Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who CARES About Whiny Women?

The economy is in the shitter, millions are unemployed, many are homeless, there are very few jobs being created for all of those out of work, yet we are supposed to worry about tiny numbers of women in elite fields whining about how hard they have it.

Kiss my destitute ass:

The real problem here isn't about women and their options. The real problem is that technology has made it possible to work 24/7, so that the boundary between work and our personal lives has disappeared. Our cubicles are in our pockets, at the dinner table, next to our beds and even next to our children's beds as we're tucking them in. In many households, one income isn't enough, and both men and women have to work long hours -- longer hours than ever before -- to make ends meet. The women Slaughter cites as being efficient - who wake up at 4 am each day, who punch in 1:11 or 2:22 on the microwave rather than waste the millisecond to punch in 1:00 or 2:00, who put their babies in front of the computer while they type rather than savor that tiny infant in their lap - made me want to cry. How terribly sad those lives are. But to make this about women misses the point. The problem here is that many people work too much -- not just women, and not just parents.

Whether we choose to work or have to work, it's up to us to change that. I, for instance, could stay up an extra hour right now to re-read and edit this post, but it's already midnight, I'm tired, and I'd rather get to sleep. I'm sure I could be more concise and articulate, but in the scheme of life, it's not as important as my having the energy and good humor to enjoy the day with my family and friends tomorrow. Do I lack ambition? Or are my priorities the same as what Slaughter realized, in the end, were hers? It doesn't matter. I made a choice and I blame nobody -- not the Atlantic, not the patriarchy, not gender inequality, not feminism, and not even my mother's generation and its ideals -- for my sleep deprivation but me.

Listen, dipshit, there are millions of women who have NO choice at all whether or not to work or whether they CAN work at all, if they are over 55. It isn't they are working "too much"--it's that they aren't working at all or are working too few hours. They don't have cushy little lifestyles with well-to-do husbands as a safety net. More often than not, they have NO safety net at all, especially women without spouses or children.

How about stopping this insane obsession with a negligible number of wealthy or upper-class women in elite fields and start caring about people on Main Street?

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