Monday, November 05, 2012


The problem with so-called "prodigies" and "gifted" children is they usually turn out to be mediocre, miserable adults. There is no room in our society for people with the disability of having extraordinary talents. Being "gifted," by the way, IS a disability, and those children present a big challenge in education.

Having private and charter schools like that the despicable Davidson Academy in Reno, catering to those so-called "profoundly gifted" children by isolating them from the "riffraff" of the real world and constantly telling these kids they are so much better they deserve to have access to the best jobs and the best schools, does nothing but create a bunch of emotional cripples. They peddle the falsehood that we live in a meritocracy when in fact nothing is further from the truth.

Let kids be kids is my point. The last thing we need are more narcissists.

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