Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Obama Won't Get My Vote

Obama has no credibility regarding education if he isn't a product of public schools yet insists they are shitty and wants to destroy them by any means possible:

Undeterred by the unfamiliar landscape, the new president charged headlong into the pitched battle then being waged against teachers and their unions by what its creators call the “education reform movement.” Ostensibly, “reform” seeks to transform American public education by introducing “accountability.”

Obama picked the “reform” side and made instant bedfellows of its leadership. Checkout a roster of “reform’s” high command: Arne Duncan, Michelle Rhee, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, Steven Brill, Davis Guggenheim: top-heavy with cash but frighteningly lacking in first-hand experience. Not a public school grad in the bunch.

Not only that, but none have real teaching experience in public ed. Duncan never taught though he was a lousy administrator in Chicago, and Rhee was a TFA. Yet they are just taking a wrecking ball to school districts around the country in order to privatize the whole system.

It's another form of treason as far as I am concerned.

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