Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Returns: Obama Wins

At 8:14 PST, Ohio and IA were called for Obama, and therefore he has won the election.

Now the American people are going to get a real screwing in the name of the "grand bargain."

Mitt: IN, KY, WV, SC, GA, OK, MO, TN, MS, AL, AR, WY, ND, SD, NE, KS, TX, LA, MT, UT, AZ, NC, ID, AK

Obama: VT, CT, DE, MA, ME, IL, DC, RI, MD, NJ, MI, NY, NM, PA, WI, NH, MN, CO, WA, CA, IA, HI, OR

At least two independent senators are going to Washington: Bernie Sanders, of course, and King from Maine in a three-way contest. Both will caucus with Democrats.

The CT Senate race went to the Democrat. This was Joe Lieberman's old seat.

Elizabeth Warren has won the MA seat. Tammy Baldwin has won WI.

Joe Donnelly, Democrat, has won Richard Lugar's Senate seat in Indiana.

Alan Grayson is going back to the U.S. House. Jesse Jackson, Jr., has won re-election to his House seat.

Sherrod Brown and Claire McCaskill are returning back to the Senate. Bob Kerrey is not going back to the Senate. Paul Ryan will still have a job regardless of whether he gets promoted. Tim Kaine beat Macaca.

The "other" Tony Bennett got his ass kicked in IN. This is good news for teachers and students there.



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