Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Obits

Chldren's author Jean Craighhead George, whose book Julie of the Wolves won the Newbery Medal in 1972, 92:

“Julie of the Wolves,” which was also a finalist for the National Book Award, centers on a 13-year-old Eskimo girl, Miyax, or Julie as she is known in English. Fleeing an oppressive arranged marriage, she strikes out to live alone in the Alaskan wild. Her survival is aided by a family of wolves, with whom she learns to communicate via sound and gesture, much as Ms. George did during a trip to the Arctic to research the book.

Throughout her career, Ms. George was praised by reviewers for her lyric prose, vivid descriptions and meticulous research. (Until she was in her mid-80s, she routinely visited the wild locales about which she wrote.)

Former South Dakota senator James Abdnor, 89, died yesterday. Abdnor defeated longtime Democratic senator George McGovern in 1980:

The 1980 South Dakota Senate race offered stark contrasts: Mr. McGovern had national stature, a liberal voting record, many legislative achievements and eloquence as a campaigner. Mr. Abdnor was all but unknown outside his state, had a conservative voting record but few legislative accomplishments, and was as plain-spoken as politicians come, with the added distraction of a word-slurring speech impediment. He said Mr. McGovern was out of touch with the state, but Mr. Abdnor refused to debate.

The two agreed almost word for word on state farming issues. But on national issues, they disagreed on almost everything. Mr. McGovern favored the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion rights, even federal loan guarantees for New York City, while Mr. Abdnor opposed them all. Mr. Abdnor supported the B-1 bomber, the MX missile system and deregulation of oil prices, all of which Mr. McGovern opposed.

In addition, Mr. McGovern had been married for 37 years and had five children. Mr. Abdnor was a lifelong bachelor. His survivors include four nieces and two nephews.

I suppose that means he was a closeted gay or something.

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