Thursday, July 19, 2012

"You People"

Ann Romney really put her foot in her mouth in this interview, which has generated a ton of controversy:

It's bad enough she used the term "you people" to a black journalist, but worse than that, it is illustrative of a classist attitude she has toward the "peons." What she was clearly referring to was the media, but she didn't say that. There is a lot of fun speculation going on why Mitt will not release his tax returns. I have heard speculation about his Swiss accounts, speculation he is richer than he is claiming, and even speculation he is stiffing the Mormon church by underestimating how much money he really has and doesn't want to reveal it. More is here. The GOP is clearly throwing the election. No matter who wins, they and their neolib friends win while the American people lose. Another video about Romney's taxes. Lots of delicious speculation:

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