Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ya Think?

Teachers work their asses off, and yes, they will risk their lives to protect children.

They aren't paid nearly what they are worth.

The Newtown shootings won't stop the relentless push for privatization of our public schools, however:

The answers are multiple and complex. But one of them is to arm teachers not with weapons, but with enough respect to ensure that the best, the brightest and those that love children the most are not pushed out of the system because they feel demonized for doing their jobs.

All over the city, teachers are contemplating new careers because they feel disrespected. One educator — who happened to be named one of the “best” teachers in the city — characterized the slew of new responsibilities she has been burdened with as secretarial work. She lamented that preparing to fulfill so many heightened requirements for the Department of Education robbed time from her preparations for her students.

As we saw last week, teachers’ priorities are children. And they should be.

That's not the priority of the privatizers, though. It's all about the money with them.

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