Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some People Are Finally "Getting It"

about charter schools and education "reform." These comments are following a news article about a charter school firing most of its teachers because they are "too expensive," i.e., make more than minimum wage:

I find it appalling that our teachers, the people who spend so much time with our children are regarded in such a way as you are talking. I don't agree that it is all about budgets - my two younger children go to a different charter school that happens to pay its teachers very well. I know this as fact because my ex husband teaches their and we are friends with all of the staff. The principals/board at this charter school understand that these are the people that our children spend a majority of their time with, that are shaping them to be productive citizens. They understand that it is important to take care of those that spend so much of their free time and a lot of their own money so that my children and others have what they need to succeed.
I believe then that your charter school is one in which I would not want my children to be a part of if you have not got the best interest of the children in mind. Consistency for kids is more important than saving a little money. I AM SURE YOU AREN'T TAKING A REDUCTION IN PAY AS TO SAVE MONEY. PRINCIPALS MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY ESPECIALLY IF YOU CONSIDER WHAT ALL ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS THEY REQUIRE OF THEIR TEACHERS.


Teaching is a profession and teachers deserve to be compensated fairly for their time and expertise. Teaching is an all consuming profession. To worry about making ends meet and how to pay the bills if illness strikes places an additional burden on teachers who, working 60+ hours a week, really can't spare the time to worry.

But maybe you don't want professional educators. Maybe you just need someone to read a scripted curriculum or monitor a computer lab. Good luck with that.


Education administrators seem to be among the most dysfuntiionl people. Not giving clarification to this Mr. Moon as to why he wasn't being rehired? Not given a chance to adapt to this "new direction"? Perhaps a teacher/student/parent strike is in order about this "new direction"? Now that would be a teachable moment.


Teaching is both the best and worst vocation in the world.
Leaving a teaching situation is difficult at any time and can be emotionally charged. Such 'firings' should be handled professionally with respect for the teachers and their students.

Moronic charter School administrators (note that anyone can set up a Charter School) have killed professionalism in Education. It has been so for some years now.

This article is horrific. The children who graduate from these ineffectual and damaging institutions will simply perpetrate what they have learned.


Charter Schools are wrong. They are not the answer. There are too many people with too little experience, knowledge and grey matter out there setting them up. There is no oversight. It is disgusting.


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