Saturday, December 01, 2012

Obama Would Sell Off His Family

if it meant he would be seen by future historians as a "transformative" president like his hero Ronald Reagan.

That's why I don't trust him to do the correct thing--ever.

This comment spells out what is wrong with Obama:

tremaine MonkesTale • 2 days ago −
Again, Obama is clearly and well to the right of Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower. So even by American standards Obama is not a centrist or center-right. Obama is right wing even by American standards from 1940, pure and simple.

On certain key issues, Romney actually ran slightly to the left of Obama rhetorically, but not quite enough people believed, for example, his promise that there would be12 million jobs during his proposed four years as president, laugh out loud.

But a broader point is called for. This is 2012 and economics is now largely globalized. Investors are investing in companies and workers based in many dozens of countries. And of course, workers are now directly competing with workers in China, India etc. for jobs.

Since for one thing the cost of living is much higher in America than it is in countries such as China and India, American workers need higher incomes, which the predatory capitalists refuse to pay. And so American workers are losing that competition and ending up permanently unemployed.

But the primary point I am making at the moment is that it no longer makes sense to judge American elite politicians by American standards only. That would be way to limiting and inbred in the globalized context. Just as American workers are judged internationally, American politicians need to be judged by international political standards.

Lengthy books could be written on the subject, but let's say here that the prevailing international standards for politicians (for the respectable countries which number at least sixty) include that centrist politicians have to strongly support single payer health care and they have to strongly support a publicly sponsored and publicly regulated retirement pension system and they have to strongly support assistance payments for those who are permanently disabled. This is actually an understatement because in the respectable countries even most of the "right wing" politicians support all of those principles and programs. Although the right wingers never tire of trying to nibble around the edges of those programs, you won't see them advocate big cuts in them that amount to theft of taxpayers who have paid for their benefits in advance.

Meanwhile, when Obama fails to support full scale single payer health care and when he puts Medicaid and Medicare on the chopping block and when he puts the publicly regulated retirement pension system (called Social Security in the States) on the chopping block and when he puts support payments for the permanently disabled (Social Security again) on the chopping block then he is in no way shape or form a centrist. He is a far right winger by the current international standards.

You could not vote for either Romney or Obama if you wanted to avoid voting for a right winger by prevailing international standards. You had to vote for Stein or Rocky Anderson or someone like that if you wanted to avoid voting for a right winger by the prevailing international standards.

So in full daylight you can go on dreaming that Obama is not a hard right winger and maybe you are a little bit right by what are in the global context narrow and ultimately meaningless and outmoded American standards. But I myself very objectively view the whole world by day and I dream only at night.

My response:

I'd argue Obama is to the right of George W. Bush and his hero Ronald Reagan. Obama is the most right-wing president in American history. Who else would have dared to be willing to dismantle the public sector, especially public education, to enrich his Wall Street buddies? Obama is a freaking disaster as a president, and I am proud of the fact I didn't vote for him this year but went third party instead. I can't stand fake Democrats who were allowed to infiltrate the party in order to destroy it. Obama cannot be trusted.

Worse still is the fact we are dealing with a narcissist here who is so bent on believing he is right and everybody else is stupid. He literally believes all of the media bullshit of the 2007-2008 campaign season of how great he is.

He's a total failure as president.

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