Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inequality 101

The rich should care about how everybody else lives instead of worrying about their own selfish interests because what happens to everyone else will eventually be catastrophic for them.

When too much wealth is concentrated at the top, then there is no demand for goods and services, and economic decline results.

I think the 1 percent are so fucked up in the head they aren't going to care unless or until the economy completely and totally collapses. It's not just them who don't care but more important it is the politicians who actually are representing the top 1 percent who are making this country much, much worse.

It's all about ideology, not facts.


dc said...

"When too much wealth is concentrated at the top, then there is no demand for goods and services, and economic decline results."

I disagree. Rich people employ others, demand and purchase goods and services constantly, and use their money to create more. Your blog seems to assert that rich people are like Scrooge McDuck, driving their gold around in a tractor rather than doing anything with it. By contrast, most rich people are traveling, eating out, investing, remodeling and purchasing constantly. If you disagree, ask yourself this - have you ever been employed by a poor person?

Susan said...

Thank you for your comment. Rich people, however, don't create jobs. Demand does. That is what is the problem with our economy. There is no demand because of policies that have created a distribution of wealth upward. It has to be reversed with even the government being involved in job creation to jumpstart the economy again. Remember job holders are consumers, consumers spend money, money is funneled back into the economy, which creates more jobs and so on.

Susan said...
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Susan said...

You ask the familiar question about ever being employed by a poor person. Poor people including those on UI and public assistance are also consumers. They spend all of their money which helps fuel the economy and creates jobs, which in turn fuels more spending. Consumers are what drive the country's economy, not the rich. The problem right now is consumers don't have enough money to buy goods and services thanks to policies which have caused a massive distribution of wealth upward. The rich don't create much of value at all and certainly don't spend enough money to fuel an economy. The rich, by the way, shouldn't be mixed in with businesses. Businesses operate on a consumer demand model.