Friday, December 07, 2012

Pinterest is for Hobbyists

It's hardly an anti-feminist site. I am new to it, but it's a good tool to categorize recipes, do-it-yourself ideas, crafts, teaching ideas, and so forth.

It doesn't replace "women's magazines," or Facebook, or Twitter, or blogs, or anything else.

It's more of a hobbyist website than anything else. This piece is completely off base:

This isn't where the internet was supposed to take us. The women I know who work in online women's media hoped that the online content they created would provide an intellectual but fun alternative to print publications' predictable fare.

And they have succeeded in using the internet for a new era of feminism. Take Jezebel, for example (tagline: "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion For Women. Without Airbrushing"). The site represents what the internet could do for women that traditional publishing houses couldn't: create truly smart editorial content for female readers without overwhelming them with superficial information about diet, exercise, or clothes, or wildly aspirational images of thin, photoshopped models wearing designer dresses and lounging in mansions. Jezebel's success made way for other sites with similar themes, like the Hairpin. Light on diet and workout tips, the Hairpin has become known, in part, for revolutionizing the advice column. Instead of expected 100-word answers to cliché questions, the Hairpin tackles everything from dating and sex (gay and straight) to household cleaning, with nuanced advice that feels like it's coming from your funniest, wisest friend.

This is completely off-the-wall commentary and about as bad and irrelevant an article as I have ever read. Stupid.

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