Thursday, September 13, 2012

CCSD Gets Raked Over the Coals

by a teacher who posted over at the NAPTA website.

He actually had the guts to post his real name.

This is good:

Leadership starts at the top. It starts with the CCSD Trustees and with Dwight Jones. Mr. Jones has lost the confidence of his teachers and he will never get it back. He did not work with us. He spoke of shared sacrifice yet did not offer to cut his $300,000 plus salary as a sign of good faith, as his predecessor Walt Rulffes did.
Instead he brought in his cronies from out of town and gave them six digit salaries. He hired somebody who has never taught to be in charge of curriculum. Take a look at to see the outrageous salaries paid to the upper echelon of the CCSD.

And you know who that unqualified administrator mentioned in the paragraph is: It is Pedro Martinez, now superintendent of Washoe County School District despite the dubious legality of such an appointment.

He also goes into a lot of detail about a "think tank" in Nevada that has a lot more clout than it should have any business having.

One of the other teachers provided a link to this article from 2011 about lousy working conditions at a school in North Chicago.

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