Monday, June 25, 2012

A Bought-and-Paid-For Court

Ever since the 1994 elections where the GOP was put in charge of the U.S. House, Americans have shot themselves in the ass by putting fascistic or neoliberal politicians in charge of our government. The majority "justices" of the United States Supreme Court have increasingly turned outright partisan and therefore worthless, making up shit decisions as they go along. Whether it is perverting the Second Amendment to think the average citizen has the same right as militias with regard to the "right to bear arms" or assisting a coup attempt (Jones v. Clinton) or violating the separation of powers in picking a president (Bush v. Gore), it is no longer about upholding the law or interpreting the Constitution. It's just another arm for the fascists to control the masses. They don't even pretend to be otherwise anymore.

Not surprisingly, they have NO intention whatsoever of overturning the hideous Citizens United decision legalizing bribery of "elected" officials. This is the Roberts court, which is literally making up shit as it goes along, ignoring precedent and common sense.

Not to mention they don't even pretend to be independent and impartial.

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