Monday, December 03, 2012

It Won't Work

Kids, who cannot even sit still for any length of time, are going to be forced into longer days and school years, and thus they will never have time to be kids. There is no evidence keeping them longer will help them learn.

Hey, kids in times past did just fine on a 180-day calendar, six hours a day.

Assholes who promote this have the idea teaching is such an easy job, and that teachers leave so early in the day and are way overpaid, when in fact they are only paid for their contracted hours. They ALWAYS take work home or stay in school later and are not paid for it.

People have utterly no idea how hard the job is. Kids, meanwhile, are wiped out by 3:00 in the afternoon. Any extra time is simply wasted.

Charter school "teachers" are forced to be on call just about 24/7. I don't think public school teachers should be subjected to that.

In a statement, Luis UbiƱas, the president of the Ford Foundation, said the initiative was not “about adding time and doing more of the same. It’s about creating a learning day that suits the needs of our children, the realities of working parents and the commitment of our teachers. It’s a total school makeover.”

So you see it as a fucking babysitting service. It isn't, Luis.

So now teachers will be forced to stay up until midnight or two in the morning grading papers and planning lessons because of your idiocy. You think teachers are lazy shits; you couldn't care less about the kids.

So what happens to the after-school programs in the community which already take up the slack? What about summer school?

Making it mandatory for ALL students will not work. This is bullshit.

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