Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ed. Etc.

Cory Booker is an obvious fraud, and it's not surprising the school district in his town has decided to implement a sure-to-fail "merit pay" program in order to get rid of older, veteran teachers.

The "union" there has basically sowed the seeds of its destruction.

Meanwhile, Idaho voters showed considerable sense in turning back "reforms" that would screw over schools and kids.

Fat chance in getting Obama to ditch Duncan, let alone Race to the Top.

See, he doesn't give a shit about teachers, and he never has.

The NEA and AFT should have flat-out withheld their support instead of acting like lambs to the slaughter.

The AFT for sure has been infiltrated by frauds like the mole Weingarten. Why this woman wasn't run out of town on a rail is a mystery to me.

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