Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michigan Public Education is About to Get Destroyed

in this blatant bank robbery unless people wake the hell up. Kudos to the superintendent for sounding the alarm.

A poster at Democratic Underground translates this post and letter into understandable terms:

1. There is no local control of schools per these bills. NONE.
2. There is only State control
3. Citizens will still be required to pay the property taxes that will be funneled into corporate and state controlled schools
4. The state can claim essentially Eminent Domain of any school in any area and GIVE it to a corporate run school
5. The so called public Charter schools can determine their enrollments by race, grade achievement or for any other purpose. These bills terminate Free and Appropriate Public Education for ALL, or FAPE.
6. The so called public Charter schools are exempt from the state testing and all forms of teacher evaluations as currently imposed on public schools by the state
7. There are no sanctions against so called Charter schools for failing graduation rates, for failing schools and for poor attendance by students
8. There is no plan of oversight for the online HS programs-meaning-any kid anywhere can cheat
9. So called Charter schools can refuse to admit or educate special needs students-a direct violation of IDEA
10. So called public schools are permitted to charge tuition
11. So called public schools are to be paid more in state money for taking in foreign students-meaning we pay the tax dollars to educate foreign students
12. Dual enrollment has been expanded. Meaning-can't afford your own kid's college, don't worry, now you can pay for some foreign kid and their AYP or College level courses
13. There is no requirement for the Arts in the so called public Charter schools
14. Any student can attend any school, their dollars go with them. There is no funding plan in place for this.

Pay attention. You are underwriting the corporate schools with your tax dollars. There is NO mention in these bills about failing schools. This is a power play to take, not give.

It's highway robbery. The financial elites don't care; they are going to take every dime of taxpayer money until it is bled dry.

This has nothing to do with improving education.

Charter schools need to be abolished.

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