Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reads of the Day

Too cold to do much blogging or much of anything, but I thought I'd link a couple of pieces for reading:

Thomas Frank thinks OWS has failed and tries to explain why.

In the meantime, Charles Pierce believes the GOP has gone completely apeshit insane, and that's why it took a drubbing last Tuesday.

Frankly, you can blame this squarely on Washington policies which have all but destroyed the American economy.

We won't have a country left if these assholes keep at it.

It sounds like the authors read Barlett and Steele's new book about the betrayal of the American dream.

Which is why Foxconn might be considering coming over here, too. It's hard to imagine American workers having to endure the same working conditions that Chinese workers endure at Foxconn, where nets prevent workers from committing suicide.

But given the agenda of House Republicans, that tragic reality may not be so far-fetched. Generations of labor law that produced a minimum wage, a forty-hour workweek, workplace safety laws, and child labor laws are all under attack by Republicans in Congress. And if they succeed, then there is absolutely nothing protecting American workers from suffering the same fate as sweatshop workers overseas.

The reason why this fourth stage is terminal is because there are few treatment options available anymore. If the United States were to suddenly rethink its trade policies and enact tariffs again, they would have little impact since these foreign corporations have already implanted their manufacturing centers here in the United States. The profits would continue to go overseas rather than being circulated in the local economy.

"You People," or why the rich think they are better than you.

Of course the guy is joking. Unfortunately, Washington policies favoring the elites AREN'T a joking matter.

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