Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Sacked Teacher to Another

Here is what I wrote in the comments following the article, in case it is never published there:

The chances of this teacher ever securing another teaching job are about nil. It is insane to go after a doctorate when the teacher HAS to know districts will put you higher on the salary scale...districts are notorious for hiring the cheap 22-year-olds or relatives. They will NOT hire people they regard as "too expensive." And what will this teacher do for references if she is even looked at for a possible position? How does she answer the "character questions" on an application if and when they ask why she was nonrenewed or fired? She will be screened out automatically from contention. She, like yours truly, learned the hard way just how political and despicable public school districts are and how they will do anything to protect an administrator. I was illegally fired--and was actually in two protected classes--but my worthless "union" preferred to collude with the district than tell me my rights to sue in federal court.

With the job market in the ditch overall and especially in public education, this teacher should probably give it up. I have NEVER been able to get back on my feet financially, and I am sole support and 56 years old.


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