Monday, November 12, 2012

This Is Certainly Grounds for Appeal

Talk about the "punishment" not fitting the "crime," but as we know, teachers have no rights at all. They have even fewer rights when they work for those scams called charter schools:

Hineline worked at Glass City Academy, a dropout recovery charter school in Toledo. The school serves students who dropped out of traditional schools. The state Board of Education is scheduled next week to revoke his license for three months, until January 2013.

A Department of Education hearing officer wrote Hineline should not be punished too severely because he was working in a “sometimes hostile” environment and had not been trained to do things like break up fights. Those duties should have been the responsibility of a trained, licensed law enforcement officer, the hearing officer wrote.

Still, it was the bulletproof vest that got Hineline fired.

The vest was the last straw, the hearing officer wrote.

“If the Respondent [Hineline] perceived himself to have been in harms way, he should have resigned.”

What a dumbass hearing officer.

I hope the teacher appeals the suspension--this is not a true license revocation.

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