Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Is Obama Nuts?

I knew this guy was a flaming narcissist, and this article is proof:

The president was coolly eyeing American history in order to carve his own grand place in it, the guests said in interviews later. “It was almost as if he was writing his own history book about himself,” said David M. Kennedy, a professor at Stanford University. Becoming the 44th president of the United States, or even the first African-American to hold the post, had never been enough for Barack Obama. Just two years after arriving in the Senate, he spoke unabashedly of becoming one of the greatest presidents, a transformative figure like Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt who would heal the country’s divisions, address its most critical problems and turn Americans in a hopeful new direction.

On Tuesday, Mr. Obama successfully wrote his next chapter, joining the club of presidents who have secured second terms. Yet the man who once envisioned himself in the pantheon of transcendent presidents enters his next term as a far more conventional, partisan leader than he intended to be. He defeated a mistake-prone challenger of unsteady popularity within his own party in an election in which he never quite explained how he would deliver on his unmet promises.

This isn't the making of a leader; this is the making of a nutjob, somebody totally delusional. Lincoln and FDR were successful regardless of public opinion or concerns about their place in history. They were great because they did the right thing. Obama rarely does the right thing. He bends over and takes shit from the GOP because he is secretly one of them.

No wonder he is a lousy president; he is willing to destroy the Democratic Party in order to make nice with an insane gang of fascists so he can be regarded as a "transformative" president instead of the piece of shit sellout failure that he really is.

Just wait until he pursues his reckless "grand bargain." People will be yearning for Mitt; hell, even Bush and Cheney, by the time the Messiah of Hyde Park gets done with his handiwork.

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