Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ed Etc.

Once upon a time, Mel and Norma Gabler basically ran education down in Texas with their "examination" of textbooks to see if they met their right-wing political criteria. Well, both of them have since passed away, and their efforts seem quaint today compared with the likes of testing giant Pearson.

Pearson is hiring for graders, who will make litlte more than the minimum wage but can have power over students, teachers, and schools.

WCSD sup and Broad Academy grad Pedro Martinez will follow Morrison's lead and give a "state of education" speech tonight. He promises there will be lots of surprises in store.

I will bet there will be lots of surprises in store for teachers this spring.

By the way, the Washoe Education Association has finally decided to put up its latest issues of its newsletter, WEA Today. It appears the publication is now quarterly. It might as well be, as useless as the outfit is for teachers.

Apparently WCSD decided to get rid of the "one-year-only" designations which Morrison put in, and now all teachers are on a "standard contract."

Of course, given how it takes three years to be "post-probationary" in Nevada now, many, many teachers won't have "standard" contracts anyway. Furthermore, veteran teachers can and are railroaded out of the district thanks to the new "evaluation standards" giving principals even more power.

Update at 6 p.m. PST: Martinez is speaking live right now.

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