Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yet Another Lawsuit Against WCSD

Of course it will never make the local papers because it isn't far-fetched enough, but a retired teacher who tried to get on the WCSD substitute list was denied it by the school district because she "didn't qualify" despite there being no policies about no rehires when a teacher retired or resigned. What seems to have occurred according to the complaint is this teacher felt she had to leave Incline Middle School because she didn't get along with the principal. The complaint, which is only about seven or eight pages long, doesn't specify what went on between the two, but one can infer that when this teacher retired from the district, the principal decided to blackball her from ever working for it again.

The HR crook was still employed in the department at the time the teacher received a notice of "no rehire," and then shortly thereafter he was demoted (I am sure because of numerous complaints against him, including yours truly). His successor responded with the same thing when the teacher inquired about the matter a couple of months later.

This is nothing short of blackballing, which is illegal, and retaliation by the principal for falling out of her "good graces." The school district is full of these vindictive, incompetent people who pull down over 100k a year and can't be removed because they have an "association" which seems to stick up for them no matter how lousy they are and being part of the district's "inner circle."

The complaint can be found at this pay site, although the first $15 is free:



Sonja Contreras said...

This is exactly what happened to me!
in 2006, I left Hug high school, during contract, because my premature daughter was ill. The principal, Andy Kelley said there would not be a problem with future employment. It was only the beginning of November when I left. Anyway, two years later, I couldn't get a job substituting because I left that job when under contract.

I didn't know I could complain. Where did this woman file her complaint?

Susan said...

It was filed in federal district court. Her lawyer is Jeffrey Blank, who himself once sued the district and lost.

Susan said...

I think this is the case here:

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I should say his name is spelled "Blanck."