Monday, July 16, 2012

"Justice" for Teachers

"Justice" has always been for the rich.

If you are a teacher, however, you have fewer rights than accused murderers. That sounds like an exaggeration, I know, but it is really true.

Read the second link especially. While NYC teachers "enjoy" more "protections" than teachers in the rest of the country, the "hearings" are virtually identical in every single school district in every state in the United States. They are shams. That's because administrative law doesn't protect teachers but school districts.

Administrative law is so full of holes and is a major scandal. I wouldn't be surprised if the WCSD attorney, the (former) head of human resources, the attorney with NSEA's law firm, Dyer Lawrence, and the arbitrator all got together via conference call and decided they were going to uphold my sham termination when the district blatantly violated the law. Worse still, the arbitrator's "award" was issued right before Christmas of 2008. I never bothered to read the "decision" after I was told those hearings were garbage. That big pile of shit of a principal got only a slap on the wrist (reassignment to an "easy" school with a lot of gifted and talented students) and is still making 100k a year while I am fucking starving. Yes, I am still angry four years later because I can't get back on my feet. At least not so far. That cunt (excuse that vile word, but it is the ONLY word that truly describes her) gets to keep her job no matter how unfit she is to lead a school. I had my rights completely steamrollered so she could keep her job. The HR guy eventually was demoted to "housekeeping division" supervisor, but he is still making over 100k in salary. What "cut" in salary he got was hardly anything when one is making that kind of money. He should have gone to jail for his abuses of the law. Ditto for that school district's lawyer.

Assailed Teacher's description of how the attorneys and the arbitrator divvy up the "spoils" in NYC MUST be how it was done at WCSD. Some teachers WERE reinstated, but the ones I know about tended to have outside attorneys. Some of those who got their jobs back were treated even worse in the next school in an attempt by the district to get rid of them by pushing them into a resignation or retirement. In my case, I was starved for months without an income because Washoe Education Association was completely in bed with WCSD and told me I couldn't get UI because the district would "fight" any claim I would file. It was a lie, but this same person also worked in cahoots with HR and coincidentally took a job working under the very person, the person in HR, who spearheaded my termination, thus denying me a witness at my hearing. I wasn't allowed ANY witnesses at my hearing, which was totally surreal because there was NO CASE WHATSOEVER AGAINST ME. All they had were smears. It should have been a slam dunk for me, but it wasn't. So here I am today, underemployed and living in desperate straits so somebody else can rip off taxpayers in Nevada by pulling down obscene salaries.

I can empathize with the FB teacher who lost her job in NYC. Districts can and do try to "get" you for all kinds of stupid reasons; what is galling in this case is the guy who ratted her out was an alleged pervert. Being a pervert is okay, however, if you have some "in" with administrators.

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