Thursday, July 14, 2011

In This Debt Ceiling Nonsense,

Obama's capitulation will basically be the end of his presidency, and I say good fucking riddance.

It's time for a REAL Democrat to take hold, provided we the people can cut through the financial elites' stranglehold on Washington:

The Obama administration is committing political suicide with its debt negotiations, and it’s not entirely clear that there should be much of a protest from the American people. Obama’s center-right attempts to “compromise” by seeking major cuts to Social Security (a program that is currently not in financial trouble, but in fact running a surplus) and Medicare (in which hundreds of billion in cuts are being sought) will inevitably harm the American middle and working classes. Obama claims that the “sacrifices” (which he will not be forced to endure) are necessary in order to come to an agreement with Republicans over deficit reduction. He is wrong. If he continues to push this agenda, we should organize around an alternative, progressive candidate for 2012.

Amen to that. I was over Obama before he ever ran for president.

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