Sunday, July 31, 2011

Real Democrats Need to Realize

that worse than having a crazy GOP in charge is having a "Democratic" president willing to sell out to them.

The enemy is right within the Democratic Party in the guise of "Third Way" or rather neoliberal Democrats including and especially the president. There was a time and place when these types were necessary after the defeats of Mondale and Dukakis, but now they are actually functioning to the right of Reagan and George W. Bush. They are to the right of the conservative Bill Clinton.

We know that neoliberalism is destroying the country and the world economies, and the time is long overdue for a drastic return back to what we know works, and that is the "mixed economy" of private business, government, and labor sharing the burden.


M Louise said...


Please stop calling the GOP crazy. They are not crazy. They are very smart. They have gotten a Democratic president to implement their far right radical agenda. They are not crazy. They are determined and competent. You have to have grudging admiration for them.

I am hoping, praying, wishing for a President Romney and a Democratic Congresss in 2012. It is the best case scenario for the country. Worst case scenario is a re-elected Obama and a demoralized Democratic party.

Obama's and Romney's economic policies will be identical. The only difference is that under Romney the failed policies will be called "republican". Right now we have the worst of all worlds. We have republican policies in place under "Democratic" label.

Mary Louise

progressiveglen said...

It is good to see a kindred spirit. I am hopeful that more people realize like you that President Obama has deserted working people and he has taken the entire democratic party structure with him.

Susan said...

Mary Louise, you know Obama was railroaded to be the Democratic nominee in 2008 thanks to 24/7 media propaganda. Yep, the GOP members are crazy like foxes. I have no doubt all of this "crisis" was mapped out from the get-go.

They NEVER implement the things they threaten to do--they always depend on a "Democrat" to do the dirty work for them. Democrats in Congress are afraid of disloyalty to this "Democratic" president so they let him get away with murder (look no further than Obama's destruction of public education as an example).

Romney would not do worse because at least Democrats would act like an opposition party. My only concern is whether there will be enough Democrats in Congress thanks to Obama's capitulation (which really isn't capitulation as he believes in exactly the same things the GOP does) to oppose Romney or the far right.

Susan said...

progressive glen, my sisters now realize I was right all along about Obama, right down to the last detail.

The warning signs were there during the campaign and even before.

Progressive Glen said...

You are correct Susan. I am hopeful more people see him for who he really is and let him lose his job.