Friday, April 13, 2012

Sup of the Year

No, the vote-swapping rumor re Morrison isn't true. I also hope that Morrison doesn't get the job over somebody far more in touch with the needs of CMS.

Meanwhile, the Reno Gazette-Journal gushes over Morrison's performance in public appearances in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district in North Carolina. He has decided he wants to take his National Superintendent of the Year award and bail WCSD for greener pastures like the CMS sup job.

The article somewhat overplays Morrison's performance. Ann Clark, who has spent 29 years at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, is the overwhelming favorite of the people living there to get the sup job. She does have a Broad background, but she stated she was not a clone of the disgraced former superintendent Peter Gorman and talked about how important it was to put students first. People there have had experience with Broad Academy types like Morrison, and they hold them in very low regard. What I think is admirable about Clark is she began her career in 1982 as a school bus driver, and she literally worked her way up the ranks. She would definitely stick around if she got the sup job at CMS. Morrison we know is nothing but an opportunist. The only question is with the board back there, which had put in Gorman, and whether they will put in an experienced administrator committed to the district or some slick operator who tells them what they want to hear and is a Gorman clone. I had read last night the board was considering visiting Reno and Memphis to check out those school districts. They already have the person they need without spending any money on visits, relocation costs, and trying to get a person up to speed.

What I would like to see happen and never will is if Morrison fails to get the job, the Board of Trustees rewards him with a pink slip. He deserves it.

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