Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 3

Live feed of the trial here.

Update: The main witness today was the medical examiner discussing the autopsy. Fortunately, most of the pictures were not shown for the public to see.

Jodi Arias could hardly look up at her handiwork. She may actually be sorry she did it although people like Nancy Grace think she is crying crocodile tears. They look pretty real to me. No longer could she disassociate herself from what she did.

Some of Travis's family were not there for this testimony. Nobody would ever want to remember him that way.

Update 2: ABC has a summary of today's testimony.

Right now a firearms expert is testifying.

Update 3: Trial has been adjourned until 10:30 tomorrow morning, Mountain Standard Time.

Live stream:

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