCLUSIVE: OBAMA RIPS INTO BILL CLINTON MONDAY DURING ABC INTERVIEW WITH 'GOOD MORNING AMERICA' HOST ROBIN ROBERTS... SAYS HE FEELS LIKE HE RUNNING AGAINST BOTH CLINTONS... Bill 'has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether it's about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that we're gonnna have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he's making statements that are not factually accurate'... DEVELOPING....

It sounds as if Obama is desperate.

I think he would be better served if he started defending himself against any fallout from the Rezko trial.


A number of Oprah's fans, assuming they ARE fans, have been critical of her shameless and shameful support for Barack Obama.


Actress Suzanne Pleshette, 70, who was on practically every television show during the 1960s and was best known for being on The Bob Newhart Show, has died.

She suffered from cancer for a long time. The apparent cause of death was respiratory failure. Her husband, Tom Poston, had died several months earlier.

Veteran character actor Allan Melvin, 84, died last Thursday. He died of cancer.

Like Suzanne Pleschette, Melvin was in many, many television shows, including regular roles on The Phil Silvers Show (he did commentary for the recent DVD release of the series) and Archie Bunker's Place.

Singer-songwriter John Stewart, 68, has died. He was a member of the Kingston Trio. His best-known composition was "Daydream Believer," one of the Monkees' best songs and a number one hit in 1967.

I don't even want to get started getting that song in my head.

Forget it. There is no use in fighting it:

Cheer up, sleepy jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.


Great song.


tries to cover his ass by giving away tainted Rezko money to charities.

The Rezko trial is set for late February. There is no way in hell, given Obama's longstanding relationship with the shady developer, he's going to make it to the nomination.

The national media can only go so long with its phony honeymoon with the Audacity of Hype; it is about to end.

The shit is going to hit the fan pretty goddamned soon:

The allegations against Rezko that involve Obama are contained in one paragraph of a 78-page document filed last month in which prosecutors outline their corruption and fraud case against Rezko, who was also a key money man for Gov. Blagojevich and other politicians.

Rezko is set to go to trial Feb. 25. The revelation that Obama’s name could come up in court is a political headache he doesn’t need as he heads into a round of primaries that are likely to determine his party’s nomination for president.

Obama is not named in the Dec. 21 court document. But a source familiar with the case confirmed that Obama is the unnamed “political candidate” referred to in a section of the document that accuses Rezko of orchestrating a scheme in which a firm hired to handle state teacher pension investments first had to pay $250,000 in “sham” finder’s fees. From that money, $10,000 was donated to Obama’s successful run for the Senate in the name of a Rezko business associate, according to the court filing and the source.

He doesn't even have to be indicted in this case. Just the association is enough to taint Obama and render him unelectable on that score alone.


continues to run rampant that Edwards will play "kingmaker" at the DNC convention in August because the other two won't have enough delegates to win outright.

It's a nice fantasy, but I doubt Obama will be in for the long haul.

Obama and Clinton

bicker over the final delegate count in Nevada, but if the Edwards supporters were smart, they would have volunteered to become delegates to their county and state conventions regardless if he had viability in their individual precincts.

Nevada Caucus.

The Clinton campaign is justifiably pleased with yesterday's results.

The paper claims Edwards was dealt a "severe blow" with 4 percent of the caucus goers, thanks to the inherent rigging involved in caucus events.

At Swope Middle School in Reno, some truly sane caucus goers had enough Edwards supporters to give him three delegates, which was tied with Clinton's.

Here is another inside view of the caucuses.

Because Obama "won" 11 out of the 17 counties, he received more delegates although Clinton had more votes statewide.

Here is a video of one caucus.

McCain picked up 20 more delegates while Clinton and Romney extended their leads.

Here is Another

firsthand account of the Nevada caucus:

We had a lot of people turn up as well who were in the wrong precinct, but what I did was got on the phone right away with the Dems office and they were really good about giving out the right one. People were all able to get to where they belonged I think largely because we were right on it. The only problem we had was two people left after the final count of attendees and vialbility was determined..we lost two, so we read off the list and found that two people really were missing...(turned out they had to go to work...I won't comment on how I feel the caucus system disenfranchises people!). The only thing this hurt was it may have lost Clinton a delelgate. Obama got 3, Clinton 1, and Edwards 1. Kucininch had 7, Undecidecd had 2, so they all went to other groups, except for one Kucinich.
Over all in went pretty well...a little chaotic as we tried to make sure we had the rules right! Fun, but I think a primary so much more fair!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is Scary Shit

if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.

You see, there is a three-point plan for the GOP to retain power in the fall. Plan A is to marginalize by far the most electable Democratic candidate, John Edwards, by enlisting the media's help, hoping the voters will fall for it (unfortunately, many do).

Then, with Edwards out of the way, work on Plan B, which is to try and get Barack Obama the nomination and therefore not have to resort to anything other than the usual smears to get a 50-state blowout in the fall.

But if Obama falters, which is probable, put into operation Plan C in wrecking Hillary Clinton's chances by encouraging a third-party run by Mike Bloomberg. Given the fact Clinton is very unpopular with many Democrats, Bloomberg could siphon literally millions of votes from her, votes she desperately needs to even be competitive with the likely GOP presidential nominee, John McCain.

All three of these scenarios are horrible, but one or more of these is sure to happen.

The Culinary Workers

Union were the big losers in Nevada.


One of the men of our time, Richard Knerr (left, but pictured on the right), who made our lives so much better than just about anybody else, has died at the age of 82.

After all, what would life be like without the Frisbee and the Hula Hoop?

He founded the company Wham-O, which made the products.

Knerr died of a stroke. (Photo, NYT)

Turnout Today

was "off the charts," so I would say the caucuses were a success if you believe in the goddamned undemocratic things.

See? I Was Right.

AP calls SC for McCain in an attempt to steal my thunder.

Mike Huckabee, likely to be McCain's running mate unless Mitt Romney wins the nomination, finished second.

This Underdog is Staying in the Race.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – John Edwards for President campaign manager, former Congressman David Bonior, released the following statement about today's Nevada caucus results.

"Congratulations to Senator Clinton for her win in Nevada. Our campaign is very grateful to all those who demonstrated the loyalty and dedication to stand up for John Edwards in the face of very difficult circumstances and long odds, including our brothers and sisters in Nevada from the Carpenters, Steelworkers, Transport Workers, and Communications Workers of America.

"John Edwards is the underdog in this campaign, facing two $100 million candidates. But that is nothing compared to the real underdogs in our country – working men and women, middle class families, and all those who have no voice in Washington.

"John Edwards is in this race to fight for the real underdogs and to make sure the voices of the American people are heard in Washington, not the special interests. That's why he's the only candidate in this race who has never taken a dime from PACs or Washington lobbyists; the only candidate who will ban corporate lobbyists from his White House; and the only candidate who is honest enough to say we are in a fight for our country and we need to take on the special interests if we are going to have a country that works for hard-working families and the middle class.

"The race to the nomination is a marathon and not a sprint, and we're committed to making sure the voices of all the voters in the remaining 47 states are heard. The nomination won't be decided by win-loss records, but by delegates, and we're ready to fight for every delegate. Saving the middle class is going to be an epic battle, and that's a fight John Edwards is ready for."

He's our best candidate by far.

For the Hell of It,

I am going to call South Carolina for John McCain, who will likely be the next president of the United States if Democrats persist in fucking up in the primaries.

Right now 63 percent of the precincts have reported, and McCain is 14,000 votes ahead of Mike Huckabee.

Here is Another

firsthand account:

Hi All, it was really intereating. Our group came out with the best deal we could get for the time being. I was in Sparks precinct 6108. There were less than 100 people. We had 7 Kucinich (staunchly so) and 8 Edwards people (staunchly so). Worked out the best we could. Closed togeher to form undecided. We got 2 delegates, so we each took one, and will go to the next level with one uncommitted delegate where we hope to meet up with other uncommitted. I have to look up to see if we can do that again at the next level if we dont have enough Kucinich votes to be viable again. We did have a problem that we are going to protest. The rules say if a person does not live in the precinct they cannot caucus at that precinct. Since registration was allowed at the last minute, anyone who actually lived in the precinct could register and vote legally. I am 67, blind in one eye, cant see out of the other. I received a precinct card with my correct present address, but the wrong precinct which I knew was the wrong precinct. It was in Reno. I landed at my correct precinct. I registered a change of address at the last minute legally. We had several people come in who said they didnt know where to caucus, They were allowed to stay. None of these lost souls were from Richardson, Gravel, Biden, Dodd, Edwards or Kucinich. They were from Clinton and Obama. So we are protesting that. We want a review of the addresses given to the registrar, and if the addresses were wrong, those votes should be discounted. It really is up to the voter to get themselves to the correct precinct. And if you are confused, start early enough to get it straightened out before caucus. If we can get the votes discounted, it wont change our delegate count, but will change the mathematical numbers. There was a discrepancy on the first ballot. AND guess who turned in more votes to the chair? Obama and Clinton. When we had the body count, that is when the discrepancy came up. So, they had to recount the individual groups to tally with the body count. We had a real crackerjack in our group. He was onto all this in a flash. He is running for county commissioner. I gather he has quite a rep around town for being outspoken. His name is Gary Schmitt. Vote for him. County Commissioner. The othe point of order we are protesting., All of the undecided or uncommitted participants objected to the 15% viability. There were less than a hundred people there, and some of them may not have belonged there according to written rules.
How did it go in your precincts and did you notice any of this type of bending of rules? I heard that in precinct 8209 they let people leave and instead of doing a body count, they counted ballots. We found our discrepancy in the body count over the tallies turned in by the groups. Paperwork and ballots werent guarded well in our precinct and one Obama supporter complained because all our registration info was left outside unguarded while we were balloting. It could have walked away. There would have been no records left. Keep in mind the NH recount is turning up discrepancies in most precincts. Check in please. Hope you all had a great time. We had two great groups, Kucinich and Edwards. We told the lobbyists for the other groups to just get lost. We were trying to get ourselves viable in some way and we did. HOORAY


Obama Ended Up

with more delegates, 13, to Clinton's 12, because of the rigging the caucuses in a proportional manner or some goddamned thing.

It won't matter in the end because he won't win the nomination.

We, or Rather I,

am waiting with baited breath over the GOP SC primary results.

So far John McCain is ahead of Mike Huckabee, with 43 percent of the precincts reporting.


is an excellent post about the Democratic Party establishment being as big a hindrance to John Edwards as the media and corporate America.

As This Poster Notes,

our economy has many serious problems. I like this about Edwards:

To demonstrate how corporate control of media has an impact on our elections, look at the case of John Edwards, only recently one of America's most popular politicians.

How often do you see John Edwards on TV these days? Do you think that this is because he's in third place? You see the Republican third, fourth and even fifth-place finishers far more often even though they are receiving only half (or less) the percentage, and maybe a quarter of the numbers of votes, that Edwards is getting (and making a LOT less sense than John Edwards). But Edwards is taking on the corporate control of our society bluntly and frontally, and this is something that they cannot permit to be widely disseminated, so he's off TV, and pretty much out of the running because not because of his message, but because his message is being deliberately suppressed.

An even more damaged victim of this effect is Dennis Kucinich, a genuinely serious politician who has had a very effective gravitas-ectomy performed on him by the robber baron class.

So, the problem boils down to three factors:

1. Corporate control of laws, regulations, and information.
2. Consolidation of wealth into too few hands to sustain consumer markets.
3. An outflow of wealth without any durable benefit.

Every one of these problems is serious and very difficult and painful to solve. The difficulties are not only political. Effective and fair economic and industrial regulation will certainly result in economic dislocation as industries and individuals that have grown dependent on favor will suffer. Redistributing wealth more equitably, in addition to being energetically opposed by those with the power to mount truly formidable opposition, will hurt high-end consumerism on which many jobs depend. The steps needed to curb our trade deficits will be the most painful of all, involving reductions in energy and material consumption and the abrogation of various trade agreements, including a return to greater protectionism. This, of course, will be found offensive by our trade partners, resulting in retaliation.

Had we continued along the path that we were placed on by FDR, and that Kennedy tried to return us to, and that Carter and (to a lesser extent) Clinton again strived to resume, we would not be in this mess today. But we are, and there's no denying or ignoring it. Well, there's plenty of "denying or ignoring it" going on, but we harken to it only at our great and lasting peril.

Thanks to Our Corrupt

political system, our leading candidates are spending money like it is water.

Hillary Clinton

won the Nevada Caucuses, hitting over 50 percent. Obama had 45 percent.

Edwards had practically nothing, with 4-5 percent thus far. Certainly if Nevada had a primary, his numbers would have been far higher; as it is, his paltry showing is a result of the quirky caucus system.

The way the system works, if you don't have "viability" in a caucus precinct, your vote doesn't count.

That's the way it was at my caucus today. At my precinct, there were 130 people there. Twenty people were needed for viability. The Edwards group needed just one more person to be viable. As it was, we had to have a second choice, which was either Obama or Clinton. Since I refuse to support Obama under any circumstances, I went to the Clinton side.

Obama wound up with six delegates, while Clinton had five in our precinct.

I will be a delegate, as will a couple of other Edwards supporters, for the county convention next month.


are already calling the Nevada Republican caucus for Romney just an hour after the Republicans' caucus started.


Whether or Not

Obama is tainted by the association, I expect the Rezko story to carry more and more weight as the campaign moves on.

The media want to hold out as long as they can, hoping against hope the Audacity of Hype actually becomes the sacrificial lamb for the GOP.


In welcome news for those who are disabled, Jamie Thorpe of the U.K. won't be mutilated because her mother is inconvenienced by the messes brought on by growing up.

There have been some arrests in connection with the Benazir Bhutto assassination.

Chris Matthews

says he's sorry for trashing Hillary Clinton and will proceed with maligning John Edwards.

Okay, I made that last part up.

Nevada Caucus II.

Mark Penn starts spinning a Clinton Nevada loss, thanks to rigging of the Vegas casino precincts.

The media should be thrown out on its collective ass for even bringing up the phony Lewinsky saga.

So is the Obama campaign in Vegas trying to intimidate culinary workers?

Nevada Caucus.

The GOP has some screw-ups for a change.

For the Republicans, the South Carolina primary is today as well, and officials there are concerned about the weather affecting turnout.

Hillary Clinton's voice may have been shot yesterday after an entire day of speeches, but she still made a good impression at the Grand Sierra Resort.

I like this part:

Clinton supporter Sharon Wright of Sparks said it's time for a woman in the White House.

"To clean up the mess the males have made over the last eight years," she said.

Her daughter, Kim Sanford, said she also admires Clinton but will caucus today for former U.S. Sen. John Edwards.

"She's intelligent and has fortitude, is compassionate, has love for her country," she said ticking off the reasons.

But Edwards, she said, "believes in everything I believe in."

Sanford said she shook Edwards' hand and told him she would caucus for him at an earlier campaign rally. It's not a promise she will break.

Clinton is good, but Edwards would make a far stronger candidate in the fall.