Sunday, November 11, 2012


If you are screwing around with a married man, whether or not he is famous, you really aren't worth an article boasting of your virtues.

Was Paula really the reason for the resignation, or was it that what's-his-name's leanings were just a little too neocon for the Obama administration?

Is there any doubt at all Lance Armstrong is missing something in his life? Such as humility, such as the sense of shame?

Not a chance.

I hope he will have to return those yellow jerseys.

I love this word describing Lance: cyclopath.

He resigned from the Livestrong board on November 4, therefore he has cut all ties with the organization.

Kristol bawls: Stop risking your future, GOP, by kissing the asses of your milionaire and billionaire donors and do the right thing.

This is why education "reformers" can't be trusted with the truth as far as they can be thrown; the conflict of interest alone is a reason to reject the silly report.

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