Thursday, September 06, 2012

Personal Stuff, Or, I am NOT Better Off Now Than I Was Four Years Ago

Repost from last night:

I am a very poor salesperson in trying to promote this blog. I have had it almost ten years, yet I have never had much in the way of readership. It is what it is. As a result, I have never been able to make any kind of money apart from the occasional check I get from BlogHer which amounts to about 20 dollars every six months.

But my financial situation is extremely dire. While I am not in immediate danger of being homeless, I literally have minus 3 dollars in the bank because I had to have a check advance which left me with only around 150 dollars for the next MONTH. Almost all of that money went to auto insurance. I have debts I have to pay off, and there is no way I can pay them until the end of the month, assuming I make ANYTHING in substituting from Medford School District before the 14th of the month on top of my meager $300 in my Nevada pension so I can get paid on the 28th of September. I may end up losing some items that I do NOT want to lose under any circumstances as well as my storage unit in Nevada, which I owe for two months.

It's not just that. I literally have NO money for gas, so if I get assignments that are very far away, I will not be able to go to them, for I have no money to get there. That is what hurt me so bad last school year; almost all of the assignments were 25 miles round trip, and I didn't have the money to go there. Because I couldn't go there, I wasn't making any money. No money, no way of getting ahead. It's a vicious cycle. I signed up for more districts through SOESD and MSD and got my substitute license thanks to help from the Job Council, but if there is no money for gas, it will all be for nothing. I also have a tire that is just about gone. I am trying not to drive much in order to save the tire as well as what meager gas is left in the car (only about a quarter tank to last me until the end of the month).

I tried to sell something on eBay this week, but it appears I will not be able to sell the item for anywhere near what I paid for it or sell it at all. (Edit: No bidders, went and resubmitted item. I noticed a similar item being sold by a dealer went down in price, so my item is definitely being watched by dealers.) I am not going to give items away to get 40 or 50 dollars when the item cost me over $225 some twenty years ago and which dealers are charging hundreds of dollars more for the same thing. I went through that crap with my three rare Kentucky Derby glasses which I had to sell to a dealer in June. I spent something like $600 for the three glasses total, including a rare 1950, and these bastards offered me a piddling $150 for the three. They knew goddamned well they were going to make a huge profit from selling the glasses, but I had no choice at that point. I had to sell.

I am in serious dire straits. If I can get through this month, I have a good chance of being in good enough shape to start earning money again and getting back on my feet. I don't like to beg, but if my meager readership can contribute something via PayPal, which is near the top of the page, I would greatly appreciate it. I don't need much, just a couple of hundred dollars, to get by until the end of the month. When you are in my situation where you have had to literally nickle and dime everything, you try to make every single dollar last.

For those who are willing to contribute to my "tip jar," thank you in advance. I do this blog out of a labor of love, but it doesn't pay the bills.

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