Saturday, March 24, 2012


"Internships" are ripoffs for people trying to get a foot in the door in their field where they have studied.

The beginning of the reopening of the Sisco-Harkness murder case was in 2008:

Taylor won the primary and general elections in 2008. He and Volle talked about the unsolved case, and Volle said the case would require a prosecutor with the courage to explain a comprehensive story from start to finish, Taylor said.

After Taylor was elected, Carol Sisco, mother of Mike Sisco, also approached Taylor and asked him to prosecute the case.

Taylor told her he would either file charges or exhaust every resource investigating the case, then tell the survivors why the case couldn't be prosecuted.

Volle was committed to getting the case prosecuted, saying survivors of the victims regularly contacted him about the case.

“You can't let that go,” Volle said of the homicides.

“The families were so committed to it and sure that they had the right person,” Volle recalled. That person was Dana Chandler, Sisco's ex-wife.

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