Monday, August 06, 2012

Finally Some Justice Was Done

The Mechele Linehan case is finally over with once and for all, as prosecutors will not retry her for the "murder" of Kent Leppink way back in 1995:

Prosecutors said she manipulated John Carlin III, a former lover, into killing Leppink. Both men thought they were engaged to Linehan, according to prosecutors' version of events.

In 2007, a jury found her guilty of murder. Carlin was convicted in a separate trial and sentenced to 99 years. He was later beaten to death in prison.

Linehan served two-and-a-half years in prison before the Alaska Court of Appeals overturned her conviction in 2010, according to her attorney, Cynthia Strout.

The appeals court found that a letter Leppink wrote days before his death to his parents implicating Linehan should not have been allowed as evidence against her.

In any case, Linehan had nothing whatsoever to do with it, and there was no evidence at all tying her to the death.

This is an interesting post from Linehan's blog:

My heart goes out to Mechele Carlin and their families. I am delighted to hear the good news from the Supreme Court and the release of Mechele, who seems genuinely kind and good natured. I pray this comes to an end soon, and would be happy to lend my legal help as a student educated enough to work as a paralegal. I researched this case yesterday for a law class of mine. I analyzed the evidence with my sister and daughter for many hours, and we all came to very similar conclusions.

Here is a small clip of our conclusions, although we have pieced together far more:

One only has to look as far as the Kent Leppink death letter to lead them to the real killer. Anyone even remotely familiar with writing styles or the psychology behind writing can easily conclude that the letter alleged to have been written prior to Kent Leppinks death was a complete fraud and a frame job.

Not only was the letter not written by Kent prior to his death, it was written by the murderer after Kents death. To anyone genuinely interested in finding the truth in this case, rather than character bashing, simply read the letter again and pay very close attention to the past tense reference of Kents death used in the letter, the numerous inconsistencies and the mind set of the writer versus the mindset of a person in a dangerous situation in fear for their life. This is not a parting letter. This letter is a smoking gun of a well planned frame job to be "vindictive," for "payback" and to make sure "they get burned."

Also, check out the other people close to Leppink that he trusted most and had the opportunity and motive to kill Leppink. I know who is most likely, but I won't say at this time. The fact that the mail receipt for the mailed letter and the changed policy was on Leppink at the time of death makes it highly unlikely that J Carlin or Mechele had anything to do with Kents death. The motivation would be removed at the point of discovery; Kent would have most likely used the mailed letter and changed policy doc to bargain for his life, had it been Mechele or Carlin. So not only was the motive removed, in this alleged scenario, but J Carlin and Mechele had every reason not to kill him, since they had already (allegedly) been implicated in the death letter. Any desperate person in Kent's situation would have used that information to insure his safety and divert any attempts on his life.

The only problem for Kent, was that it wasn't Mechele, Carlin or even Scott there with him. The information I have uncovered should have been obvious to anyone analyzing this case. It is sad that two more lives (and their families) had to be destroyed because of simple negligence and oversight when reviewing the most basic and obvious facts. The Dateline documentary is a good reference point with a lot of evidence.

I took an interest in this case by stumbling upon it last year. I recently chose it for class discussion in my law class. During extensive research, the evidence jumped out at us. What didn't make sense before I analyzed the letter, now makes complete sense. Most of the pieces, now fit together.

I don't know how to contact here and I don't leave my private info on public sites. So if you would like to contact me for further details or help on the legal case (which I would love to help with), please post back with some kind of contact info or private message box.

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