Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well, that settles it. These men can't help themselves.

BTW, what has "handedness" got to do with a goddamned thing? These "researchers" act like being left-handed is some kind of disability.

Pedophilia IS child molestation. It's about POWER, not "sex."

Next thing you know we will get a "study" that concludes rapists can't help themselves.

Obituary: One-time Shindig host Jimmy O'Neal, 73, has died of diabetes and heart problems.

He was just 24 years old when he hosted the ABC program:

Compared with "American Bandstand," the afternoon music-and-dance show for teenagers helmed by Dick Clark, "Shindig!" was a blast of hot air that featured frenetic dancers (including a young Teri Garr) and mingled black and white musicians in an era when much of the country was still segregated. Each episode showcased a dozen of the biggest names in pop music, such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Sam Cooke, Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones. Bobby Sherman, Leon Russell, Darlene Love and Billy Preston were also among the regulars.

Expect more harassment of teachers, especially veteran teachers, at WCSD.

Uncle Miltie Friedman must be smiling, as inequality in this country is rising while wages are in the toilet:

The official unemployment rate in the US may be slowly ticking down, but the rank of those who classify as 'the working poor' has continued to skyrocket, according to a new report.

Along with overall income inequality growth in the US, a new report by Working Poor Families Project says that over 200,000 families fell into poverty in 2011 even with both parents working.

National job growth saw a recovery from the worst days following the 2008 housing crash and subsequent financial crisis, but even as the recession ebbed in some areas or for some groups, many middle class or lower-middle class workers who returned to employment did so with much reduced wages.

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