Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hellbent for Leather

Last night or the night before on Psychobabble Central, also known as Dr. Drew, the good doc had a discussion about the case of a "tanorexic" mother who allegedly brought her young child with her to a tanning booth and the child alleged got burned. The kid was a redhead, the very WORST person to be exposed to UV rays. The mother was charged in the matter. What Dr. Drew was even more concerned about what the mom's obsession with getting a tan to the point she looked like she was trying to do an Al Jolson blackface imitation. He felt she had some kind of body dysmorphic disorder. He could be right.

Video report of the mother:

One of the all-time best comments following the video and article:

"PETA will probably become her best friend. She's obviously discovered how to make leather without harming animals."

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