Monday, June 11, 2012


When you tell the truth about public policies going in the wrong direction, don't expect everybody to be in your corner.

Nobody is going to shut Diane Ravitch up, no matter how hard the privatizers try.

Judges really have no concept of how principals can dump bad or underperforming students on teachers they don't like in order to get rid of them.

Teaching "performance" cannot be quantified or objectively measured. Unfortunately, nobody is educating the public on this simple truth.

Well, no shit. When you are in the elite economic class, you have to steal from somebody. They did see a "small decline" in their wealth, but everybody else was virtually wiped out in the current economic downturn.

Of course much of their "wealth" was tied into overpriced houses and worthless 401(k)s.

Well, fuck that shit:

Residents attending town meeting in Middleborough on Monday night were scheduled to vote on whether to impose a $20 fine for public swearing. Officials insist the proposal, offered by the town's police chief, is not intended to censor casual or private conversations, but instead crack down on loud, profanity-laden language used by teens and other young people in the downtown area and public parks.

"They'll sit on the bench and yell back and forth to each other with the foulest language. It's just so inappropriate," said Mimi Duphily, a store owner and former town selectwoman.

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