Thursday, January 03, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 2

You can view the live feed from this link at the Arizona Republic.

Right now the lead detective is on the stand. They are playing Arias's statement to him or interview or whatever you call it.

As we know, she has admitted to brutally murdering Travis Alexander in June of 2008 despite having had told two different stories previously. The only thing this trial is going to determine is intent or motive. Will she be convicted of manslaughter (doubtful), second-degree murder, or first-degree murder?

She should have taken a plea deal years ago.

Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander over basically NOTHING. She was so fueled by jealousy over that Cancun trip (which we know from the testimony of the friend Travis invited, Mimi Hall I believe it was, was totally innocent since there was no romantic relationship between the two), she went even more off her nut than usual. She had no reason at all to be angry, to say nothing of having NO claim whatsoever on Travis. Driving hundreds of miles from Yreka, California, to Mesa, Arizona, to confront and kill Travis, is clearly the behavior of a psychopath. She should never see freedom again. Given how Arizona is about crime, she could get the death penalty. Her lawyers are trying to present mitigating circumstances so that she doesn't end up executed.

You can also watch the proceedings here:

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