Saturday, December 08, 2012

Austerity is for the "Little People"

It certainly isn't for Wall Street crooks--excuse me, investors--like Lloyd Blankfein, who can go out and buy a $32.5 million mansion in the Hamptons.

He, however, can turn around and ask for the rest of us "unsuccessful" people to take cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

Blankfein should be doing prison time. This parasite and others like him serve no purpose in this society.

Since he benefits from "austerity" economics, he couldn't care less that these policies don't work, at least not for anybody not in the tiniest economic elite:

With Republicans in Congress still intent on pursuing a strategy similar to the failed one adopted by the Brits, this is a story that needs trumpeting. Austerity policies are self-defeating: they cripple growth and reduce tax revenues. The only way to bring down the U.S. government’s deficit in a sustainable manner, and put the nation’s finances on a firmer footing, is to keep the economy growing. Spending cuts and tax increases can also play a role, but they need to be introduced gradually.

The fact is Obama wants to do the same thing.

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