Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's a Bad Time to Be a Teacher in Nevada

With three frauds in charge of the main districts and state education department in Nevada, teachers don't have a prayer, even when these three stooges prove they are a bunch of idiots:

However, some of the luster has started to fade on the fa├žade of these fakers. For example, Guthrie has been ludicrously spouting some gibberish that high school teachers need to start mentoring students to help them graduate, as if he just invented public education. But teachers have mentored kids thusly since the time of Socrates.

For his part, Martinez’s bizarre academic game plan allegedly has called for an “initiative of the day” — or new reform, daily, to keep the reformist shell-game in perpetual motion.

Locally, to bolster Jones’ bold claims of our district’s improved passing and graduation rates, principals have allegedly been telling teachers to pass students even if students have exceeded, often egregiously, the district’s policy on unexcused absences. Plus, the Review-Journal recently reported how Jones cooks the books to make himself look good. With his contrived, confusing five-star system for rating schools, not one school, including 63 in which performance declined in the past year, has been downgraded academically. Oops.

Just like AASA (or is it ASSA) Superintendent of the Year Heath Morrison cooked the books in order to buy himself a national award and a better-paying job at Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools.

Teachers don't have a prayer there in that environment. They have no real unions to protect themselves individually when principals harass them or try to screw them over on their evaluations.

Those who thought they had a job for life when they got their jobs through family or friend connections are going to be in for a rude awakening, I am afraid. The Broad and Gates gang have a stranglehold on the state.

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