Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leave the Sleeveless Outfits at Home

This columnist may be a "conservative," but I agree with her regarding the trend on cable television to have female reporters and commentators show a little bit of arm or leg or high heels or whatever in order to get ratings or whatever they are trying to do. It demeans the journalistic profession and is actually a distraction from what is being said. Not to mention it is sexist as hell.

The worst offender is an MSNBC talking head with the unfortunate name of Krystal Ball. She thinks she is the hottest piece of shit who ever walked the earth, but she looks and acts like a bimbo on television. She might have a decent I.Q., but the sleeveless outfits and her generally vain demeanor kill whatever she is trying to say. Besides, her bare arms aren't that good anyway, pregnant or not, and apparently she is right now. The arms just aren't that good. The producers need to make her wear a conservative outfit and maybe I and many others will pay attention to her. Right now whenever I see her on Lawrence O'Donnell's program, I just change the channel. You don't see the male commentators she appears with in shitty outfits.

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