Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial: Day 4

The main witness today was Ryan Burns, the guy Jodi Arias went to see in Utah after she murdered Travis Alexander. She was starting up a relationship with him. Burns, like Travis Alexander, was a salesman for what was then called Pre-Paid Legal. He just finished at about 2:20 MST.

A couple of fingerprint technicians were called later on, and Heather Conner and Esteban Flores were called back to the stand to clarify some points. The palm print allegedly left by Arias was a major point of discussion.

Arias's interview with Flores about her meeting, dating, and breaking up with Travis was also discussed. The tape was played at length.

As one of the reporters at the Arizona Republic noted when liveblogging, it was astounding how cheerful Arias sounded just days after the murder. She really disassociated herself from what she did.

4:34 MST: Trial was adjourned for the day. It will resume at 10:30 tomorrow, MST.

Live feed is here.

Or you can view it here, among many other places:

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