Sunday, November 25, 2012

The End is Near for Nevada Public Ed

My comment following the article about "tough new standards" will exist for WCSD and other Nevada districts thanks to the open hostility toward public education by state and federal politicians and billionaires eager to rip off taxpayers for private gain:

This is the first step toward dismantling public education in Nevada. The "standards" and "Common Core" nonsense is coming from D.C. at the behest of billionaires and hedge fund crooks who want to get at the billions if not trillions of dollars in public ed to enrich themselves further. This is NOT about education or the kids; this is about dismantling the public good for private gain. "Reformers" and their political hacks like Duncan and Obama keep moving the goal posts every time public schools match or exceed the standards so that eventually ALL of them regardless of economic background fail. Then they can be turned into charters where NO standards exist and where money can be stolen by operators for private gain. Martinez is now showing his true colors as a Broad Academy graduate. Sandoval and Guthrie are totally opposed to the existence of public education and therefore oppose democracy itself. You have a board that basically is carrying out "reforms" that do not work and have been proven to be failures in other districts and in other states. People are starting to fight back in other states with a number of big victories in other states. Will people in Nevada finally wake up?

As for teachers, if they are close to retirement, they better get out of WCSD, CCSD, and the other Nevada districts. The rest will never have careers with the districts as they will eventually be replaced by temps who last a couple of years and then are fired or move on. Given the fact no real unions exist in public education in Nevada, teachers do not have the power to fight the onslaught of "reforms" designed to destroy public ed. More harassment of teachers, more mentally unstable administrators, more wrongful terminations, more rigging of "due process" hearings will be the rule from here on out.

From the article:

Just shy of four months into the job and three years into the district’s aggressive strategic plan to improve graduation rates in Washoe County, Martinez said test scores over the next few years may remain stagnant or even slide.

Martinez said the district isn’t ready for Common Core State Standards, a national education initiative aimed to align states on curriculum and testing.

Common Core becomes fully implemented in two years in Nevada. Standardized tests for every student in the district will align to tougher national levels.

Washoe County School Board Trustee John Mayer agreed that it’s a huge jump from the way things are now to the way they will be in the near future.

It's going to be nothing but a climate of fear from here on out.

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