Monday, May 07, 2012

The People Have Spoken

It looks like the Phoenix-Talent School District administrators got blindsided, and now they are backtracking:

Because of the "enormous response" from students, alumni and the community, the Phoenix-Talent School District announced this morning it won't change its name as it had planned.

"Strengthening the District's identity is an ongoing objective of the Board, and the proposal was developed to be more inclusive of the multiple communities within the District's boundaries," school officials said in a release posted today on the district's website. "However, retention of the current name has always been an option of the Board."

"In recognition of the passionate response received, the School Board fully supports retaining the District name as the Phoenix-Talent School District," the release said.

The response against a name change was overwhelming. Not nice to try and pull something over on people.


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